Homemade Facial Mask

Homemade Facial Mask for damaged skin

Here I am suggesting you a facial mask for a damaged or tired skin. This homemade facial mask can rejuvenate and replenish your skin. Almond oil, honey, rose water and rose petals are used in this face mask. Almond oil soften and nourishes your skin. Honey moisturizes your skin.

Homemade Facial Mask Rose-Honey
Soak few petals of fresh rose flower in 2-3 tsp. rose water. Allow it to soak for three hours. Then mash it with a spoon. Add more rose water if needed. Then add 1tsp. honey and 1tsp. almond oil to it. Mix well. Keep it in refrigerator for 15 min.

Wash your face and apply this homemade facial mask on face and neck. Run your finger tips on face in a circular motion. Continue for 10 min. and allow it to dry for another 15 min. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Tissue dry and pat facial skin to get a fresh feeling.

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Homemade facial mask and packs are simple and safe. I hope you will find pleasure using this homemade facial mask at least once in a week.

Aloe Vera Beauty Care

Aloe VeraImage by Powerhouse Museum via Flickr
Aloe vera can be used to care your skin and hair.

I have a feeling that there is no other plant that has discussed as Aloe Vera. Yes, because it has lot of benefits. Now everybody become aware of aloe vera uses in beauty care/skin care - especially for acne. It has got a large variety of uses. It is proved the anti-inflammatory properties. Also it is having antioxidants contained in it. And also it is called as a “miracle plant”, because it is used for burns and sun burns also.

Even we can make a drink out of it. This helps to cure stomach burning feelings related to ulcer. But some may not like to drink fresh aloe juice. Some may feel discomfort after drinking. If you are using aloe vera as a drink mix with some fruit juices. It is said to be beneficial for good blood circulation. Pregnant women should avoid using it.

Yes it has got moisturizing effects. It is used to cure sun burns. It is a Natural Sunscreen.

Aloe can be used for hair care. Mix aloe vera gel and lemon with your shampoo. Apply it for 15 minuets. and wash as usual.

If you have an aloe plant, remember to squeeze juice from inside the thick leaf. Better to avoid the thick outer layer. If you can get fresh aloe gel without any other ingredients also good. Yes you can plant aloe vera in your courtyard.

Guava Facial at Home

Guava Facial at Home
You know guava fruit is a very good friend to skin beauty. Even drinking fresh guava juice helps the skin texture. How can we use guava fruit to do smart facial at home? Here is the tip to do guava facial at home.

How to prepare guava facial pack
Get one full ripe guava fruit. Cut it into two halves. Remove the seeds. Then cut it into small pieces. Do not peel out the skin. You can add 2 or 3 tender leaves of guava to mix in this. Then using a mixer make it a pulp. Keep a spoon of this pulp in a bowl. With the rest of pulp in the mixer add 2 tsp. of milk powder or oats powder. Mix well. If you have extreme oily skin add 1/2 tsp. of table salt. This can be applied as a pack. It is very good to control acne formation.

How to do guava facial at home
Wash your face with water. Now you can use cleanser. Instead of store bought cleanser you can use fresh orange to cleanse the face. Cut the top portion of an orange in round shape. Use this piece to rub on the face in a circular(clock wise) direction. Then rinse the face with wet cotton ball. Then get the guava pulp in the bowl. Take a little on your hands and rub on the face with fingers. Remember to give a circular massage. Repeat this all over face and do it for 10 min. Then rinse the face with wet cotton balls. Now you can apply the guava facial pack. Apply as a thick layer all over the face. Wait for another 10-15 min. Then wash it off.

Here you will notice your skin gets clear and clear. This guava facial cleanse your face leaving the skin supple. While applying guava facial pack it removes the tendency to get acne. So you can do this guava facial at home once in a week.
posted by: Geetha

Wheatgrass Juice

Wheat Grass Juice for hair growth

I am happy to write here about wheat grass juice because it helps hair growth. Wheat Grass juice is said to have so many benefits. But in India it is used since long for good hair growth. If we take care our hair in other ways and drinking wheat grass juice, our hair becomes healthy.

