Carrot in Beauty Care

Carrot in Beauty Care

Carrot has got multilevel benefits for our body. In my experience carrot has got a high level result in our skin. So it is wise to use carrot in beauty care. We are doing so many things to enhance our skin beauty. Just add carrot in your beauty regimen and see the wonderful effect of carrot. We can use carrot in our skin as pack, drink as juice, eat raw carrot, make salad and eat, use it as pickle, make carrot jam etc..etc. What we do with carrot it will be highly beneficial to our body and at the same time it will give an instant beauty or glow to our skin.

If we use carrot it will give a special glow and a smooth texture to our skin. If we apply carrot as face pack it will remove acne, spots and marks. You know applying carrot pack on hair will improve hair texture, health and growth.

Carrot salad
Cut carrot into small rectangular pieces and put in saline water for few weeks. If you like add green chilly also. This you can use as salad while eating food.

Green salad
When you make green salad add carrot pieces also together with other items. It is beneficial to your body.

Face pack
Make a face pack of carrot in a mixer/grinder and apply this as face pack. Leave it for 20 min. and wash it off with cold water.

Face glow pack
Make a paste of carrot, milk powder and sugar and apply on face. This will increase the face glow. Apply once in a week minimum.

Pigmentation pack
Carrot, oats powder, sugar and turmeric powder is so beneficial for pigmentation.

Oily skin
Carrot, orange juice and sugar-make paste and apply. It is so good to avoid oily nature of skin.

Mix grated carrot, sugar powder and salt. Apply this on face for 20 min.Then massage face in circular motion. It will remove whiteheads and blackheads very naturally and mildly.

Makeup enhancer
Before applying makeup apply a pack of carrot and orange and do a circular massage. Wash it off with cold water after 20 min. Then apply make makeup. This will enhance the makeup effect.

Dark skin on elbow
Mix carrot, sugar and salt. Apply some oil on the elbow and then rub the elbow area with this regularly. This will remove the dark spots on elbow.

Dark skin around neck
Carrot, lemon juice and sugar powder. Mix well. Apply oil on the neck and do a massage with above carrot mix.

Above all the tips in my experience drinking a glass of carrot juice will shift away all your skin problems. Apply pack and drinking carrot juice- it is so important- carrot in beauty care.

Mehendi on hands

Another intricate Mehndi patternImage via Wikipedia
How to apply mehendi/henna on hands

You all know about tattooing on skin using henna or mehndi. In India and few other countries drawing designs on hands believed as the sign of beauty. Yes pure henna powder can be used to make mehendi cones. If we mix some addons it will give best and different colors to our hands.

Here are some tips to give more beauty while mixing henna. Katta powder

Hands painted with Henna (Mehndi)Image by Premal007 via Flickr
Mehndi (Henna)Image by Premal007 via Flickr
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Mint Face Pack

mint leavesImage by SummerTomato via Flickr

Mint Face Pack can be used to get a blemish free clean skin. Mint has got a very fine cleaning effect. Using this mint face pack can make your face free from blemish, blackheads, acne and pimples. The most interesting thing is it is very simple to prepare at your home. The ingredients to buy from beauty store are the mint powder and multani mitti. Then you need yogurt also.

How to prepare mint face pack

Take three tsp. multani mitti, one tsp. mint powder and add two tsp. yogurt. Mix all the ingredients by adding more yogurt if necessary and keep it for half an hour.

Applying mint face pack

Wash face with normal water and tissue try. Apply the pack all over the face. Keep the pack for 10-15 min. Then wash the face with warm water and then by cold water.

If your face is try, apply any cold cream on face before applying this pack. Apply this mint face pack once in a week to get the desired result.

Conditioning Hair Pack

Conditioning Hair Pack
Natural hair conditionerImage by o5com via Flickr

There are lot of homemade hair packs to nourish hair. But getting a natural conditioner is a lucky thing. Avocado fruit is a natural hair conditioner. It is also best for your skin to make it smooth. Here I am suggesting a perfect mix to make a conditioning hair pack. This will be suitable for all types of hair. It won't make hair dry for those who have dry hair, yes surely it will remove the dryness. For oily skin it won't make hair more oily. This will give a conditioned effect or normal look to your beautiful hair.

How to prepare the conditioning hair pack

Get one or two ripe avocado. Remove the skin and mash it well. Add half cup of coconut milk and mix well. Conditioning hair pack is ready.

Applying the conditioning hair pack

Apply coconut oil or any oil of your choice lightly all over the hair. Then apply the conditioning hair pack on your hair using your fingers. Spread the pack along the hair by taking part by part. If you want, comb the hair with wide tooth comb. Make sure that the pack is applied all over the hair. Then cover the head with a head cap. Wait for 10-15 min. Then Rinse the hair in normal water or take a full bath.

If you have scalp itching or small out breaks on the scalp, then do not apply oil first. Apply coconut milk all over the scalp and rub the scalp gently. Then apply avocado pulp.

Repeat the application of conditioning hair pack once in a week. This will give a natural smoothness to your hair and it becomes shiny.

Tomato hair pack for itchy scalp

Grape tomatoes.Image via Wikipedia
When the climate shifts from extreme hot to rainy, then our body conditions may get confused and shows some symptoms of it. On body we may feel itching and some boils shows up. On scalp hot boils comes up. Scalp becomes itchy and we tends to scratch on it which causes injury to the scalp. This is only seasonal and may vanish by the cool down of climate. But it is necessary to avoid itching and further damage of scalp. Here I suggest a natural remedy for this.


Tomato hair pack for itchy scalp
Take two or three ripe tomatoes or as per the quantity of hair. Make a thick pulp of tomato and add 5 tsp. lemon juice. Mix well.

How to apply tomato hair pack for itchy scalp

Apply your favorite oil for hair on the scalp lightly. Then apply the tomato pack on the scalp with your fingers rubbing lightly. Do not scratch with the nails. Thoroughly apply the hair pack all over the scalp. Now allow it to stay for around 25-30 min. If you want you can put a hair cap. Then rinse the hair well with light warm water. Then rinse with normal water. Wipe hair with a dry towel. Then give a light massage with fingers moving round and round.

If you have severe scalp itching then repeat this daily for three days. Or do it once in a week. Definitely it will help the scalp from itching. Application of this tomato hair pack gives oil free hair  with natural sheen.