Eyebrow Shaping Tips

How to shape your eyebrows to get a good looking face?

Eyebrows that suits the shape of your face
An oval face suits small eyebrows with narrow ends and middle parts can be thick.

If you have round face, try long eyebrows with trimmed ends goes downwards.

For a square face, make your eyebrows small, crescent-shaped and narrow on both sides.

Get eye brows thick and straight for a triangular face . Make the end of eyebrows bend down.

See the case of a pear shaped face: better to get straight eyebrows, medium length, with tapered ends.

For a face with long nose, a high eyebrows will not match.

Eye Care Tips

Eye care through exercises to eyes

1. A simple and easy exercise can be done by closing and opening your eyes. Try to close the eyelids tightly and then wide open it. Repeate it for ten times in the morning.

2. Move or rotate eyeballs to the left and right for twenty times. Close your eyes during this exercise.

3. Look into a distant object for two minutes and focus to another object closer to you for another two minutes. repeat it for ten minutes.

4. Look upwards and downwards is good exercise. Look maximum upwards for two min. and look downwards for two min. Repeat it for ten min.

5. Finally, rinsing eyes with cold water is a good step. Take cold water in a bowl. Bend on it and dip eyes on the water. Move and rotate eyeballs by opening eyelids. this will wash off the dust particle in the eyes.

Acne Care Tips

acne is basically a skin disease typical to youth. The skin gets blotchy and these blotches on the face do never vanish, if affected by acne, loses its charm.


In youth an oily skin should be cleaned frequently so that the oily secretion called sebum coming out of the sebaceous glands does not thicken and clog the pores. Acne bacteria breeds fast in greasy spots. Acne can be forestalled by frequent cleanliness.

Do not scratch pimples with nails even if they are itchy. Scratching may give temporary relief but it may leave permanent marks because nails, howsoever clean, contain bacteria and cause infection. It is advisable to use a clean cotton wool swab soaked in hot water to clean pimples.

Shampoo your hair frequently. Sebaceous glands underneath the hair secrete grease which spreads on the face and give rise to acne. Moreover, long hair touch the face, forehead and neck. If they are clean the chances of spreading their grease are less.

Avoid greasy spicy fried foods. Also minimize the use of sweet, butter ice cream and chocolate. Take a balanced diet.

A sound sleep, morning walk, regular exercises and good bowel movement are other helping factors. Avoid constipation. It gives rise to pimples.

If affected with acne, avoid a heavy make up. Only a light make up is advisable. If at all you have to have a make-up and remove it as soon as you can.

Different types of medicines are available for acne treatment anti biotics,x-rays and ultra-violet rays are effective methods.but treatment should be undretaken under medical advice.

Natural Homemade Hair Conditioner

Home made hair conditioner recipe

2tsp castor oil
1tsp vineger
1tsp glycerin

instruction for use:
mix all theses together, beat well and massage the root of your hair with it. It is much beneficial to take steam after massage.

hair conditioner with honey. Take one egg, add 1tsp of honey and two tsp of olive oil or coconut oil to it mix it thoroughly and use on your hair.

hair tonic
add 2 tsp of henna in a two glasses of boiling water. Wash your hair with it.

If you wash your hair with a mixture of 1 tsp of vineger and two glasses of water, the roots of your hair will be strengthened. Hair become lustrous if you wash it with a mixture of pure water and lemon juice in a ratio 8:1.

Hair spray
1tsp pure gum
8tsp water
1tsp alcohol
1/2 tsp glycerin

Grind gum and mix it with water. Now add alcohol and glycerin to it. Close the lid of the bottle and shake it vigorously. Then allow the mixture to remain as such for twenty-four hours. It will become thick.

Hair setting lotion
1tsp castor oil
1tsp coconut oil
1tsp vaseline or petroleum jelly
1tsp emulsifying wax
a few drops of scent

melt all the above on a medium heat. Remove it from flame. Add scent and stir. When it gets cold the lotion will be ready for use

Hairloss Tips

Hair loss/hair falls (Falling hair)

Falling of old hair to make place for the sprouting of new ones is a natural cycle. so it is not quite serious if ten to twenty hair fall daily. But when hair comes out as locks and start thinning, it is a matter of concern. There are three stages for the falling of hair-

Normal falling of hair: during pregnancy, after delivery, because of breast feeding the infant, as a reaction to medicines and because of high fever.

Temporary baldness: continuous mental tension, mental shock, anemia or deficiency of vitamins or disability of the nervous system.

Permanent baldness: working or staying in a hot area, hereditary baldness occurring in family, sedentary work, burns or injury on the scalp,exposure to x-ray for long, tying hair tightly at night etc.

Natural Hair Tonic


There is a hair tonic hidden at the root of each hair. Scalp glands are always secreting oil at the roots. This oil gives gloss to the hair and an amazing amount of softness is ensured. But because of our ignorance we let this grease dry at the roots of hair and do not let it spread. Brushing is useful in spreading this nourishing grease all over the hair, that helps in blood circulation and strengthens the roots of the hair.

The correct method to brush your hair is to bend yourself down from the waist, draw your hair down and brush from the back of the scalp to downwards. This ensures a fast circulation of blood in the scalp. Brushing should start from the forward part, then backward part and then the side. Slow brushing keeps the greasiness of hair intact.

If already oily hair are brushed with quick movements or for longer duration, the oil glands get activated and start secreting more oil. Moreover, if you have weak, thin and very soft hair, brush slowly.

If your hairs are too oily, stick a piece of cotton wool in the bristles of your brush, extra grease will be removed.