Haircare for damaged hair

Hair becomes damaged due to various reasons. May be because of careless haircare. Sometimes due to excessive hair coloring. Or chlorine content on the pool may be the culprit. If your hair was dry for a long time hair becomes damaged. For any reasons you should give proper haircare.

Today we are discussing about homemade haircare for damaged hair. A damaged hair as a first stage goes dry. So first priority is to cure the dry hair. At home you can do a hot oil treatment. It is a good haircare method for dryness. Those who are not used to oiling can try it now. It makes your hair shiny, conditioned and live if used properly. Select a suitable oil, either olive oil, coconut oil or any other light cooking oil for that matter. If you are using it first, use it mildly on the first try. Sometimes you may not like the sticky nature of oil. Then use refined coconut oil. But unrefined is nutritious for hair. Olive oil oil is thicker but it is a good choice. So consider doing hot oil treatment at home weekly once for a proper haircare.

After applying oil wait for 15 min. Doing a light massage on scalp is good. Do not scratch, use the tip of fingers. Now it is the time to go for the haircare pack for the damaged hair. Here we are using a Orange Cucumber pack. Take an orange and cut half of it. No need to remove the outer skin. We need one small cucumber also. Cut the cucumber into small pieces. Put these two ingredients in a mixer and blend it well and make it a paste. Now add one egg white into it and mix well. If you want to avoid egg, is fine. And put 3tsp. of green gram flour and mix together. Yes the haircare pack for damaged hair is ready.

Now it is about 15-20 min. since you applied hot oil. Here you can apply this haircare pack on scalp and hair. Spread it throughout the entire hair. If you have more hair, you should have taken more quantity ingredients. Wrap your hair with a hot towel. Wait for another 15 min. Wash hair in normal water. Rinse well. See whether your hair feel sticky due to oil, no it may not be, because we used green gram flour. It will wash off excess oil. Or if you feel comfortable to use shampoo then use mild shampoo.

If your hair is severely damaged then try this haircare pack daily for one week and latter once in a week minimum. During this time do not use any hard shampoo. Avoid exposing hair to sever sun light. If you are going out use umbrella. Do avoid swimming in pools and sea. Also avoid highly acidic food. At this haircare period avoid hot ironing and hair drier. Do not try to color hair or do highlights. Avoid all sort of chemical applications. This special haircare pack is highly recommendable and it avoid splitends also.

All Natural Skin Care Recipes

All Natural Skin Care Recipes - for a beautiful skin

In this post I am talking about carrot facial mask which is an all natural skin care recipe. Carrot is mentioned in my other posts for dry skin, as facial and it is very good for combination skin. Here the recipe is slightly different and it is for overall skin beautification.

All natural skin care recipes-Ingredients:
1 carrot grated
5tsp. fresh milk
1tsp. fresh lemon juice

Take one juicy carrot. Grate the carrot well. Do not make a paste. Take the grated carrot in a small bowl. Add 5tsp. of fresh milk. Mix well with a spoon. Add 1tsp. of fresh lemon juice and mix well. After washing your face apply this as a pack on face. Keep it for 25 min. and then wash it off. You can see the glow on your face immediately. Repeating apply this will gives a very good result and it will increase the complexion and beauty of your facial skin. I hope you may try this all natural skin care recipes and add your comments below. Thank you and good luck.

How to remove spots on face

Marks or spot on the face- at home remedies

Wrinkles or dark spots around eyes

Boil tea-leaves and stain, foment the area below eyes with this warm decoction.

A light massage by applying almond oil on the skin at night is beneficial. Massage should always be with outward strokes towards temples.

Wrap oat flour and dust sandalwood in a napkin.soak it in unheated milk or rose water and rub on the face.

Smallpox spots:

Soybean paste fills the deep spots. apply soybean paste on face. Let it dry for 15 min, wash it with lukewarm water.

White spots or marks: Imbalance of melanin in the body results in appearance of white spots.

Facial for open pores

How to do a facial for open pores

If you have large pores open, it can be treated here. Utilize the steps here.

1. Wipe the face with cleansing milk.

2. Use any astringent and tone the face.

3. Steam the face

4. Take a napkin, put ice cubes and add astringent and do circular movements till the face turns red, showing circulation of blood.

5. Then finally apply a face pack
(Mix white of an egg, fullers earth and astringent)

Homemade Pack for Crows Feet

Homemade treatments/remedy for crows feet

The wrinkle forming at the outside corner of eyes are called crows feet. The reasons for crows feet may vary. But for many it gives worry. Here is a homemade pack for crows feet. It is said crows feet is caused by age, tension and worries. It can also be caused by dry skin on that area. If you can give care for dry skin and dead cells, it can reduce the appearance or remove crows feet.

Homemade face pack for crows feet
Cucumber or potato can be used to reduce crows feet. Before using this pack, just clean your face and wipe using a tissue. Mix honey and glycerin in equal quantity. Apply this mix on the lower side and at the outer corner of eyes. Wait for five minutes. Grate cucumber or potato (not paste). By closing your eyes put the grated cucumber over the eyes, around the eyes and the outer corner. Keep it like this for 30 min. Then wash with cold water. Apply this homemade pack for crows feet daily evening for at least one month.

Natural Homemade Tips to Dandruff

How to treat dandruff at home/Home made tips

Some homemade tips dandruff

homemade tips dandruff #1
Mix water and vinegar in 3:1 ratio and wash your hair and scalp with it. Then rinse head with water or take bath. Repeat it once in a week for at least three months.

homemade tips dandruff#2
While you do oil massage use almond oil. Wrap your head with a hot towel. Leave it like that for 30 min. Then wash it off. Repeat it for few days.

homemade tips dandruff#3
Mix two tsp. of vinegar and one tsp. of lemon juice. Use this to massage on the scalp. Wait for 20 min. Then rinse it off. Use mild shampoo if needed.

Use any of this homemade tips to dandruff.

Hair Care II

Hair Care Topics details(part II)

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skin Care II

skin Care Topics details: (part II)

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Natural homemade dry hair care tip

Natural remedy for dry hair at home

Home made remedy for dry hair with White Oak Bark
Boil 2 tbsp. of white oak bark in 1 cup of water in a low flame for 25 min. Using a sieve stain the liquid and add 2 tbsp. of castile soap. Mix well and add 3 tbsp. of any herbal soap, 1 tsp. of honey, and 1 beaten egg. Use it while bathing, apply on scalp and hair, leave it for 20 min. Then rinse it off.