So here goes the Wheat grass juice
How to prepare wheat grass juice

Take one cup fresh wheat and soak in water for 8-12 hours. Treat like this till we can see some roots coming out. Plant this in a tray with soil. Watering is must till it grows to green leaves. Cut the green leaves into pieces and put in mixer/juicer. Add 1 tsp. fresh lemon and salt for taste. Mix well and get the juice. You will get green juice. Wheat grass juice contains 70% chlorophyll and other vitamins.

Drink one glass of wheat grass juice in empty stomach in the morning. If you don't like the taste, mix it with other juices also fine. Now wheat grass powder is available in the market. Or sprouted wheat also is available.

Your hair as well as skin is going fabulous by drinking wheat grass juice daily.

Homemade Fairness Oil

How to prepare Fairness Oil at home

Just imagine a weekend from all tiresome office work. Or think that you have come back from a week long official tour. Your mind thinks to get a relaxation from all these. Why don't you consider to give a total relaxation to your mind and body. I am talking about an oil massage at the convenience of your home. Then I can suggest you homemade fairness oil body massage.

Homemade Fairness Oil Recipe
This is years old pure herbal Indian fairness oil recipe for your skin. At first I thought to keep this fairness oil recipe as a personal secret. But I am using this fairness oil for my clients as a full body massage oil. They are doubly happy after their skin became soooo soft smooth. Most of them asking for the oil if they can buy. At the moment I am not planning to manufacture it. Today in this cold morning around 5A.M I am in front of my laptop and thought to write something special. So here the go!!!!

How do you make this homemade fairness oil

Coconut oil - 1/2 cup
Aloe vera leaf - 1/2
Small onion - 3 nos.
Amla powder - 2 tsp.
Shikakai powder - 2 tsp.

You need a small cup of coconut oil. Buy virgin coconut oil, means not the processed one. I mean the one which is used for cooking. Then get the leaf of aloe vera plant. This is a main ingredient for this homemade fairness oil. Do not go for gel, get a leaf from the plant. We need half the leaf. Either get the inner white fleshy part from the inner crux of aloe leaf or cut the leaf into small pieces without removing the green outer part. If it is little dry also fine. Ok, now you need two or three small small red onions. Remove the skin and cut into small pieces. You have to buy Amla powder and shikakai powder.

Warm coconut oil in a suitable vessel in a medium flame. At first put amla and shikakai powder into the warm coconut oil. Then add cut pieces of aloe leaf. By this time oil may reaching to boil. At this time put red onion pieces into the oil. Before getting onions turn black remove the vessel from the flame. Allow it to cool. Then sieve it and pour the oil into a suitable bottle and keep for further use. So your homemade fairness oil is ready.

Weekend body massage with homemade fairness oil
If you can be free for another 30-45 min. from now, you are set for the journey to a relaxing mood. First select an appropriate room. Switch of all phones if you can. Put some soft instrumental music, lounge music, for your ears. Consider some dim light. Get the homemade fairness oil into a small bowl. Take some oil into your hand and start to apply oil on your body. Start from face, hands, body and legs. While applying do a light massage. This is not the body massage process but it is a mild beauty massage. So when you massage hands, give massage from fingers to the top. Do the same way in body and legs. If your life partner is with you now both of you can help each other and make it an enjoyable moment. Then this homemade fairness oil massage will become more relaxing and it will create a positive relationship.

After applying this homemade fairness oil through out the body, close your eyes and lay down on a plastic bed sheet. Listen to music and keep your mind in an immaculate vacant condition. Wait for 20-25 min. Then get up and go for a warm bath. Use luke warm water. If you can use green gram powder to wash body is good. If you want to remove the oil completely use mild body shampoo.

