Apple Banana Smoothie

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Today I am discussing a juice recipe which I like very much. This apple banana smoothie is very soothing especially in hot season. You can use this recipe as smoothie or juice. Apple and banana is a best combination for a smoothie and it is of great taste. By adding orange make it a vitamin rich formula. If served with ice definitely it becomes smoothie-soothing.

Apple Banana Smoothie
Green apples 2
Orange 1/2
Ripe banana 1
Brewers yeast 1 tbsp.

Cut apples into small pieces. No need to remove seeds. Peel the orange and remove seeds. Then put apple pieces and peeled orange in a mixer/grinder and make the juice. I do not prefer juicer because it remove all fleshy part and give only liquid juice. By using a mixer it mashes the fruits. After that use a loose sieve to take the juice. Then put this juice, banana and yeast in a blender and make the smoothie. If you prefer to get juice then take only half banana and add a little water if needed.

If garnish Apple Banana Smoothie with slices of orange is good. Remember to add ice pieces and have it immediately. Or the ice cubes may become water and diminish the taste of the smoothie.

Homemade Shampoo Hibiscus

Homemade Hibiscus Shampoo

Hibiscus leaves were used not only as homemade shampoo; it acts as a good hair conditioner also. Hibiscus flowers also can be used. In India there will be at least one hibiscus plant in the garden as it is a flowering plant. There are so many types of plants with different colored flowers. Anything can be used as a homemade shampoo + conditioner. It is an instant product to be used immediately.
hibiscus plant
Here is a typical recipe to make homemade shampoo.
Hibiscus leaves – 5 to 10
Hibiscus flowers – 1 or 2
Green gram flour – 3 tsp.
Coconut oil – 1 or 2 tsp.

How to prepare the homemade shampoo
If hibiscus leaves are not available buy Hibiscus powder. Get few leaves and flowers of hibiscus and add green gram flour. Crush it by adding one cup water. Crush it till you get a loose viscous liquid. You can feel the sudiness of it. Sieve it and get the liquid in a bowl. Now you can add coconut oil or olive oil as your choice.

You have to use this homemade hibiscus shampoo now. Bath in normal water. Apply the homemade shampoo all over hair and scalp. Finger through out hair and rub gently on the scalp. After this rinse hair well. Then blot hair with a towel, do not rub vigorously. Or allow to air dry.

Those who have sinus or cold, please avoid using this at that time. You can use it after few days.

See your hair silky shiny with a great fall. You can try this homemade shampoo once in a week minimum to get good result.