Home-made shampoo for dry hair with chamomile
Take 5 tbsp. chamomile flowers and add 4 cups of boiling water. Put a lid and keep it for half an hour. Stain the liquid and add castile soap flakes.
Shake the bottle and use this as shampoo. Using this continuously will eradicate the dryness of your hair.

At home dry hair care tip with mayonnaise
If your hair is extremely dry and damaged and if you like mayonnaise, apply mayonnaise on your hair and cover head with a shower cap. After 20 min. rinse well. Use mild shampoo if needed.

Hot oil treatment recipe at home
Apply warm olive oil or coconut oil all over your hair. Massage scalp for 15 min. Cover the head with a hot towel and sit for 20 min. Then take a bath and use shampoo if needed.

Natural herbal treatment for dry hair with Aloe Vera
Apply aloe vera gel on scalp and hair. Massage the scalp for 20 min. This will moisturize hair and make hair shiny. Repeat it twice or more in a week.

Natural homemade dry hair tip - Avocado
Agitate avocado and ripe banana in a food processor. Add water if needed. Apply it and after 20 min. rinse it off.

Homemade Face Pack for Oily Skin

Homemade Face Pack for Oily and Combination Skin

Natural home made Face Packs for oily skin

Yeast Face Pack. Mix 1 tsp of yeast, 1tsp of sugar and a little warm milk. Cover this and keep.When it ferments apply as pack.

Egg and Lemon Face Pack. For a shallow greasy skin. Beat 1 egg white and add 20 drops of lime juice. Leave it on face for 15 min and wash off.

Milk Cream Face Pack. Mix 1 tsp of fresh cream of warm milk and add a pinch of haldi and besan accordingly. This can be applied to all type of skin.

Pith and Milk Face Pack. Mix pith powder with warm milk or water. Apply on face and leave for 1 hour and wash off.

Egg White Face Pack. Beat an egg white till it froths then apply on face and let it dry and then wash it off.

Egg face pack.
Separate the yolk and white of an egg. Beat the yolk and apply on the face. When half dry apply beaten egg white. Leave it fully dry and then wash with warm water. This cleans and closes the pores and remove wrinkles.

Homemade Face Packs for Combination Skin

Carrot Honey Face Pack. Mix 1tsp of honey, 1 tsp of carrot juice and 10 drops of lime juice. Mix well and add 1tsp of besan. Make it into a paste and apply it on face. Leave it for 20 min and then wash it off.

Multani Mitti Face Pack. Mix 1 tsp of multani mitti(Fuller's earth) with rose water to make a paste. Apply and keep it for 20 min then wash it off.

Sandal Face Pack. Mix 1 tsp of sandal wood power with rose water and make a paste. Apply it and leave for about 20 min.

Natural Facial Pack

Natural Facial Pack at home

If you don't have time to visit a beauty parlor, definitely you can make a natural facial pack at home easily. There are several facials you can make depending upon what you have in your kitchen. Here I am giving you a carrot facial pack.

First of all do a cleansing with raw milk. For this take 2tsp. raw milk and add 2 drops of fresh lime juice. Dip a cotton on this and wipe face and clean well. Then dip your fingers on this milk and using that give a facial massage.

Secondly, take one or two carrot and grate it. Add 1/2 tsp. of powdered sugar and mix it in mixer/grinder. Using this mix do a light massage on face in a circular motion. After that apply this pack on face. Leave it for 20 min.

This will give a thorough clean up and facial to you. This natural facial pack makes your skin glowing all the day.

Homemade Astringent Lotion

How to make an astringent lotion at home.

Yes you can buy astringent lotion from drugstore. What you feel? Sometimes it may cause dryness? Or some other gives irritating rashes? How about to try a homemade astringent lotion. This you can prepare at home. The preparation below shows you how to make and keep it for future use.

Natural recipe for homemade astringent.

Al you need is - these ingredients:
2tsp of honey
2tsp ground coriander seeds
2tsp nutmeg (jaiphul)
1tsp cloves
4tsp orange peels
8tsp alcohol
4tsp rose water
4 tsp orange flower juice
1/2 tsp storax

Put all ingredients in a large bottle and cover it with lid. Shake it thereafter for a week. Just shake the bottle twice a day. Keep it closed always. After a week filter it into another bottle and keep in fridge. The astringent lotion is ready.You can take necessary quantity each time you want to use.

OIly Skin

Oily Skin Controlstrawberry

If you found that you have got oily skin, here are tips for you.
You observed that your face is shiny and oily. Oily skin can produce whiteheads and black heads if not taken care of. Sometimes there is a possibility of acne due to oily skin.

Always give special care to your oily skin. Your oil glands produce more oil that is why you got oily skin. So all you have to do is try to reduce oil production. Keep the pores always clean.

How to care for oily skin
How to control oil production

Do the following cleansing facial once a week to avoid oily skin conditions.

Cleanse face with foam cleanser. Foam cleanser is very suitable for oily skin. Apply it on face and using cotton boll give a circular motion. You can see dirt coming out.

Do steaming on your face. This will open all pores thus we can clean the dirt and stubborn oils from an oily skin. (But take care, after doing this and going in the sun will adversely affect your skin. In this case when you go out, use any sun protection and moisturizer.) Now it is easy to remove blackheads and whiteheads using blackhead remover.

Finally apply any clay based mask. Clay will absorb excess oil from your oily skin. Or apply the natural mask shown below:

Strawberry cleansing face mask for oily skinstrawberry facial mask
Strawberry is a natural astringent and it is suitable for oily skin.

Put 1/2 cup strawberry, 1 egg white, 1 tsp. honey and 1/2 tsp. lemon juice in a blender and mix everything to get a thick paste. Apply this on your face. Leave it for 15 min. and wash it off.

After 10 min. wash the whole face with cold water.

Tip: Even if you have oily skin, you can use oil free moisturizer.

