Body Massage with coconut milk

Body Massage with coconut milk

Coconut milk has so many features that can help our hair and skin. In some earlier posts I had mentioned some benefits of coconut milk on body and hair. Here today I am giving raw coconut milk benefit on body. Especially this is so beneficial for children between 5 to 15 ages. Elders also can be benefited with this for sure. For those who have rashes on body or white patches or itchy skin all can be benefited from applying raw coconut milk on body. This can be used to avoid dry skin all over the body. The coconut milk is also a nourishment to skin.

How to prepare coconut milk
Someone asked me is coconut milk the water inside a coconut!!!Actually it confuses for those who are not familiar with coconut. Inside the coconut we get sweet coconut water. The inner crux white portion is the actual coconut used for making curry. By crushing and squeezing the inner white portion we get coconut milk. For this, grate the inner portion and put it in a mixer/grinder and work for few minutes. Then take out and squeeze the milk out. Now the coconut milk powder is available. I do not know how far it is genuine. So using this coconut milk we can do a good body massage.

Body massage with coconut milk
Apply the coconut milk all over body and face. Do a simple massage on the skin. This can help the milk to penetrate the skin. While applying we may feel itchy. Nothing to worry. Apply lavishly on full body. Continue rubbing on the skin while applying. Wait for half an hour.

If we do this body massage with coconut milk to children that will help their skin to become more smooth. It will avoid the formation skin patches or discoloration.
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Skin Glow Face Pack

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Skin Glow Face Pack

Glow glow glow to skin is a main concern to women around the world. Whatever we use to increase the skin complexion that is brought from stores give adverse effect in the long run. Here it is advisable to go natural. Here is solution to this that is natural and from Ayurveda, India. I am suggesting a face pack that was used not only for beauty enhancements but also for various skin treatments. You all know the orange lentils (masoor dal) used in Indian cooking. You can get this from Indian food stores. Get flour of split orange lentils. Or you can grind the lentils to get the flour.

Preparing face pack skin glow

5 tbs lentils flour

Make a paste by mixing ghee and milk to the lentils flour. Try to add the ghee and milk a little by little to get an even paste. Mix well intensely to get the flour rubbed well together with milk and ghee. The milk and ghee combination can be in the ratio 2:1. Skin glow face pack is ready.

Application of the skin glow face pack

Wash and tissue dry facial skin. Apply the skin glow face pack evenly all over the face and neck. Wait for 10-15 min. But do not give time to get it dry on face. Wash before that with cold water.

Repeated application of the skin glow face pack

It is advisable to apply this face pack once in a week. But if you intend to get a sudden result then do it daily for three or five consecutive days and repeat it once in week. This skin glow face pack will give special glow to you facial skin and it will rejuvenate the skin naturally.

Homemade Dandruff Treatment

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Homemade Dandruff Treatment
Sometimes the scalp gets dry and may produce flakes. When we use oil or if we keep it wet for a long time then the flaky scalp may get infection and it causes itching. This condition also can be called dandruff. But sometimes if we avoid oiling then it produces dry scalp. There forms flaky scalp. This is not actual dandruff. This condition can be solved by making the scalp conditioned by mild oil massage. But if the flaky scalp gets infection then it should be treated for dandruff. Here is a natural homemade dandruff treatment.

Dandruff remedy This homemade dandruff treatment have two steps. One is a simple hot oil head massage. Then do the dandruff treatment.

1. Hot oil head massage

You can use your favorite oil that you use on hair usually. But avoid factory made hair growth oils for hot oil treatment. Heat a pan and pour the oil on the pan. Do not allow it to boil, just warm it.
First of all do a finger move all over the hair to take out the knots on the hair. Also do round finger movements on the scalp. Then dip the fingers on the warm oil and do thorough massage on the scalp. Do it all over the scalp. Take care to avoid rubbing with nails. Wait for 3 min.

2. Dandruff treatment

For the homemade dandruff treatment you requires one egg and two oranges. Prepare the orange pulp and add the egg white on it. Mix well and apply on the scalp. Try to apply it all over the scalp thoroughly. After finishing applying, continue massage for another 5 min. Then allow it to stay for another 10 min. You may feel itching or burning on the scalp, but it is good. Then rinse the whole head with normal or lightly cold water. Remember to do very light massage on the scalp while pouring water. Towel dry it very softly, do not rub with the towel. Also do not dry on hot air or fan.

Do this homemade dandruff treatment two or three times in a week. During this treatment period do not use shampoo or any other hair products. By using this dandruff treatment for three weeks you can get the full result. Further taker care to not getting dry scalp or oily scalp, but keep it conditioned.