Tomato Skin Cleansing Mask

Tomato has cleansing effects on your skin. It has astringent properties also. Tomato contains vitamin C and can be used to brightening skin. So a Tomato Skin Cleansing Mask is used for acne reduction. It is of acidic nature and the use of tomato helps in balancing our acidic nature. If your body is highly acidic then avoid using tomato in your skin care purposes.

Here I am going for Tomato skin cleansing mask. Tomato cleans the excess oil from skin. So it can be used in oily skin. Here I am using Avocado together with Tomato in this skin cleansing mask. Avocado acts as a moisturizer. So this skin cleansing mask can be used in combination skin and all type of skin types for that matter.

Tomato Avocado Skin Cleansing Mask
Cut two fresh tomatoes. If possible use tomatoes you grown or organic tomatoes. Put it in a mixer. Cut one ripe avocado into small pieces and add to the tomato. Mix well to get a paste.
Tomato skin cleansing mask is ready.

Apply this mask on face. Wait for 30 min. Wash with medium cold water. Do it once in a week. Definitely your skin will become brighter and fresh. Similarly you can get the feeling of a facial at home naturally.

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