Hairloss remedy

Hair loss cure
You may be knowing that the reason for hairloss vary from physical to mental. If you found out the reason for the hair loss you have to try to avoid or find a solution for that reason. Still you may found your hair is loosing because of some general conditions. Here the home-made hairloss remedy comes to your help.Here are a few free herbal natural tips for hairloss, out of which you can any of these tips based on your convenience or availability of ingredients.
Hairloss cure#1

Reetha 2 tbsp.
Shikakai 2 tbsp.(Acacia concinna)
(Indian goose berry)2 tbsp.Mix amla , reetha and shikakai. By adding an egg make it a paste. Before bathing apply this paste on scalp and massage. Leave it for 20 min. Latter wash hair using a natural or mild shampoo. Repeat it thrice a week for a month.
NB: If you don't like egg, use coconut or olive oil instead of egg.

Hair loss cure#2
ingredients:castor oil
almond oil
Warm a little almond and castor oil and massage on the scalp and hair. After 15 min. rinse it off.
Do it like twice in a week. And do it for a month. It is an excellent recipe for curing hairloss and it helps new hair growth.

Indian Hairloss cure#3Triphala is an excellent remedy for hairloss. Mix it with some aloe vera jell and make it a loose paste. Apply this on scalp and hair and massage well. Give time around half an hour and rinse it off. If you can repeat it twice a week for a month or so is good.

Hairloss cure#4Get cinnamon powder and mix water to get a paste.This is good to control hair loss. Apply and massage well. These tip can be repeated once or twice till getting results.

Hairloss cure#5

Buy fenugreek seeds and grind it to make a powder. Add a little water and make a paste. Apply on your head and massage the scalp. After 30 min. rinse it off. Repeate once or twice in a week and see the results.

Note: Before trying any of these tips test your response to any allergies by applying it on you inner wrist first.

These natural homemade hairloss tips are herbal. So it is safe and economical.