Hair Treatment

Hair treatment for hair loss
Here we discuss about homemade hair treatment for hairloss. If you suffer from hair loss, definitely you require a hair treatment. In the market there are so many types of hair treatment products available. But here we focus on homemade hair treatment.

Hair treatment using Reetha (Areetha), Shikakai and Amla. All these ingredients are herbs. In India it is very common. I would like to tell you some thing about these ingredients of our hair treatment.
Reetha otherwise is called soap nut. Soap nuts contain saponin, a natural detergent which is used to clean clothes. It is used to make herbal shampoo. Here we can add this in our hair treatment.

Soap nuts have become popular as an environmentally friendly alternative to manufactured, chemical detergents . A few nuts can be placed in a cotton drawstring bag in with a wash load and reused several times. Soap nuts are safe for washing silk, woolens and other delicate fabrics.

Shikakai means "fruit for hair" and is a traditional shampoo used in India.

It is made from Acacia concinna, a shrub native to the warm, plains of central and south India. Acacia concinna has been used as hair treatment in India for centuries, it is now grown commercially in India and Far East Asia. The plant parts used for the dry powdered or the extract are the bark, leaves or pods. So it is also very good for hair treatments.

Amla or Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica, syn. Emblica officinalis) is a deciduous tree

of the Euphorbiaceae family. It is known for its edible fruit of the same name. It is used in Ayurvedic medicines. Locally the crush of this fruit is used in hair treatment in India. Whatever hair treatment we make out of this Gooseberry is very effective in controlling hairloss and helping hair growth.

How to make Hair Treatment
Mix Reetha 2 tbsp, Shikakai 2 tbsp and Amla 2 tbsp. Add an egg and make it a paste. Wash your hair first. Apply this paste on scalp and hair. Let your fingers pass through out your hair that will make the paste mix well in your entire hair. Leave it for 20 min. Then rinse hair well. if you want use mild shampoo. Repeat it two three times a week for a month. Some may not like the smell of egg, so use coconut or olive oil instead of egg to prepare this hair treatment. I hope you enjoy these hair treatment.

Homemade Hair Packs

Homemade Hair Packs

One of my clients called me and told that she want to fix an appointment for her hair treatment. Usually she does henna on hair. Because of the climate she got cold and she doesn't want to apply henna this time. Instead she asked for any homemade hair pack. She is feeling some itchy scalp and feeling irritation on forehead. Considering all these factors I told her that I will prepare a suitable fruit pack for her.

Homemade hair packs
For such a condition on hair, using orange on hair is advisable. So I cut half of an orange with the peel. I took a small piece of cucumber also. Then added 3 tsp. of shikakai powder and 5 tsp. of green gram flour. Using a mixer/grinder I made a loose pack.

How to apply homemade hair pack
When my client came I noticed she is prepared to apply the homemade hair pack because, as a preliminary step she combed her hair well. She made all the strands loose and removed all the knots etc. from hair. It is so good. Because I added green gram flour in the hair pack it is better to apply oil on hair first. I took 3 tsp. warm coconut oil(pre-mixed with curry leaves) and applied on her hair. Did a thorough massage for 3 min. Then I applied homemade hair pack evenly all over hair. Then I put a shower cap and told her to sit on the chair for 25 min. listening her favorite song on the earphone.

After around 15 min. when I looked at her she fell into a nap. After 25 min. when I called her she confessed about the soothing effect of the warm feeling she got through the homemade hair pack. After washing her hair she did not forget to convey her special thanks for the homemade hair pack.

Green Tea Face Toner

Green Tea Face toner
Everyone know the benefits of green tea. We can make a simple natural facial toner out of the green tea. This toner can be used for all skin types. By using this natural toner you can tone down the skin naturally and get the green benefit of nature. It is simple to prepare and use the green tea facial toner.

Preparation of green tea Face Toner:

Boil 5 cups of water.
Add green tea in hot water and boil.
Then allow it to cool and keep in refrigerator.
This cool liquid can be used as toner.

You can make ice cubes out of this liquid to use after a facial.

Application of green tea toner:Wash your face.
Soak a cotton ball in the green tea toner and rub on face and neck.

When you do facial, apply green tea ice cubes on your face.

This green tea toner can be used in all skin types. Other than a toner it have many other benefits as it tightens your pores, it gives a supple and soft skin. Make it a habit to use this natural toner everyday. And do not forget to try other homemade face packs which you can see in this site.

Hibiscus Hair Pack

Hibiscus Hair Pack

You have seen how to make hibiscus hair shampoo. But whenever you think to use hibiscus shampoo, fresh hibiscus leaves should be available and you need time to get the leaves and prepare it. So the hibiscus hair pack is the remedy for all these hustles. Whenever you want you can apply the hibiscus hair pack.

How to prepare hibiscus hair pack
As a first step to make hibiscus hair pack collect the leaves of hibiscus as much you can. Keep the leaves on the sun for one or two days. When it is completely dry put it in mixer-grinder and powder it. This powder you can use it whenever you want to prepare hibiscus hair pack. One thing I have to mention that the hibiscus flower powder is available in the market to add to the hibiscus hair pack.

At the time of using, take 1/2 cup of hibiscus leaf powder. Mix with 5tsp. of amla powder and 2tsp. of shikakai powder. Then add water and mix well to get a paste. This is the hibiscus hair pack. This herbal pack will work as a shampoo and a super conditioner. It will give extra shine and make hair color too dark. If you apply this hibiscus hair pack at least once in a week you can avoid the formation of dandruff and reduce hair loss. Eventually this pack will help hair growth.

(see other products with hibiscus)

How to apply hibiscus hair pack
Before applying pack apply your favorite oil on hair. If your hair is too dry apply generously. Massage the scalp. Then apply the hibiscus hair pack all over hair. You know how to apply. Apply from the roots to tips, strands by strands. After applying on each strand twist it and make it like a bun. Similarly add all strands upon this made bun. Wait for 15-20 min. Then rinse hair wash it off all the pack. One more thing if you want to use henna powder you can add that also. It will give a reddish tint to hair. But consider hibiscus powder as main ingredient for this hibiscus hair pack. Do not make the paste and try to keep it in fridge. Use it instantly when you make the paste. I am sure you will enjoy this hibiscus hair pack well.