Skin Treatments

Beauty Skin Treatments

Naturally we, women think about how to get skin complexion or beautiful skin. Here I am talking about skin treatment that will increase skin complexion, naturally at home. This is a 'do it yourself' method, it is simple and time saving.

Banana Skin Treatment
We need the skin of a ripe banana. Banana are of different types. I am talking about a variety found in Kerala-India. The skin is comparatively thicker than the common variety. Here is picture of it.
(click the image to zoom)

If it is not available, find one with thicker skin and when it ripe becomes completely yellow.

Boil this skin in 1/2 cup fresh milk till it cooks. When it cools take 1 tsp. of this milk and cleanse face with it. Put the left over milk and banana skin in a blender/mixer and make it a paste.
Apply thick as pack on your face. Leave it for 30 min. and then wash it off.

Repeating this once in a week gives good skin complexion. This pack also helps in skin tightening and wrinkles cure.

I am sure this skin treatment will make you happy happy.