Apply this homemade fairness oil once in a week, your body and mind will become fresh and charged.

Homemade Pack for itchy scalp

Homemade Pack for itchy scalp or scalp bumps

Let me tell you the itching on the scalp may be of various reasons. Sometimes it may be due to dryness on the scalp. Or may be due to the food you ate. Itchy scalp can be because of acidity also. Here are some homemade packs for itchy scalp that can be applied generally.

Coconut milk-Fenugreek Pack
Squeeze the milk from fresh grated coconut. Take 1/2 cup of coconut milk and add 2tsp. fenugreek . Apply this pack on scalp and massage vigorously. Wait for 20-30 min. and wash it off. Repeat daily for one week. This homemade pack is a good remedy for itchy scalp.

Coconut milk-Neem leaves pack
Make 1tsp. paste of neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves. Add 1/2 cup of fresh coconut milk. Apply this pack on the scalp and massage well.

Coconut oil-Lemon juice
Add 1tsp. fresh lemon juice to 2tsp. coconut oil. Apply this on scalp and give thorough massage. Wait for 25 min. and take a bath. Try any one of these homemade pack for itchy scalp.

Homemade hairloss treatment

Homemade hairloss treatment with Fenugreek

Homemade hairloss treatment explained here are based on Indian herbal methods. Fenugreek is a wonderful product that can be utilized for hair care and also skin care.

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a plant in the family Fabaceae. It is knowns Methi or Mithi in Hindi language. This also an add on spice to Indian cooking. This has got medicinal values when eaten in small quantity. Studies proved that it can reduce the glucose level of diabetics.

Fenugreek can be bought from Indian grocery shop or from supermarkets.

Homemade hairloss treatment with Fenugreek.
Grind fenugreek seeds and make it a powder. Add a little water and mix it into a loose paste. Wash your hair with water and apply fenugreek paste into hair and scalp. Wait for 20 min. Wash it off with a mild cool water. Before applying this paste you can apply coconut oil to hair if you want.

This can applied in another way. Mix yogurt and fenugreek powder to a paste. This can be applied as a natural hair conditioner.

Mix coconut oil and fenugreek powder and apply this on hair. This is very good for dandruff.

This homemade hairloss treatment find so effective in most of the hair loss types. Or you can try some other homemade hairloss treatments here:

Apple Banana Smoothie

SmoothieImage via Wikipedia
Today I am discussing a juice recipe which I like very much. This apple banana smoothie is very soothing especially in hot season. You can use this recipe as smoothie or juice. Apple and banana is a best combination for a smoothie and it is of great taste. By adding orange make it a vitamin rich formula. If served with ice definitely it becomes smoothie-soothing.

Apple Banana Smoothie
Green apples 2
Orange 1/2
Ripe banana 1
Brewers yeast 1 tbsp.

Cut apples into small pieces. No need to remove seeds. Peel the orange and remove seeds. Then put apple pieces and peeled orange in a mixer/grinder and make the juice. I do not prefer juicer because it remove all fleshy part and give only liquid juice. By using a mixer it mashes the fruits. After that use a loose sieve to take the juice. Then put this juice, banana and yeast in a blender and make the smoothie. If you prefer to get juice then take only half banana and add a little water if needed.

If garnish Apple Banana Smoothie with slices of orange is good. Remember to add ice pieces and have it immediately. Or the ice cubes may become water and diminish the taste of the smoothie.

Homemade Shampoo Hibiscus

Homemade Hibiscus Shampoo

Hibiscus leaves were used not only as homemade shampoo; it acts as a good hair conditioner also. Hibiscus flowers also can be used. In India there will be at least one hibiscus plant in the garden as it is a flowering plant. There are so many types of plants with different colored flowers. Anything can be used as a homemade shampoo + conditioner. It is an instant product to be used immediately.
hibiscus plant
Here is a typical recipe to make homemade shampoo.
Hibiscus leaves – 5 to 10
Hibiscus flowers – 1 or 2
Green gram flour – 3 tsp.
Coconut oil – 1 or 2 tsp.

