Mind and Beauty

Mind and Beauty
What is the role of mind in beauty care. Yes there is a very subtle relationship in keeping your beauty. The basic thing is what ever reflects in your mind may get reflected on your facial expressions. Also, What feelings you keep in your mind mostly, that becomes your habit. Suppose you have some difficulties in your life then you automatically frowns. Finally your face carries the marks of frowning. Instead of this if you try to smile then your face become spready than wrinkled. Here comes the smile therapy. But I suspect this artificial smiling with a weeping mind.

I had gone through some positive thinking books. But I felt they are only theoretical and most of them are not practically proven. Now the word 'positive thinking' has become a negative symbol. I have some other ideas regarding our mind to help in beauty. Let me round it off this way: Never ever allow mind to emotionally respond, favorably or unfavorably, to any life situations. This does not tell you that do not respond, but do not respond emotionally. Do not keep good or bad memories in emotional shelf of your mind. In short, do not be an emotional being. The emotions get recorded and latter it may push you again to pass through such situations. Even if it is a pleasant memory, it is not good getting repeated. That is actually a turn back.

Do not allow emotions to guide you, instead you have to guide emotions. A properly balanced and trained mind can help in your beauty. A healthy mind can produce a healthy body. A healthy body can keep its beauty. So what things can be done to keep an equilibrium of mind. First of all maintain a perfect routine in daily life. Good sleep. Do not over sleep. Balanced food. Daily meditations or prayer. Exercise. And mainly, keep emotional maturity. Remember the saying that do not react just pro-act.

Why I pointed it is because the inner feelings are reflected on the face. So that feelings influence the appearance of face. Remember the wrinkles and crow feet that affects the facial beauty. You can notice that your beauty is seen when you smile. Most probably when you look on the mirror you try to smile and see the most of your outlook. When you go to a studio then the photographer tells you to keep a smiling face, why? And after you change your smile the face may get frowned. Think about if you can keep a pleasant mind that twill create a smile on your face always.

So try to avoid crating emotional files and remember to delete the old emotional files. How to delete the old files from memory. Call it back and remove the emotional tag. Means remove the emotions by dissolving the emotional thoughts connected to it. Just say it is not very relevant now and it is not helping my happy life. I think it is very much necessary for those who think that beauty is important. So think about it.

Homemade remedy for Blackheads

Homemade remedy for Blackheads
Whatever facials you do and how much make up you wear, sometimes all the good effects of them can be diminished by few blackheads. When you do facials and make up by yourself you may not be serious about the blackheads because of lack of time to go to beauty parlor. Don't worry, here is a simple homemade remedy for removing black heads.

This homemade remedy for blackhead is very easy to prepare and the result is amazing. The ingredients involved are camphor, turmeric and rice flour. Get camphor that is used for pooja purposes. Try to get good quality camphor. Here you need one medium size pellet for one fourth cup of rice flour. Turmeric powder you need a small pinch.

Preparation of blackhead remedy
Take 1/4 cup of rice flour. Powder the camphor pellet and mix with the rice flour. Add a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix well by mixing raw milk on it. Get a medium thick paste that is not too loose.

First of all you have to cleanse face. Here you can use the raw milk for it. Dip a cotton boll on milk and rub face in circular motion. Try to remove all the dirt from the skin. Repeat for, that is well enough to cleanse the face thoroughly. Then wet the face with water. Now you can apply the rice flour pack all over the face. Apply it on the affected area well. Leave it for 15-20 min. Then dip your fingers on water and give massage all over the face. Also remember to give a thorough rub with the thumb on the affected area. After five minutes' massage, cleanse face with cold water. At the first application you can see the appearance of blackhead is diminishing. Apply it once in every three days. Gradually the black head will disappear totally without any skin damage.

Brahmi and Acidity

Brahmi and Acidity

Many times, the medicinal plant Brahmi (Centella asiatica) has been mentioned in this site as a way for hair growth. Brahmi is used for preparing hair oil. This hair oil helps hair growth. The leaves of brahmi is used to make a wonderful memory enhancing Ayurvedic medicine. Research has proved its capacity for memory enhancing. Together with this important properties the wonderful plant has another local usage as a very good remedy for acidity and ulcer problems. Read the details.