Skin Care I

Skin Care Topics detail (part I)

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Hair Care I

Hair Care Topics details (part I)

See here several hair care topics. Choose your favorite hair care tip. Hair care explained here is natural. Some hair care tips can be homemade.

Hair care with hot oil treatment. Hair care using oil on hair. For this type of hair care you can use olive oil or coconut oil or any edible oil for that matter. This will act as a moisturizer. It will give extra shine and make hair softer naturally. Read here the way to use oil at home.
Hair Care - Hot oil Hair Treatment

Hair care by controlling dandruff. If you have dandruff, hair care can be difficult. Yes you can control dandruff using herbs. Here you can get proper idea on how to control dandruff using natural products.
Hair care Remedy for Dandruff

Hair care by using natural shampoo. You can make it at your home. Get idea how to make herbal shampoo. It is totally herbal and natural.
Hair Care Shampoo

Hair care by applying natural Henna powder.
It can be used as a hair conditioner. Moreover it gives a little reddish tint to hair. Henna application twice in a month can help hair growth. Hair becomes healthy and shiny.
Hair Care Henna

Hair care by controlling hairloss. Your hair may be loosing because of some general conditions. Here the natural home-made herbal remedies comes to your help.Here are a few free herbal natural tips for hairloss, out of which you can any of these tips based on your convenience or availability of ingredients.
Hair Care Hairloss

Hair care for a better hair growth.
Hair growth is a main concern nowadays. If your hair is healthy, it grows in a normal rate of 1/2 to 1 inch per month. But if you do not care about your hair and treating it very bad then growth becomes slow. Those who want to get good hair growth, just give a daily attention to hair. If you can achieve hair growth by using natural and homemade hair growth tips will be great? Get the technique here..
Hair Care Growth Tips

Hair coloring and hair care.Like Henna (lawsonia inermis) Indigo (indigofera tinctoria) is also a herb. By mixing the two you can get different colors in your hair.
Dyeing hair with henna and indigo

Hair care by applying hair mask. A natural hair mask or hair pack can be made at home. Easily you can make hair healthy, shiny and soft. Here are the way...
Hair Care Mask

Hair care for oily hair . Mix 1/2 tsp. aloe vera gel and 1 tbsp. lemon juice. Mix this well and add to your regular shampoo. Apply on your hair and leave it for 10 min. Then rinse well . Yes here are lot of remedy for oil hair control, read it..
Hair Care for oily hair

Hair care for dry hair. Boil 2 tbsp. of white oak bark in 1 cup of water in a low flame for 25 min. Using a sieve strain the liquid and add 2 tbsp. of castile soap. Mix well and add 3 tbsp. of any herbal soap, 1 tsp. of honey, and 1 beaten egg. Use it while bathing, apply on scalp and hair, leave it for 20 min. Then rinse it off.
Hair Care for dry hair

Hair care by applying moisturizer. When your hair looses its capacity to retain moisture content then you need a moisturizer. By applying this natural moisturizer you can get back the shine and beauty of your hair.
Hair Care Moisturizer

Hair care by controlling splitends. If you already have split hair do a slight trim. Do the following homemade tips to avoid further splits. Remember to keep hair healthy and treat it with great care.
Hair Splitends Care

Hair care to get soft hair. Add dried rosemary leaves to olive oil in equal amounts. Keep it for some time. Apply this on hair and scalp and massage well. Put a shower cap and keep for 30 min. want more..
Hair Care for soft and shiny hair

Hair care for itchy scalp. Rub the scalp vigorously after washing the hair. It increases the blood circulation, and activates the sebaceous glands. A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is good to drink to induce hair growth. The juice of alfalfa mixed with that of carrot, and lettuce juice is also good to take. Still a lot of stuff, continue reading..
Cure for itchy scalp

Hair care with Fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek is a wonderful plant that can be utilized to help hairloss.Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a plant in the family Fabaceae. It is knowns Methi or Mithi in Hindi language. This also an add on spice to Indian cooking. This has got medicinal values when eaten in small quantity. Studies proved that it can reduce the glucose level of diabetics.
Hare care with Fenugreek

Hair Treatment for hairloss. Here we discuss about at home hair treatment for hairloss. If you suffer from hairloss, definitely you require a hair treatment. In the market there are so many types of hair treatments products are available. But here we focus on homemade hair treatment.
Hair Treatment

Hair care using Curry Leaves. Hairloss can be cured using leaves of Curry Tree. This leaf is used to add flavor to the various preparations in Indian kitchen. This will be available in all Indian vegetable shops or in supermarkets.
Hairloss treatment

Hair care with Neem leaves. A very thick and lengthy hair is a wonderful thought that fantasize everyone of us, no doubt. Recently every women around the globe are worried about getting a healthy hair growth. But hair with a lot of dandruff will not help you to get hair growth properly. There are a lot of herbs in India that help to cure dandruff.The leaves of 'Neem Tree' is a well known remedy for dandruff.
Dandruff cure with Neem

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Different Skin Types

What are the different skin types?
How to recognize it? How to care different skin types?

Beautiful skin is something most of us are born with. Think about the healthy bloom of a child's complexion. Skin is at its best perfectly balanced and smooth state. But once passed childhood all skins need a little help. The process of aging begins by the time we reach our teens.

The skin is of three types- oily, normal, dry and combination skin. Rarely are we lucky enough to have an ideal skin . Today it is possible to save our skin with so many preparations available in the market or made at home. Like any living thing the skin responds to loving care.

The first intelligent step towards acquiring and maintaining a good clear and perfect skin is to be healthy. Always remember in life, health and beauty go hand in hand. You must recognize the skin you have so that you will be able to take care of the skin accordingly. Remember that every last speck of make up should be removed from your face every night either with cleansing milk or baby lotion and then apply cold water . In the morning clean your face thoroughly. Always keep your hands and finger nails clean and avoid touching the face it harms the face.

Below are mentioned the various types of skin, how to recognize them and how to take care of them.There are four types of skin- dry, oily, normal and combination skin

Normal skin how to recognize it.
This type of skin feel soft,smooth and slightly dewy.
In a magnifying mirror the skin appears smooth and not visible enlarged pores.
The skin shows a pink glow due to good blood circulation.
The surface is clear with no blackheads or pimples.
The skin is fine and it is almost invisible.