How to prepare the homemade shampoo
If hibiscus leaves are not available buy Hibiscus powder. Get few leaves and flowers of hibiscus and add green gram flour. Crush it by adding one cup water. Crush it till you get a loose viscous liquid. You can feel the sudiness of it. Sieve it and get the liquid in a bowl. Now you can add coconut oil or olive oil as your choice.

You have to use this homemade hibiscus shampoo now. Bath in normal water. Apply the homemade shampoo all over hair and scalp. Finger through out hair and rub gently on the scalp. After this rinse hair well. Then blot hair with a towel, do not rub vigorously. Or allow to air dry.

Those who have sinus or cold, please avoid using this at that time. You can use it after few days.

See your hair silky shiny with a great fall. You can try this homemade shampoo once in a week minimum to get good result.

Beauty Bath for Beautiful Skin

Bathing tips for a refreshing beautiful skin

Bathing we all take for personal hygiene and to keep us fresh. A beauty bath is different. Beauty bath for beautiful skin- yes it is possible. A luxury bath at home not only gives extra beauty to the whole body it also provides a refreshing mind. So bathing becomes an amazing experience.

How to move from a normal bath to a luxurious bath?
Good question. First you make your mood to get a luxurious bath than a normal bath. May be on a weekend afternoon you can find time for it.

Beauty steps of a beauty bath for a beautiful skin:
  1. A light oiling to the whole body
  2. A sandal body pack for rejuvenation
  3. A natural body scrub for exfoliation and cleansing
  4. A refreshing warm bath in rose petals

Step 1. You can use any oil of your choice. Olive oil or coconut oil or almond oil. If you are using any particular oil select that oil. My personal choice is almond oil. Give a light oiling only, because a thorough body oil massage is not our goal now. Give a ten min. time for oil to get into the skin.

Step 2. Sandalwood powder-papaya pack. Mash a few pieces of ripe papaya in a mixer. Get this paste in a bowl. Add one tsp. of white sandalwood powder and mix well to get a smooth paste. Apply this sandal body pack all over body. Wait for 10-15 min.

Step 3. We need 5 tsp. green gram flour. Add a little water to get a thick mix. Use this mix to rub your body. Give a gentle rub. This will remove dead cells and cleanse the excess oil from body.

Step 3. Refreshing warm bath. Fill the bath tub with warm water, not hot water. Add few rose petals to this bathing water and wait for 5 min. Or instead of rose petals, use lemon and orange peels. For that boil these peels in a cup of water and pour into the bathing water. Adding neem leaves is also a good choice. Or you can use few drops of rose oil or sandal oil. Take a luxurious bath. Feel the amusing moment giving by this beauty bath for beautiful skin.

Coconut Milk Creme Face Pack

Did you hear about coconut milk? Yes most probably all of you know about coconut milk. What about coconut milk cream? It is the cream produced from coconut milk. You all know the benefits coconut milk. It can be used to spread over body for itchy skins. It is also used to make hair oil that helps hair growth. So can we use the cream of coconut milk to enhance our skin beauty. The coconut milk cream face pack helps to avoid discoloration of skin. Also it gives a smooth and soft skin. It is very beneficial for dry skins. And those skin with white patches and irritation, it is a very good remedy for that skin condition.
Kokusnuss, in Hälften gebrochen; Coconut, brok...Image via Wikipedia
How to make coconut milk cream face pack. For this you need coconut milk. This is available to buy. But if you can make coconut milk from fresh coconut is good. For that grate the white part of coconut. Put this grated coconut into a mixer/grinder and add some water and work on that to get a loose milk. Remove this mixer to a bowl then sieve this to get a clear coconut milk. Refrigerate this coconut milk for about 2 hours minimum. Then take it out and see an upper thicker layer is formed. This is coconut milk cream.

