Facial Relaxing Pack

Freshness pack for your face.

When you feel tired or tensed, a facial relaxing pack can be a soothing experience. Yes today I am coming to you with this freshness pack for your beautiful face. Here you are getting a new experience from the ingredient Cinnamon powder . It is used in Indian kitchen to prepare different non-veg. curries.

ingredients for facial relaxing pack:
Cinnamon powder 1/4 tsp.
Small cucumber 1
Green gram flour 2 tsp.

Make a paste of cucumber in a mixer grinder. Add green gram flour and mix well. Finally add cinnamon powder to it and mix well. Facial relaxing pack is ready.

When you come home, wash your face with medium cold water. Then apply this facial relaxing pack on your face. If you want, put the refreshing pack over the eye lid also. Take care not to get the pack inside eyes.

Close your eyes and lounge in an easy chair for 20-30 min. If you like music play lounge music to relax. Going into chotta(small) nap also good. When you open eyes definitely you feel relaxed. Enjoy the comfort.

note:like all other homemade tips, you apply this facial freshness pack in the inner wrist of your hands and see you are comfortable with the ingredients.

I am sure that you will enjoy this Facial Relaxing Pack well.

Face mask with turmeric and milk

Turmeric powder                                 Image via Wikipedia
Face mask with turmeric and milk
Turmeric and milk are the main ingredients in this face mask. You know turmeric powder acts as an antiseptic and it gives a natural glow and good complexion to your skin. In this turmeric milk face mask you have to add gram flour also. Turmeric and gram flour may make skin dry for dry skinned face. So the milk in this face mask can help to escape from the dryness. This face mask is recommended for oily skin or combination skin. For extremely dry skin, apply a little oil on face prior to this face mask.

Two tsp. gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and milk

How to prepare turmeric milk face mask
Take gram flour and add turmeric to it. Then add enough milk to make it a medium-loose paste. Make sure the paste you prepared is having enough spreadability.

Applying turmeric milk face mask

Clean the face with cold water. If you are using makeup then you have cleanse face with makeup remover then wash face. Apply the turmeric milk face mask evenly on face. Wait for 10 min. and take care to not allowing the mask to dry on face. After that wash face with normal water and do tissue drying. If you applying this turmeric milk face mask in the morning please take care to over sun exposure. Best way is applying this face mask in the evening or on a rest day. For first few weeks apply this on every alternate days. Then do it once in a week. You can see best result of this turmeric milk face mask even in the third try.

Dyeing hair with henna and indigo

How to color hair with natural henna and natural indigo

Like Henna (lawsonia inermis) Indigo (indigofera tinctoria) is also a herb. By mixing the two you can get different colors in your hair.

To get brown color:
Mix natural henna powder in lemon juice or warm water. Allow it to sit overnight. Next morning take some indigo powder and mix it with warm water. After 15 min. mix both mixtures together. If you add more indigo the shade will become darker. Apply this paste on your entire hair. Use a shower cap and leave it for one hour or more. Rinse the hair well and shampoo. For the next two days you can see the color change fully.

Henna and Indigohenna & indigo

To get jet black color:
Apply natural henna paste in your hair as usual. Wash it after 25 min. Mix indigo powder in warm water and let it sit for 15 min. Add a little salt to the above mix. apply this on hair. Wrap your hair with a showering cap and after 2 hours rinse it off. By next two days the result will become clear.

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