Brahmi plant (Centella asiatica)
This plant is very common in Asia including India. There is another plant known as Bacopa monnieri. Both are known as brahmi. Here I am talking about Centella asiatica. Here we see its usefulness as a remedy for severe acidity. Food is digested with digestive juices from glands. But sometimes this juices are produced in excess. This extreme acids produce burning sensation in the stomach. This may lead to ulcer. The paste of brahmi leaves are very useful in treating this acidity.

Take out the leaves of brahimi palnt and put in a mixer/grinder. Add a little water and make a paste out of it. Or make it a loose juice of it. The paste can be swallowed or the the juice can be drunk. It is better to use in the morning after the morning tea. Take daily for a week or two. We can see a unremarkable good feeling by the use of a week. Continue using it till get the full result.

Beauty Consciousness

Psychology of beauty consciousness and related problems

Beauty consciousness is a positive thing especially in this modern world. Of course it is! Each of us have our own independent and unique beauty awareness. This varies depending upon the various conscious levels. No one can calculate accurately the different states of this beauty consciousness, because it is of numerous types. Beauty or something else, whatever it may be, that is not comprehensible. That is the reason there are numerous beauty concepts available in the beauty business. When it comes to the beauty products it is with tremendous number of products. Just like in life, humans do not have a correct or accurate awareness regarding how to live a life , here in beauty consciousness there is no correct and accurate way of pursuing our own beauty. The main reason for this is lack of knowledge about correct beauty ideas and products.

For example think that there is a new product in the market for hair straightening. Get some awareness about this product. The very first point to see is this is a factory product and not a natural product. So that may be either totally of chemical ingredients or a mixture of chemicals and natural ingredients. Most probably the natural ingredient is added because to give a false impression that totally it is a natural product. The main active ingredient may be a chemical. But the chemical ingredients are not totally unsafe if it is processed well. But unfortunately, the chemical ingredients are very strong and it is done to increase the effectiveness of the product. Manufacturers are with the opinion that most the buyers are looking for instant result. This aspect is also because of the improper awareness about beauty concepts. From this fact we can understand one thing that all the improper practices in the beauty market is popping up because of the customers' lack of knowledge. Manufacturers say that they give out what the customers ask. So we as customers have to know what to ask. Let us take the case of hair straightening product. The customer want to make hair straight instantly. This idea of straightening the hair comes from an infatuation. There is no fault in it. But together with that customer must give time to study things behind hair straightening and related products. In against this, most of the time when an idea popes out to straighten the hair, then straight away runs to the store and ask for some product. Simultaneously put forward one demand that please give some effective product. What is meant by effective?

In the first place we have to understand that the curly nature of hair is hair's behavioral pattern. It cannot be changed naturally and permanently. If we go for some natural methods it might be temporary that is why it is without much damage. But if we aim for a permanent solution  then think that it will be possible through unnatural means. So have a concrete idea that the straightening products are doing its work through chemically synthesized ingredients. If the ingredient is mild then the result also may be mild. If the result is unbelievable then think that the ingredients are strong. What is wrong in it? Nothing wrong in the manufacturer's side but in your hair. The result is instant and it makes you happy. But after few weeks surely you will be invited for a protein treatment to escape from unavoidable damage of hair. Alas! you are in between Sky-la and Carib-dis. It is a point of no return. So you accepts the invitation and takes the protein treatment. No product can give instant escape from hair damage. This time you may be thinking that if I could know about this loss I might not have gone for hair straightening. Who cares? If this is your attitude then go ahead. But that is your temporary notion. You want to make your hair fascinating but at the same time how can you afford to destroy your total hair. If you loves hair style then you must love your hair also. Other wise there will be no good hair and so there would not be good style. So choose products with great care. Compromise on infatuation and know it is for your good. Good luck and have nice hair experience!