This coconut milk cream can be used for any facial applications. It is a nourishing cream. It can enhance the skin condition and color. Here you can take two teaspoons of coconut milk cream and add a pinch of turmeric powder. This can be applied on face and hands. This will be very useful for dry skins. It will remove the dry condition of skin and enhance the skin tone and texture.

If you add a pinch of white sandal wood powder and apply on face, it will from a very good beauty treatment for your skin. Also adding red sandal wood powder and applying it will remove mild scars on face.

Mix coconut milk cream and carrot paste. Apply this on face to increase your facial nourishment. Wherever we use milk we can use this coconut milk cream to enhance our beauty. Coconut milk or coconut milk cream can be used to problematic skin with itchy patches. Coconut milk is useful to avoid all minor skin problems. For those with dry skin and do not like to apply oils this coconut milk cream is very useful.

Acne scars home remedy

Home remedy for acne scars
How to remove acne scars

If you have acne and scars then use this homemade acne/ pimple tips. This will prevent scars formation also. But now if you don't have acne but only scars still you can use those tips. That can give solution to your acne scar problem.

Here is a simple home remedy for acne scars
Take a piece of ripe papaya and smash it to get a thick cream. Mix one tsp. of papaya paste and one tsp. of milk powder. Then add half tsp. of lemon juice. Mix well and apply on the scarred area. Wait for 15 min. and wash it off. Repeat this for few days. This can remove the scars. After using it if it remains any scar do the following also.

Mix sandal wood powder and rose water and apply on the scars. Leave it overnight. Wash it off in morning. This can give a good result to your problem of acne scars.

Blemish skin masks

Blemishes on skin

Blemishes are particular marks or spots on the skin. It may be because of different reasons as of boils, pimples, acne, itching, rashes or some other skin problems. Sometimes it may appear too dark and may decrease the charm of face.

Blemish skin mask / Skin mask for blemished skin

Here are some homemade remedies for skin blemishes. Choose a suitable tip and try. Sometimes it may take continued usage. Still it can give a solution to blemishes or at least it can reduce the appearance of it.

Mix one ripe and chopped tomato with one tsp. lemon juice and 1 Tsp. oatmeal. Make it a thick paste. Apply to the affected areas on the skin, cheeks, forehead and chin. After 10 min. rub it off from skin using warm wet cotton or cloth.

A mixture of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, lemon juice and a tsp of curd. Apply this on the skin.

Grate potato and fill in a cotton cloth and take out juice from it. Add lemon juice and honey. Apply this on affected skin.

Make a paste of neem leaves with water. Apply on the area very lightly like a thin film. Wash it off after 10 min.

Make a paste of lemon peel and orange peel by mixing it with rose water or curd water.Apply this on face.

Almond powder, honey and lemon juice is a fine remedy for skin blemishes.

Back Acne Home Remedy

Home remedy for back acneBack Acne Home Remedy
I am getting enquiries asking about home remedies to clear the back acne. This is affecting ladies and gents as well. Back acne is similar to acne on face. On face we have to care about the product we use. But for back acne no need to worry about that. Bit if unattended it can become puss producing.

Back acne home remedy
There are so many homemade herbal remedies available to treat body acne. But the neem I found very effective to cure back acne. In villages the neem tree is seen in the front yard of houses. It is believed very good to get the fresh air from neem leaves. It will purify the atmosphere or it will keep the air healthy.

Homemade back acne pack
How to make this pack. If you can get fresh neem leaves get few bunches of it. Or you can buy neem herbal powder. For leaves pluck the leaves and put it in a mixer/grinder and add some water. Make it a paste and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix well. As a whole it should be a medium loose paste.

Clean the body well. Towel dry and apply homemade back acne pack on the back of body. Leave it for 20-25 min. Then wash it off. This back acne home remedy you can use it daily for one or two weeks or till the back acne disappears.

