Homemade Hair Masks

Homemade Hair Masks/packs

Here are hair masks for oily hair or dry hair and for all type of hair. if you have dry hair and if you try oil on hair, sometimes it may not give the desired result. At that time a suitable homemade hair mask/pack will come to your rescue. It will give a long lasting visible result. When explaining these homemade hair masks I mentioned the type of hair. Home made hair treatment for hair protection.

How to prepare homemade hair mask/hair pack

Homemade hair mask/pack: Egg
Here is a hair mask using egg. This can be used for dry hair as well as normal hair. As it is not containing any oil it can be used in oily hair also.

you need-
yolk of an egg
1/2 cup milk

Mix these well. Apply a little oil on hair(for dry hair) and apply this homemade hair mask on entire hair. Massage the head for 10 min. Leave it like that for 10 min. and rinse it well in normal water. Then use shampoo.

Homemade hair masks: Oatmeal
This hair pack can be used in all type of hair. For extreme oily hair use any thin oil instead of almond oil. Use in small quantity. As this hair mask contains oats that will nourishe the scalp skin.

you need-
oats 1/2 cup or more.
almond oil 1 or 2 tbsp.
fresh milk 1/4 cup or more.

Mix all the ingredients well. Comb your hair and take out all the knots if you have. Make sure hair is not wet. Apply the homemade hair mask/pack and leave it for 15 - 20 min. Then rinse in water and shampoo well.

Homemade hair mask: Multani mitti
This hair mask is for oily hair. The mitti(earth) can control the excess oil on hair.

multani mittiyou need-
multani mitti (fuller’s earth) 1/2 cup
apple cider vinegar 3 tbsp.

Mix the above ingredients using water if nedded and apply on wet hair. Leave it for about ten to fifteen min. It is suitable for oily hair.

Homemade hair pack: Parsley

This hair mask is suitable for all type of hair. Prepare a juice of parsley. Mix 1/2 cup parsley, 3 tbsp. olive oil. Apply this on scalp and hair. Massage the scalp for 15 min. After 20 min. rinse it off.

The above homemade hair masks can be used weekly for best results. As it safe you can try it more than one and see the result. Then choose a suitable homemade hair masks and get the desired result.

Natural Homemade Acne Pack

Acne Homemade Pack for Acne/Pimples
sandalwood powder
Here you can try natural acne pack. You can do it at home. As it is natural there is no side effects. You can make acne mask/pack at home.

Not only for teens, sometimes acne/pimple causes problems for all ages. The causes of acne may vary. For some reasons the store bought products may not give full satisfaction. Or it may leave scars or make skin dry etc.

Acne homemade pack/mask with Sandal oil and Rose water.

All you need is 2 tsp clay (kaolin), 1 tsp sandal wood oil and rose water. Mix everything and make it a paste. Clean/wash your face and apply it on face in the morning. Leave like that for 25 min or so. Wash off with cool water. Repeat it for few days till the acne disappears.

Keeping a proper diet also is necessary. Make a fresh juice of fresh lime and warm water. Have it every morning without fail. Drinking black tea with honey is good for controlling acne. If constipated eat papaya and figs . Use skimmed milk, green vegetables and fruits.

Don't use butter, ghee, spices and chillies. Better to avoid mangoes, banana, eggs in excess . Avoid oily foods. And finally you know avoiding chocolates and sweets will help you a lot.
This natural homemade acne pack may help you removing acne.

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Natural homemade tip for blackheads

Dried fenugreek seedImage via Wikipedia

Natural home-made remedy for blackheads on face

Applying a paste of Fenugreek powder at night is very good to avoid blackheads. Keep it for 15 min. and wash it off. Repeat it for few weeks.

Add a tsp. lemon juice to 1 tsp. of ground nut oil. Apply this on face and nose.

Spread a little fresh lemon juice to boiled and cooled milk. Apply this on face everyday as a cleanser. This will prevent the formation of blackheads.

Add lemon juice to the powder of pomegranate skin to make a paste. Apply this on face.

Mash potato and dab into the face. It is good to avoid blemishes, boils, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads etc.

Add water to the powder of radish seeds and apply on face

Add rose water in oatmeal and make a paste. Rub this on face and nose as scrub.
These natural homemade tip for blackheads found very effective with consistency.

Hibiscus Shampoo

Fleur d'hibiscusImage via Wikipedia
No need to spent money for shampoo

Believe me, there is no need to spent for a shampoo. Do you have a hibiscus plant in your courtyard? Then you can save money. Just like every others I also tried so many brands of shampoos. Nothing seems suitable for my hair type. Some shampoos makes my hair too dry. The conditioner makes my hair too stiff. Conditioner gives a thick sticky and stiff coating over the hair which I don't like. Herbal shampoo also I am not satisfied with.

Because of all these matters I finally decided to keep away from shampoos and conditioners. If I want to wash my hair I use shampoo just like a soap liquid. Then I deeply put oil and get moisturized. But still my hair look not very healthy. Just like every others because of busy schedule I did not bother about this.

Few weeks back one of my client called and asked for any shampoo that she can use. She won't use any shampoo and prefer some natural homemade shampoo. I prescribed to use hibiscus leaves as shampoo. Let me tell you the next day morning she called me again to say thanks. She used the hibiscus shampoo and the result was amazing.

How to prepare hibiscus shampoo
So I thought this time let me start using hibiscus shampoo. I prepared just a simple shampoo with hibiscus leaves. I took 10 leaves of hibiscus and one hibiscus flower. Then I made a loose paste by adding a little water. You know it will be a green sticky liquid.

How to use hibiscus shampoo
Apply a little oil before bathing is fine. After wetting hair apply hibiscus shampoo. If you have dry hair certainly apply some oil. Otherwise it may make it more dry latter. Do smart rubbing on scalp and hair with this shampoo. Do this for five min. Then rinse
hair normally. Here you can see and feel the difference. I really felt ashamed for running after store bought shampoos. Use this hibiscus shampoo at least once in a week.