Homemade White Skin Beauty Tip

beetrootHomemade White Skin Beauty Tip

This beauty tip is for those with light skin color. Not only for Euro/Americans, whoever with light or white skin. I mean this tip cannot be used in darker skin. This homemade white skin beauty tip helps your skin glow.

Here I am suggesting a homemade white skin beauty tip of beetroot+milk+lemon. Select good quality red colored beet root. Grate the beetroot and add fresh milk on it. Mix well and add 1tsp lemon also. Mix all these ingredients well to get a paste like mixture.

Wash your face. Apply the above pack on face and leave it for 15-20 min. Then wash it off. If you follow this homemade white skin beauty tip once in a week, certainly you can increase your skin complexion and get more glowy skin.