Summer skin care

In this hot season your skin need special care to beat the hot climate. The first thing to do is avoid soaps. Here I am suggesting some natural and homemade cleansers to use daily. I hope that you know your skin type. Based on your skin type select from the following tips.

For oily skin
Take two teaspoon green gram flour. Add 2 teaspoon tomato juice and mix well. than mix two teaspoon butter milk to it and mix well. Wash your face with water and apply the above pack all over face and neck. Avoid eye area. After five minutes wash it off with cucumber juice. Then spring with water..

For sensitive skin

For a sensitive skin oats powder is a best option. Mix 3 tsp. oatmeal powder and 3tsp. cucumber juice. Mix well. Wash your face and apply this face pack. Wait for five min. and wash it off.

For dry skin

Take 2tsp. almond powder and 2tsp. curd. Mix well and then add 1tsp. coconut oil. Make it paste. Wash your face and apply it. After 5-10 min. wash it off with diluted milk. then rinse with cold water.

This can be done daily to cleanse your skin. This routine will give a soothing effect to your facial skin. During hot season do not use any chemical ingredients like soaps. If you are using face wash use it in the evening and choose some mild face wash. For out going ladies do not forget to use sun screen protection. Drink fruit juices. But avoid juices if it will give acidity. Water melon is good choice. Apple juice is all time good juice. Try to include more vegetables in your cooking. Avoid spicy items. Chicken is hot and mutton is not hot to the body.

Homemade Protein Pack for hair

Homemade Protein Pack for hairHomemade Protein Pack for hair

To keep the good health of hair, a protein pack once in a while is good. If your hair is in healthy condition it will not be affected by dandruff, hair loss etc. Homemade protein pack will give a healthy look for hair and it give hair growth.

Egg- 1
Green gram flour- 1/2cup
Orange juice- 5tsp.
Cucumber grated- 5tsp.

Take 1/2 cup green gram flour in a bowl. Add grated cucumber to it. Mix with orange juice. Now add one egg and mix well. Homemade protein pack is ready. You have to use it instantly, means do not keep in fridge.

How to apply
If your hair is not clean, shampoo hair in the evening and apply this pack next day morning. Do not apply this pack on wet hair but hair must be clean. Apply a little oil on hair. Then apply this homemade protein pack all over hair. Leave it for about 25 min. Then wash it off.

The effect of applying a protein pack takes place when you repeat it three times minimum. But applying this homemade protein pack once in a week is advisable.
posted by: Geetha

Freckles fading tips

Yes, sometimes freckles turns annoying not only to teens but also for others too. Some may consider it an added charm to their beauty. Any how if you want to fade out the freckles there are safer natural and homemade freckles fading tips. You can choose a suitable one and apply.
FrecklesImage via Wikipedia
If you use fruits and vegetable as face packs consistently the freckles will be faded gradually. A face pack with apricot is found useful to avoid freckles. Another face pack is using strawberries. The sour extract of it can fade out freckles eventually. Cucumber and red current also is very effective to avoid freckles.

If you do not like the above face packs, you can go for a sour cream mask. After applying this face mask wait for 10-20 min. Try to remove the mask from the face using a facial tissue. If you feel dry skin just apply some moisturizer. If you have extreme oil skin apply a little lemon juice on face before applying this sour cream mask.

Another homemade way is the natural parsley juice. Mix equal amount of parsley juice, lemon juice, orange juice and red current juice. Apply it on face and wait for ten min. Then rinse it off. Use some cold cream afterwards.

Washing your face with sour milk is a good idea to fade out freckles. The lactic acid in the sour milk will help freckles to fade out.

Apply fresh lemon juice. Using your finger, tap face with lemon juice. This will fade out freckles.

Increase vitamin C intake. Have enough fruits with vitamin C. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Smoothie for Beautiful Skin

Smoothie for a Beautiful Skin

Here in this site you may see recipes for juices or smoothies or foods that may help in skin beauty or hair beauty. Yes really we are what we eat. Give some care to our foods and drinks that really counts in our beauty, long term beauty.