How to care normal skin.
Wash your face once a day in the morning with mild soap.
At night remove make up by using 2 coats of cleansing milk and then put skin tonic to keep the skin pores normal.
After the age of 24 if you have wrinkles apply a nourishing or anti wrinkle cream or almond oil around the eyes and throat.
Protect the skin against tanning by using a thin layer of liquid mediation if you go out a lot in the sun.
One of the common ways of making a normal skin dry is by washing the face with soap often during the day, so avoid it.
If you are using besan(chickpeas) instead of soap add a little warm milk to it and apply on face for 10 min and then wash it.

Dry skin- how to recognize it
There are feelings of tightness and lack of elasticity.
The skin looks chaffed and face powder flakes.
There are tiny lines like appearance on the skin and tiny lines may show.
The skin feels tight after a soap and water wash.
Perspiration is scanty.

How to care a dry skin
Do not use soap at all, as the soap removes the little natural oil that the dry skin has.
At night use cold cream on the skin and in the morning splash cold water on the face to feel fresh.
After cleaning the face with cleansing milk at night massage cold cream or nourishing cream and leave it overnight. Tissue off the excess oil gently after an hour to avoid spoiling of bedding.
Take vitamin tablets and eat citrus fruits,like orange papaya fruit etc. Eat butter milk
If the skin is wet during the day apply a thin layer of cold cream leave it for whole day

Oily skin- how to recognize it
The pores are enlarged especially around the nose.
There are occasional skin blemishes.
The skin perspires freely.
The skin has morning shine due to oil accumulation during sleep.
Shine appears often during the day as skin oil comes out through make up. The skin feels dirty and sticky.
Pimples,blackheads,whiteheads and acnes are common features of an oily skin.

How to care an oily skin

Clean the skin 3 to 4 times a day with cleansing milk and then wash it with besan and lime mixed with a little water or multani mitti(fullers earth). This will soften and smoothen the skin and it will reduce the superfluous hair on the skin. Besan(chickpeas) and lime bleaches the face.
Steam the face twice a week with a little soda bicarbonate in water. After steaming pat astringent to tighten the pores.

The best way to reduce oiliness is to wash the face with warm water to remove grease and dirt and then splash cold water to close the pores.
If you do not have any pimples, the very good way of removing oil is lather a medicated soap on the face with a man's shaving brush. This remove grease and dirt from within the pores and extra friction on this stimulates blood circulation.
Disinfect your puff by soaking it in a solution of half cup of water to which 1 tsp.of detol or Listerine is added and leave it on for 10 min and then brush the dirt with a tooth brush and leave it in the sun to dry . Do this 3 times a month or else the puff will become a breading ground for bacteria causing pimples.
if having blemished skin do not use soap at all. Soap is harmful for the skin. It is better to use face packs instead of soap.

Combination skin- how to recognize it
The center part of the face (forehead, nose and chin) show shine, enlarged pores and sometimes blemishes. These areas are usually oily. The rest of the face is dry and may show tiny lines and wrinkles.

How to care combination skin
Treat the oily areas as you would treat on an oily skin and dry areas as you would do on a dry skin. In case most of the skin is oily then use face packs which are used for an oily skin. Do the same with dry skin.

Hair care-discussion2

Hair care - part II.

Is conditioning important? Hair is a marvelous natural fiber, we wash it, apply heat and chemical and generally abuse it. Imagine doing all these to the most expensive outfit and pulling it thorough the most vigorous treatment everyday- years in and years out , of course, you would not do so. Why your hair does not deserve the same delicate care to that expensive dress of yours ? Well it does, that is why correct shampooing and conditioning are important. After all you replace a dress but hair cannot be bought.

Anyone would get confused with the varieties of shampoo and conditioner are available now in this market- which one to choose? So best is to go to a proper beauty parlour and ask your hair dresser who may stock a special range of products which is sold in the salon and you will be given an advise on what to use, when and how to use or else get into a shop and pick it up from shelf but preferably a known brand. 

Shampoo. A modern shampoo is a good cleanser designed to remove every day dirt and grease with out stripping the hair off its precious natural moisture content. Choose mild shampoo that suit your hair. Shampoo mixed with one part of water should be used . Greasy hair should be kept clean otherwise it looks flat soon and looses its bounce. Greasy hair also tends to attract dirt. Whether your hair is normal, dry or oily, keep it clean,shampoo it at least twice a week. A dirty greasy scalp is perfect ground for bacteria, it increases the risk of infection as well as making your hair smell extremely unpleasant.

Choosing the right shampoo is a matter of trial, it is very good to change shampoo often. Always buy a small bottle if you do not like it you have not wasted much money. Colour, perfume and shampoo bottle have nothing to do with the quality of the product inside.

Egg shampoo this is good for falling hair , for oily dirty hair and even for a dirty face. Separate the yolks of 2 to 3 eggs from the whites, add a tsp of the white not very stiff then combine the white and yolks, rinse the hair lightly, massage the egg shampoo into the scalp with your finger tips. Leave for 5 to 10 min rinse with luke warm water and redo with any other shampoo. This is the best home made shampoo for hair and face.

Treatment for dandruff

1.selerian solution is good for dandruff.

2 cetavio non medicated shampoo. wash your hair thrice a week and then once a week.

3 loxene shampoo is good for dandruff'

4 mix 2tsp of coconut oil mixed with 1 tsp of lime juice massage into the scalp, leave it on for half hour and then shampoo.

5 cut lime into half dip into salt massage in the scalp leave for half an hour and then shampoo

6 massage 3 days old curds into the scalp leave for 1/2 hour and then shampoo it. do not keep the curds in the fridge.

7 powder 20 to 30 black pepper seeds with 1 ounce of milk and half lemon juice.massage into the scalp leave for 1/2 hour then wash off.(if you have sensitive skin do not use this)


Grate 1/2 coconut, mix 1/4 glass of water. Squeze and remove thick coconut milk add juice of 1 lemon. Massage into the scalp leave it on for 15 min and then wash off.

Steam some amla powder wrapped in a banana leaf and when cool massage into the scalp and leave it for 1/2 an hour and then shampoo it .

Scrape a rotten coconut and massage it into the hair keep it over night and then shampoo the next morning.

