Homemade Astringent Lotion

How to make an astringent lotion at home.

Yes you can buy astringent lotion from drugstore. What you feel? Sometimes it may cause dryness? Or some other gives irritating rashes? How about to try a homemade astringent lotion. This you can prepare at home. The preparation below shows you how to make and keep it for future use.

Natural recipe for homemade astringent.

Al you need is - these ingredients:
2tsp of honey
2tsp ground coriander seeds
2tsp nutmeg (jaiphul)
1tsp cloves
4tsp orange peels
8tsp alcohol
4tsp rose water
4 tsp orange flower juice
1/2 tsp storax

Put all ingredients in a large bottle and cover it with lid. Shake it thereafter for a week. Just shake the bottle twice a day. Keep it closed always. After a week filter it into another bottle and keep in fridge. The astringent lotion is ready.You can take necessary quantity each time you want to use.