Mud Body Spa Treatment

Mud Body Spa Treatment

Here I am giving you a special feast. At home Mud Body Spa treatment tip. Here you are going for a full body mud pack. This is typically you may get in a spa. With this tip you can create a full body spa treatment in the convenience of your home. With this you can rejuvenate your full body skin. This body spa treatment can remove excess oil from body. This will help remove skin irritations and small infections. If applied as instructed you can reduce the excess fat from the superficial layer of skin.

Preparation to the body spa treatment
Multani mitti(for oily skin) or
Red clay(for dry skin)-2cups
Epsom salt or Sea salt or Dead sea salt-1cup
Aloe Vera natural gel-5tsp.
Neem powder-5tsp.
Rose petal powder-5tsp.
Fresh milk-1cup
Apple cider vinegar-1/2 cup
Orange juice-1cup
Tea tree oil-1tsp.

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl.

How to apply mud pack
Clean your body and apply mud pack using a flat brush. The mud should stick on the body. Apply it all over the body. Allow it to get dry on the body. When it becomes dry wash it off with water. This body mud spa treatment can be done once in a month. If you have any skin problems or rashes do it consistently for three times minimum.
posted by: Geetha

Natural Body Scrub

Yeah when we discuss about skin care at home we need a homemade natural body scrub. A scrub can help to remove dead cells and promote new cells. If you are following my other posts about facial at home then this tip will help to use scrub together with that.

Natural Body Scrub - how to make
Chickpea flour - 5tsp.
Green gram flour - 2tsp.
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp.
Oats powder - 3tsp.

This is a mild scrub. Turmeric and oats together will give a glow also. Mix all the ingredients and add a little water to make a paste. After cleaning face take a little scrub on fingers and apply on face and give a circular massage. Do it all over face for 15 min. Then wash it off.
This natural scrub can be used once in a week.

Beauty and Skin Care

Beauty and Skin Care

Before all were having a thought that whatever problems are there in skin no matter, we can do makeup and become beautiful. No the trend is changing. Teens start to think that what makeup we are doing there should be a good looking wall to paint. Yes girls now are thinking more about skin care. If there is a healthy skin that will give natural glow and shine. Now ladies giving more care to their skin. Before a meeting or conference just apply foundation or other makeup and appearing is not in the thoughts of new generation girls. They strongly wish a long lasting healthy glow to their face through proper skin care including healthy food choice.

But there are a lot of skin care products and beauty treatments in the market. Now everybody becoming more conscious about store brought products. They naturally curious about the ingredients contained in these products. Will they create any side effects! For a long run will these ingredients badly affects the skin! These are all the fears existing in the new generation ladies. Because all the informations are available in the internet. Now people are very keen about searching net for a preliminary information about the products available in market. Then only they take a final decision to use a product.

Now the new trend is after natural herbal products. Instead of using synthetic cosmetics and skin care products now everybody thinking about natural herbal products. They don't have much bad effects on skin. They can be used without any fear. Even though they are mild the results are not so bad. But the product manufacturers after understanding the new trends they give more propaganda that their products are herbal and the truth is just opposite. Most of the herbal products that are factory manufactured are not 100% herbal. Now people are conscious about this improper manufacturing practices.

As a general knowledge now girls understand that food we eat is having a very important role in health and body. A healthy body can provide a good looking skin. So they turns to vegetarian food and fruits. Together with this they go very far from doing conventional skin treatments like skin peeling, skin rejuvenation, bleaching etc. They understood the bad effects of running after these skin beauty. They need a particular skin care routine according to their skin type etc. Instead of using face creams or face scrubs or skin peels now people are preferring natural vegetable face packs. Especially teens they do not need any skin scrubs or peels. Just they need skin nourishment. Face packs using Vegetables or fruits will give a natural glow and nourishment to the skin. Everybody now go back to the old skin treatments that our grandmas told long ago. Teens are trying the old natural technics and satisfied. They do not need any shortcuts to their beauty improvement. All natural that is the new trend. Here in this era people are more conscious about good eating practices. The new skin care mantra is have vegs. and fruits together with natural herbal methods for a long lasing healthy and beautiful skin. Go all natural.