Wash hair with 10 gram of shikakai, arrowroot and amla powder. Mix all and boil them in one glass of water wash hair once a week with this water.

Rub any warm oil at the end of the hair and leave overnight.

Trim the hair once in 3 weeks or once in a month to prevent hair from splitting. Do not separate splits as it harms hair.

Hair growth.

To help hair grow rub egg white into the scalp and rinse with cold water.

For hair growth and getting rid of dandruff massage scalp with brandy leave for 1/2 hour and then shampoo.

For hair growth take a raw egg apply it and leave for 1/2 hour and then wash it off with shampoo. To prevent early greying of hair take a cup of strong black tea dilute it with a tsp of salt and apply on the roots,,, tea colours hair.

Lemon for your hair. Lemon has flourished as a beautifier 1000 years ago, everyone knows that to lighten hair naturally use a little lemon juice before you go out in the sun. Did you know that by adding a few drops of lemon juice to the shampoo will make hair shine. 

Hair Care Tips-discussion

Hair care - a discussion. Part I

We should know a few facts about hair to help us to take care of our hair and understand what treatment we should give to different kinds of hair. The shaft of hair which we see has no blood vessels or nerves.It simply sits there waiting to be fed. It is fed from beneath from a sort of a little sack called folicle and down inside of this the recipient begins to grow nurtured by the some source of nourishment that keeps your skin and finger nails strong. The growth and condition of the hair is also affected by the sebaceous glands under the scalp they decide weather your hair will be dry, oily or normal and the condition of your scalp and opening of the pores will make good or poor growing conditions for a fine crop of hair. Under normal condition your hair should grow at a rate between 0 - 1 inch each month. A hair stand is porous and can absorb and hold colourings and conditioners. The visible hair is built like a singled roof with overlapping section of cells. But these scale like cells have marvelous protection power. Hair can be subjected to many external influences such as permanent waving, setting extreme heat and cold dying and tinting lotion so it needs assistance to retain the status.

The routine for proper hair care

The ritual of washing hair was probably the first beauty routine you learnt but it is worth checking if you are getting the most out of it. The modern rule is to wash often , wash lightly , use shampoo sparingly in their way enough. Is your ways useful for it, they protect scalp from infection, here are the steps to a perfect wash.

1 brush hair gently to remove dead hair and particles of skin which sling to hair and scalp.

2 massage scalp with fingers gently. this helps to loosen more dead particles.

3 deep conditioning treatment helps.

4 wet hair very thoroughly with lots of water, work in small quantity of shampoo into a mild froth. rinse hair with warm water, if necessary apply shampoo again.
5 rinse hair thoroughly until very clean with warm water this may take 3-4 rinses, let the final rinse be of cold water and close the pores on the scalp. you can use a hair conditioner after this.

6 mop hair with soft towel, do not rub apply blot dry.

7 never brush hair when wet

Brushing and massaging
Daily brushing stimulates circulation and gives new body and fullness to the hair. Brushing before a shampoo is essential and the first step to a cleansing routine .Always keep your brush spotting clean otherwise you will brush dirt into your hand. A quick dip of the brush in warm soapy water rinse and dry upside down. Then brush your hair every time you brush your hair, you will lose some hair, its quite normal so do not get upset. Start with the brush at the scalp of the neck and close to the scalp and make long lifting strokes away from the head. If the hair is thick divide into section and work your way piece by piece, massaging helps to improve blood circulation do it before a shampoo and whenever you can spend a few minutes, start it from the back of head with finger rotating slowly and gently work the fingers in circulation movements, this is very relaxing for your muscles.

Careless shampooing can be harmful either wrongly used or wrong shampoo used for your hair. Wet the hair thoroughly with warm water use two teaspoon of shampoo and rub into hair with your finger tips. The hairline can be cleaned with a soft nail brush. If your hair too dirty you can use shampoo twice.


This has not been properly just as well not have been washed at all rinsing is very essential after every particle of shampoo rinsing 3to4 times after every particle of soap any soap remains it will leave the hair enough to attract dirt immediately. daily rinse with two teaspoon of lemon juice in last rinse of water give smooth and grow.


Regular conditioning is a protection for hair. It is essential for hair that shows ages of dullness and breakage. The purpose of conditioning is to restore hair to its natural condition to make hair manageable, prevent breakage and reduce split ends. To smooth out rough hair you can condition hair with lemon.There are two types of conditioners, (1) deep instant conditioner is enriched liquid that is combined through freshly washed hair, it softens and adds bounce. Some have to be lightly rinsed away, others stay on and serve as a setting lotion.

Deep conditioning have products of home treatment, rich in cream and oils. They are massaged into the hair and left on from 10 to 30 min in order to allow the rich ingredient to penetrate the hair shaft. They are extremely valuable for dry hair and hair that has been damaged they are sometimes applied before or after. If hair is in a very bad condition, a weekly deep conditioning is recommended until there is an obvious improvement. Usually a treatment every three weeks is adequate to preserve and maintain it, conditioning treatment can be made from house hold items as follows:

Hot oil treatment, warm 2 tsp of olive oil and gently massage into every part of the scalp for 10 -15 min. Then apply orange juice and egg white for 5 to 10 min then rinse out. Then shampoo hair. It is good for brittle hair.

Castor oil treatment, warm half tea spoon of castor oil, mix with 1 tea spoon of almond oil. Massage into the scalp and gently comb it through hair , wind a steaming hot towel on the head, wait for 30 min before shampooing good for scandy hair.

Olive oil and honey treatment, stir together 3 tea spoon of green olive oil with half cup of liquid honey. Shake well massage into scalp and comb it through not letting the teeth scape the scalp as honey softens the scalp after massaging. Cover the hair with plastic bag make it air tight to let the heat penetrate, leave it on for 20 min, then shampoo and rinse thoroughly. This will make dark hair shining and lustrous.

Protein treatment, beat two eggs, orange juice and 3 tea spoon green gram. Mix well apply the scalp. Keep for 15 min and rinse well. This is good for all type of hair.

Bald dressing treatment. 1 egg, 1 tsp oil. Beat together, massage into the scalp, leave for 15 min. Shampoo and then rinse, it helps to moisturise the scalp and provide to lubricate dry hair.