Today I have a recipe for a healthy smoothie for you to increase the beauty of your skin. See below the ingredients of a smoothie for beautiful skin. Get fresh oranges, peel it and cut into sections. If you like cold drinks here do not put ice, instead keep all the ingredients in refrigerator before making this smoothie. Strawberries you can make it chilled. Select fresh mangoes full ripe. Yogurt we need plain and chilled. Carrot cut and grated. Get sprouted wheat. Flax seed powder or you can grind the flax seed. For lemon get fresh lemon juice not the bottled drink. Sugar as you like. These are all about the wonderful ingredients of smoothie for beautiful skin.

Orange - 2
Strawberries - 1/2 cup
Mango - 1/2
Yogurt - 1/2 cup
Carrot - 2
Wheat germ - 2tbsp.
Flaxseed powder - 2 tbsp.
Lemon juice - 1tbsp.
Sugar granules - 1tbsp.

Using a juicer process the above ingredients to get a smooth drink. One serving approximately contains only 250 cal. Importantly flax seed provides omega3. Wheat germ is highly nutritious. At least if you include such a smoothie for beautiful skin once in a week, certainly it will help to increase your skin complexion.

Carrot Apple Juice Recipe

Carrot Apple Juice Recipe

You all know about carrot juice benefits. Here I am only emphasizing it because it helps skin beauty if taken regularly. In my earlier post I explained how you can use carrot to make face mask. This mask gives amazing result. But in my experience drinking carrot juice gives immediate results in the next day.

How to make Carrot Apple Juice at home

ingredients: 1/2 kg fresh carrot, 2 apples and 1tsp lemon juice. Salt or sugar if you like.

Cut carrot and apple into small pieces. Put it in a mixer/grinder and mash to get crushed well. Add little water if needed. Sieve it to squeeze the juice. Add sugar and salt. Put crushed ice to serve chilled.

I know you all know how to make this. The thing is that drinking carrot juice is really effective for those who give importance to skin care. This will make your skin smooth, clear and supple. So I am happy to suggest you carrot apple juice.

Body Bath for Skin Care

Bath for skin care

Bath is an effective beauty therapy for the proper maintenance of skin. If you are using soap, do not take very hot water. It will damage oil glands. Fresh lukewarm water is best for taking bath.

In case of any skin disease use a medicated, disinfectant soap. Ordinary soaps are not disinfectant. In summer take bath twice a day, to wash off sweat and grease. Use of soap should be discontinued in case of dry skin, in winters and in advanced age. Bath can be taken in running water, standing water in tubs, under shower or with steam.

Sandalwood paste keeps the body mildly fragrant and refreshed throughout the day. For this take sandalwood powder, mix rose water and make a paste and apply in thick coat. Leave it for 15 min let it dry then take bath.

To lighten a dark complexion a simple home remedy is this; take oat flour tied in a kerchief or napkin dip it in unboiled (raw) milk and rub on the body twice a week. Slowly skin acquires a lighter tint. For unwanted hair scrub with gram flour.

Steam bath
Steam bath is effective for reducing fat but has no practical utility as it does not clean the skin. Very hot steam may leave an adverse effect on the heart. Blood vessels expand permanently due to steam and sweat glands become overactive.

Sun bath
Rays of the sun are a rich source of vitamin D which strengthens the body with calcium and phosphorus. But if there is hot climate long exposure to these rays is harmful. Face and head should be covered while other parts of the body could be exposed. Too much exposure can activate the brain adversely. It can cause wrinkles and falling of hair. it is advisable to drink one liter water with a lemon or two squeezed in it.

Wedding Facial at home

Wedding Facial at home

If you are preparing for a special function, here is the hack. Suppose you want to attend a wedding function of your best friend. But you don't have time to visit a beauty parlor to prepare for the function! Don't worry, here is the short cut to do a wedding facial at home. Using this tip you can become gorgeous in the function.

