Fruits for beautiful skin

Natural homemade tips for great skin

Improve your skin color using carrot.
grated carrots
almond extract
Mix above ingredients well to get a loose paste. Then clean your face and apply the paste on your face. Give a massage in circular motion with your finger tips.
Leave it for 15 min. then wash it off.

Refreshing apple mask for normal skin.
Put apple pieces in a mixer and work it to get finely chopped. Add a little honey. Mix these well with teaspoon. If you like keep this in a fridge for 15 min. Then apply this on your clean face. Massage lightly. Leave it for 30 min. Clean face with mild cold water.

Blemish out with tomato
Mix one chopped tomato with 1 tsp. lemon juice. Then mix some oatmeal on it. Crush with a spoon to get mix well. Apply it on face and give a rub with finger tips. Leave it for 30 min. and rub it off with a tissue and then rinse face.