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Natural homemade tips for whiteheads

How to remove whiteheads on face

Pomegranate skin powder and fresh lemon juice. Mix 1 tsp. of Pomegranate and 1 tsp. of lemon juice. Apply this paste on face. leave it foe 15 min. Try this for 3-5 days.

Grind fresh fenugreek leaves by adding water and make a paste. Apply this every night for 20 min.

Mix corn starch and vinegar. Apply this on whiteheads.

3 tsp raw milk add a little salt and 1 tsp lemon juice. Apply this on face.

Mix honey and almond powder and apply on whiteheads.

homemade remedy for spots and marks

Home made tips for spots / marks home remedies Tips

Rubb fresh aloe vera juice or gel.

Apply 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar with 1 tsp. to the spot.

Dab buttermilk on the marks.

Rub castor oil on the spots twice a day for a month.

6. Mash chick peas and make it a paste. Apply this and wait for it to get dry.

8.Using the ancient Chinese herb gotu kola. Mix 1/8 teaspoon of powdered herb into a cup of herbal tea or add it to plain hot water along with 1/8 teaspoon of ginseng and a pinch of cayenne. This remedy should clear the spots in a few days.

9. Mix one teaspoon grated horseradish root, 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon vinegar, and 3 drops rosemary essential oil. Dab onto your age spots with a cotton ball once or twice a day (less if you have sensitive skin); it will exfoliate the top layer of skin and your spot should lighten.

10.Some fresh lemon juice on the spots twice daily. If you are going outdoors, wait for the juice to dry as it increases the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. It may take a few months, but the acidity in the juice will cause the spots to fade away.

Fruits for beautiful skin

Natural homemade tips for great skin

Improve your skin color using carrot.
grated carrots
almond extract
Mix above ingredients well to get a loose paste. Then clean your face and apply the paste on your face. Give a massage in circular motion with your finger tips.
Leave it for 15 min. then wash it off.

Refreshing apple mask for normal skin.
Put apple pieces in a mixer and work it to get finely chopped. Add a little honey. Mix these well with teaspoon. If you like keep this in a fridge for 15 min. Then apply this on your clean face. Massage lightly. Leave it for 30 min. Clean face with mild cold water.

Blemish out with tomato
Mix one chopped tomato with 1 tsp. lemon juice. Then mix some oatmeal on it. Crush with a spoon to get mix well. Apply it on face and give a rub with finger tips. Leave it for 30 min. and rub it off with a tissue and then rinse face.

Avocado for hair and skin

How to use avocado on hair as a natural deep conditioner

Many of you may know that avocado is good natural deep conditioner. Avocado makes your hair soft and shiny.

Mix 1 avocado, 1 egg yolk(if you like only) and 1/2 tsp. olive or any veg. oil. Mash everything to a loose paste. Apply this paste on hair and leave it for 20 - 25 min. After that rinse it off. If you feel to shampoo, use some mild shampoo.

How to use avocado to get a soft skin
Clean the face with water. Mash a ripe avocado and using this paste give light massage on face. Give massage on circular motion always upwards. Leave it on face for 15 min. Then wash it off.

Natural Homemade Hair Care Tips

Natural hair care to make blonde hair more blonder
Here you get natural hair care tip to achieve blonder hair. Eventhough products are available in the market, it is a good idea to do with natural hair care methods.

How to achieve natural hair care with Chamomile tea
You need: 5 chamomile tea bags + 1/2 cup yogurt + lavender oil

How to prepare - Add tea bags to boiling water and keep it for 20 min. Add yogurt and lavender oil to it and mix well. Apply it on your hair and put a shower cap. Sit for about half an hour. Then shampoo well.

Natural hair care to darken gray hair with black tea and sage rinse

3 tablespoons black tea
3 tablespoons sage
1 teapot freshly boiled water

Put 3 tbsp. black tea and 3 tbsp. sage in three cup of boiled water. After 30 min. rinse your hair with this water repeatedly. Waiting for another 15 min., wash it off.

How to make your red hair darker with natural hair care techniques
Mix beetroot juice and carrot juice and apply on wet hair. Wrap your hair in a hot towel. Or apply hot air. This will make your hair more redder.
These natural hair care gives you the expected result with few tries.

Natural Homemade Astringent

How to make herbal astringent at home

The bark and leaves of witch hazel are astringent; the extract, also referred to as witch hazel, is used medicinally. Extracts from its bark and leaves are used in aftershave lotions and lotions for treating bruises and insect bites.

As it has got the astringent quality, it can be used as a toner. Combining witch hazel and cucumber will form a natural toner. Mash both and add a little rose water. Then add whipped egg white to it. Keep in a refrigerator. Strain it and use.

It can be used as face mask. Mix witch hazel with cucumber juice. Add a little lemon juice and a little alcohol. Agitate one egg white and add to it. Mix well and apply this mask on face and keep it for 20 min.

It can be used for sun burn. Mix half tsp of witch hazel, one tsp of honey. And slowly mix one beaten egg white. Mix well and apply on the affected area.

Basic hair care

Hair care part 1

We should know a few facts about hair to help us to take care of our hair and understand what treatment we should give to different kinds of hair.

The shaft of hair which we see has no blood vessels or nerves.It simply sits there waiting to be fed. It is fed from beneath from a sort of a little sack called follicle and down inside of this the recipient begins to grow nurtured by the same source of nourishment that keeps your skin and finger nails strong.

The growth and condition of the hair is also affected by the sebaceous glands under the scalp. They decide weather your hair will be dry, oily or normal. The condition of your scalp and opening of the pores will make good or poor growing conditions for a fine crop of hair.

Under normal condition your hair should grow at a rate between 0-1 inch each month. A hair strand is porous and can absorb and hold colorings and conditioners. The visible hair is built like a singled roof with overlapping section of cells. But these scale like cells have marvelous protection power. Hair can be subjected to many external influences such as permanent weaving, setting extreme heat and cold, dying and tinting lotion so it needs assistance to retain the status.

Infra ray treatment for acne

Infra ray treatment for acne

This facial is done with the help of infra red which kills bacterial infection and gives heat to the affected areas. It should not be used more than 3to 5 min. This facial should be done a month or depending on the problem of the skin. Infra red ray is good for all muscular pains and can be treated as well.

