Summer skin care

In this hot season your skin need special care to beat the hot climate. The first thing to do is avoid soaps. Here I am suggesting some natural and homemade cleansers to use daily. I hope that you know your skin type. Based on your skin type select from the following tips.

For oily skin
Take two teaspoon green gram flour. Add 2 teaspoon tomato juice and mix well. than mix two teaspoon butter milk to it and mix well. Wash your face with water and apply the above pack all over face and neck. Avoid eye area. After five minutes wash it off with cucumber juice. Then spring with water..

For sensitive skin

For a sensitive skin oats powder is a best option. Mix 3 tsp. oatmeal powder and 3tsp. cucumber juice. Mix well. Wash your face and apply this face pack. Wait for five min. and wash it off.

For dry skin

Take 2tsp. almond powder and 2tsp. curd. Mix well and then add 1tsp. coconut oil. Make it paste. Wash your face and apply it. After 5-10 min. wash it off with diluted milk. then rinse with cold water.

This can be done daily to cleanse your skin. This routine will give a soothing effect to your facial skin. During hot season do not use any chemical ingredients like soaps. If you are using face wash use it in the evening and choose some mild face wash. For out going ladies do not forget to use sun screen protection. Drink fruit juices. But avoid juices if it will give acidity. Water melon is good choice. Apple juice is all time good juice. Try to include more vegetables in your cooking. Avoid spicy items. Chicken is hot and mutton is not hot to the body.

Homemade Protein Pack for hair

Homemade Protein Pack for hairHomemade Protein Pack for hair

To keep the good health of hair, a protein pack once in a while is good. If your hair is in healthy condition it will not be affected by dandruff, hair loss etc. Homemade protein pack will give a healthy look for hair and it give hair growth.

Egg- 1
Green gram flour- 1/2cup
Orange juice- 5tsp.
Cucumber grated- 5tsp.

Take 1/2 cup green gram flour in a bowl. Add grated cucumber to it. Mix with orange juice. Now add one egg and mix well. Homemade protein pack is ready. You have to use it instantly, means do not keep in fridge.

How to apply
If your hair is not clean, shampoo hair in the evening and apply this pack next day morning. Do not apply this pack on wet hair but hair must be clean. Apply a little oil on hair. Then apply this homemade protein pack all over hair. Leave it for about 25 min. Then wash it off.

The effect of applying a protein pack takes place when you repeat it three times minimum. But applying this homemade protein pack once in a week is advisable.
posted by: Geetha