Cleansing milk should be applied before using the infra red ray as the ray is bad directly on the skin .
Cover eyes with the cold water pads.
The ray helps in opening the pores,sweat and dust comes out.
Wait for 5 min and then wipe it off with wet cotton.
Apply pack (yeast with warm water for farmentation, kaolin or rice powder if kaolin is not available.

Facial clean up

How to do facial cleanup?

Why a clean up?
If you do not have time to do a full facial, yes just a clean up will help you keep face fresh and good looking.

How to do a facial clean up.
Clean the face with a cleansing milk.

Make a paste of oatmeal, honey and cleansing milk.

Apply the paste all over the face and do massage in circular movements.

Then wipe it off.

Steam the face and close the pores by applying ice.

Finally apply pack. of fuller's earth, kaolin and rose water.

Natural homemade tips for under eye Dark Circles

Dark circles under eyes / Eye bags / Puffiness

Make a paste by mixing Fenugreek and milk and apply on dark area around eyes in the night. The next morning wash face. Dark circles around your eyes may gradually vanish.

Grate cold cucumber and apply that paste on dark circles. Repeat it for three mornings.

Applying grated potatoes on the dark area and leave it for 20 min. Repeat for few days.

Applying almond oil on the dark area will keep it soft and supple.

Or put cold cucumber slices on eyelid and dark circles ares gives wonderful results.

Putting slightly cooled tea bags on eyelids is good remedy for dark circles.

Salon dry skin treatment

What to do for dry skin at salon

Clean the face with cleansing milk.

Then give a scrub, by mixing oatmeal with honey and cleansing milk . Massage face in circular movements.

Take a gauze dip it in almond oil or olive oil and cover the full face.

Set the high frequency and with a bulb electrode massage the face on the gauze for 5 min. This helps the oil to penetrate into the pores and ultra violet rays kills the infection and stimulates the blood circulation and the skin.

Give little cream massage.

Close the pores with ice cubs.

Then apply pack (kaolin, rosewater and almond oil)

Cleansing facial for delicate skin

Cleansing facial for delicate skin

Here you see the steps to do a simple cleansing facial. This you can do at home.

1 Clean the face with a cleansing milk.

2 Again apply cleansing milk and do circular facial massage with fingers covering the full face. Continue massage by dipping fingers now and often in water till the cream gets absorbed completely.

3 Wipe the face with cotton.

4 Take a napkin with ice cubes and astringent and do circular movements so that face gets the cold steam.

5 Steam the face and if any blackheads remove it.

6 Again close skin pores with ice cubes.

7 Finally apply a pack.

1spoon of milk powder 1spoon of honey egg white
whisk white of an egg well and then add the milk poder and honey

How to do deep cleansing facial

Deep cleansing facial

It can be done as a weekly clean up. It is good for people who are fond of massage and have an oily skin and slightly blemished. Those who cannot massage with cream can go for it. Deep cleansing is done for girls below the age of 20 years twice a month, especially these who have an oily skin or a very dull skin as this helps in blood circulation. It is usually avoided on very dry skin but if done no harm.

How to do:
1. Clean the face with cleansing milk.

2.Then apply the cleansing milk on the face and do facial massage with circular movements with slight pressure till the cleansing milk is fully absorbed.

3. Close the pores by patting astringent.

4. Apply pack of mixing fuller's earth, kaolin and rose water.

Summer Facial Tips

How to do facial in summer? You can give a fresh look for your face in summer. Are you having oily or combination skin? then try the following facial. Things you need: Natural astringent- Mix rose water, 2to 3 tsp of eu de colgne and water melon juice. Use cotton swabs to clean the face. Cocktail pack- Mix carrot juice, orange juice, water melon pulp and kaolin. How to do - Clean the face with water melon astringent. Remove the blackheads if any and apply cocktail pack. It is very good for oily skin and combination skin.

Facial for normal skin

How to do a facial for normal skin

This facial is done on normal but healthy skin. You can do it on a flawless skin free of blemishes. Make a natural scrub by mixing oatmeal, honey and little orange juice,curd, lemon juice or cleansing milk.

1. Clean the face with cleansing milk.

2. Use a scrub, give a scrub in circular movements for 3 min.

3. Steam the face with the scrub on so that its essence is absorbed by the skin.

4. After sometime wipe of the scrub from the face and steam the face again.

5. If there is blackheads remove it with a remover.

6. Pat astringent and ice cubes on face.

7. Then put face pack - mix milk powder, gelatine,orange juiceand thickner

Dandruff Treatment

High frequency treatment for dandruff

This is actually a beauty salon treatment that involves electric high frequency treatment.
Adjust the high frequency machine between 10 to 20 degrees depending on the individuals. Attach the dandruff electrodes and the ultra violet ray passes through and kills the infection internally causing the dandruff. Comb well scraping the scalp with the dandruff electrode. Do it for 5 to 7 min. Section the hair and apply a lotion on the full scalp. Massage the scalp well with finger tips for ten min. so that the lotion get absorbed well. Allow the hair to soak for 10 min and then shampoo it .

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

How to shape your eyebrows to get a good looking face?

Eyebrows that suits the shape of your face
An oval face suits small eyebrows with narrow ends and middle parts can be thick.

If you have round face, try long eyebrows with trimmed ends goes downwards.

For a square face, make your eyebrows small, crescent-shaped and narrow on both sides.

Get eye brows thick and straight for a triangular face . Make the end of eyebrows bend down.

See the case of a pear shaped face: better to get straight eyebrows, medium length, with tapered ends.

For a face with long nose, a high eyebrows will not match.

Eye Care Tips

Eye care through exercises to eyes

1. A simple and easy exercise can be done by closing and opening your eyes. Try to close the eyelids tightly and then wide open it. Repeate it for ten times in the morning.

2. Move or rotate eyeballs to the left and right for twenty times. Close your eyes during this exercise.

3. Look into a distant object for two minutes and focus to another object closer to you for another two minutes. repeat it for ten minutes.

4. Look upwards and downwards is good exercise. Look maximum upwards for two min. and look downwards for two min. Repeat it for ten min.

5. Finally, rinsing eyes with cold water is a good step. Take cold water in a bowl. Bend on it and dip eyes on the water. Move and rotate eyeballs by opening eyelids. this will wash off the dust particle in the eyes.

Acne Care Tips

acne is basically a skin disease typical to youth. The skin gets blotchy and these blotches on the face do never vanish, if affected by acne, loses its charm.


In youth an oily skin should be cleaned frequently so that the oily secretion called sebum coming out of the sebaceous glands does not thicken and clog the pores. Acne bacteria breeds fast in greasy spots. Acne can be forestalled by frequent cleanliness.

Do not scratch pimples with nails even if they are itchy. Scratching may give temporary relief but it may leave permanent marks because nails, howsoever clean, contain bacteria and cause infection. It is advisable to use a clean cotton wool swab soaked in hot water to clean pimples.

Shampoo your hair frequently. Sebaceous glands underneath the hair secrete grease which spreads on the face and give rise to acne. Moreover, long hair touch the face, forehead and neck. If they are clean the chances of spreading their grease are less.

Avoid greasy spicy fried foods. Also minimize the use of sweet, butter ice cream and chocolate. Take a balanced diet.

A sound sleep, morning walk, regular exercises and good bowel movement are other helping factors. Avoid constipation. It gives rise to pimples.

If affected with acne, avoid a heavy make up. Only a light make up is advisable. If at all you have to have a make-up and remove it as soon as you can.

Different types of medicines are available for acne treatment anti biotics,x-rays and ultra-violet rays are effective methods.but treatment should be undretaken under medical advice.

Natural Homemade Hair Conditioner

Home made hair conditioner recipe

2tsp castor oil
1tsp vineger
1tsp glycerin

instruction for use:
mix all theses together, beat well and massage the root of your hair with it. It is much beneficial to take steam after massage.

hair conditioner with honey. Take one egg, add 1tsp of honey and two tsp of olive oil or coconut oil to it mix it thoroughly and use on your hair.

hair tonic
add 2 tsp of henna in a two glasses of boiling water. Wash your hair with it.

If you wash your hair with a mixture of 1 tsp of vineger and two glasses of water, the roots of your hair will be strengthened. Hair become lustrous if you wash it with a mixture of pure water and lemon juice in a ratio 8:1.

Hair spray
1tsp pure gum
8tsp water
1tsp alcohol
1/2 tsp glycerin

Grind gum and mix it with water. Now add alcohol and glycerin to it. Close the lid of the bottle and shake it vigorously. Then allow the mixture to remain as such for twenty-four hours. It will become thick.

Hair setting lotion
1tsp castor oil
1tsp coconut oil
1tsp vaseline or petroleum jelly
1tsp emulsifying wax
a few drops of scent

melt all the above on a medium heat. Remove it from flame. Add scent and stir. When it gets cold the lotion will be ready for use

Hairloss Tips

Hair loss/hair falls (Falling hair)

Falling of old hair to make place for the sprouting of new ones is a natural cycle. so it is not quite serious if ten to twenty hair fall daily. But when hair comes out as locks and start thinning, it is a matter of concern. There are three stages for the falling of hair-

Normal falling of hair: during pregnancy, after delivery, because of breast feeding the infant, as a reaction to medicines and because of high fever.

Temporary baldness: continuous mental tension, mental shock, anemia or deficiency of vitamins or disability of the nervous system.

Permanent baldness: working or staying in a hot area, hereditary baldness occurring in family, sedentary work, burns or injury on the scalp,exposure to x-ray for long, tying hair tightly at night etc.

Natural Hair Tonic


There is a hair tonic hidden at the root of each hair. Scalp glands are always secreting oil at the roots. This oil gives gloss to the hair and an amazing amount of softness is ensured. But because of our ignorance we let this grease dry at the roots of hair and do not let it spread. Brushing is useful in spreading this nourishing grease all over the hair, that helps in blood circulation and strengthens the roots of the hair.

The correct method to brush your hair is to bend yourself down from the waist, draw your hair down and brush from the back of the scalp to downwards. This ensures a fast circulation of blood in the scalp. Brushing should start from the forward part, then backward part and then the side. Slow brushing keeps the greasiness of hair intact.

If already oily hair are brushed with quick movements or for longer duration, the oil glands get activated and start secreting more oil. Moreover, if you have weak, thin and very soft hair, brush slowly.

If your hairs are too oily, stick a piece of cotton wool in the bristles of your brush, extra grease will be removed.

Natural Homemade Skin Care Tips

Natural home-made skin care tips-random

The most common and effective natural beauty aids are lemon, potato, carrot, cucumber and tomato.

For oily skin lemon is effective. Add a small quantity of milk and lemon juice in oat flour. Apply this mixture on the face, leave it for 20 min. wash off with lukewarm water.

(lemon juice is an effective conditioner for hair. If you have oily hair, rinse with water mixed with lemon juice after shampooing)

For black spots and shadow, lemon juice mixed with fresh milk cream can be applied before retiring to bed.

Potato also keeps the skin clean and fresh.

Carrot juice can be used as lotion. An effective lotion can be made by chopping carrot into small pieces, boil these in water, mash and apply on the face for 1/2 hour.

For cleaning clogged pores, tomato juice and lemon juice can be mixed in equal quantity and be applied.

Cucumber juice is good as eye-drops in summer. Also cucumber piece can be placed on eyes and rubbed on the face as a beauty-aid.

Bath for skin care

Bath is an effective beauty therapy for the proper maintenance of skin. If you are using soap, do not take very hot water. It will damage oil glands. Fresh lukewarm water is best for taking bath.

In case of any skin disease use a medicated, disinfectant soap. Ordinary soaps are not disinfectant. In summer take bath twice a day, to wash off sweat and grease. Use of soap should be discontinued in case of dry skin, in winters and in advanced age. Bath can be taken in running water, standing water in tubs, undre shower or with steam.

Sandalwood paste keeps the body mildly fragrant and refreshed throughout the day. For this take sandalwood powder, mix rose water and make a paste and apply in thick coat. Leave it for 15 min let it dry then take bath.

To ligthen a dark complexion a simple home remedy is this; take oat fiour tied in a kerchief or napkin dip it in unboiled (raw) milk and rub on the body twice a week. Slowly skin acquries a lighter tint. For unwanded hair scrub with gram flour.