How to do a wedding facial at home
You can do this wedding facial either one day before the function, at the evening time or on the wedding day. First thing you can do is an instant cleansing. For this take a ripe tomato and cut a small piece. Top or bottom piece is better. Clean the face with water and move the tomato slice over the face. Do it in circular motion in clockwise direction. Continue for about 5-7 min. Then wash the face.

Next thing to do is applying a suitable pack. You can select any pack from my earlier posts. Here I am suggesting an easy one for this occasion. Add 3tsp. chick pea powder, add 2tsp. milk powder and orange juice to make a paste. Now you apply this pack all over the face and neck. Leave this face pack for 10-15 min. and then wash it off with cold water.

Here is an additional tip for you to become gorgeous on the wedding day: If the function is on the next day morning drink two glasses of orange juice or carrot juice(or a mix of both) before going to bed. If the function is on the next day evening drink the juice on the function day morning. This will add a charming to your skin. As I used to tell every time try to avoid acidic food on these days. Also fried fish and meat. These are all small things we may not count. That is why people asking you on the functions 'why you are looking dull' etc. So take care of that.

In the morning on the wedding day do the tomato cleansing once more. It will take out any dark coloration on the skin. It will lighten the pigmentation. After 10 min. wash the face with cold water. Now you can apply make up. If you have sunscreen lotion you can apply it. Try to avoid direct sun exposure.

This weeding facial at home is meant for an instant clean up and always better to go for normal facial and other thing by visiting your beautician.
Wedding Facial at home posted by: Geetha

Beautiful Hands Fingers

Beautiful Hands and Fingers

Treat your hands and fingers with great care. The result will be beautiful hands and fingers. Homemade techniques are so simple and so pampering. Give one day for your hands and pamper them. Here I am sharing how you can spend few hours with your hands and give love to them. This way you can have beautiful hands and fingers.

Think that this a holiday for you. Be free from all other activities. Make sure that you will get few hours undisturbed. Say goodbye to phone for these time. Put on enough lights. Play some slow music. ( I am a fan of lounge music) Arrange two medium bowls and one plastic bowl. We need one fresh lemon, one cooked potato, almond oil, oats powder, sugar and coconut oil.

Get two cotton socks. Wet it in cold water. Wear this socks on both hands. Give sometime to listen to music or engage in some other things. After 10 or 20 minutes remove the socks and wash your hands. Now take 2-3 glasses of water in the plastic bowl. Add two or three spoons of lemon juice to it. Dip your hands in it and play making waves. Now a few minutes passed. Take your hands out and tissue dry it. Then take the small bowl. Add two or three tsp. coconut oil, 1 tsp. sugar and 1 tsp. oats powder. Mix well. Apply this on your hands and do a slight rubbing in circular motion. Massage each finger and press it. This will form shapes to fingers. Rubbing will exfoliate the dead skin. Do it for few min. At this time if you want you can clean your nail and cuticles with tools. Then wash your hands and blot hand with towel tissue. Now in another bowl smash the cooked potato. Add two spoons almond oil. Apply this pack on both hands. Leave it like that for another ten min.

Then rinse off hands in cold water and dry it with soft tissue. Feel the smoothness and light smell and get beautiful hands. Do pampering hands twice in a month minimum to get beautiful hands and fingers.


Natural, homemade beauty tips
Welcome to all visitors. Yes it is a good idea to try some natural and homemade methods for your beauty care.
This site provides you natural tips to improve your beauty. Some of these tips can be homemade. I would like to say it as 'at home' beauty tip.
In beauty tips, here you get skin care, hair care and nail care. In these days people look back to natural remedies. It is economical and most of them are with no side effects. Only problem exists is availability of ingredients worldwide. I will try to provide information about the availability as better as possible. At least I can provide links to such products.
The ingredients mentioned in most of the tips are herbs and it is found very effective and safe..Why?
By nature human beings are 'herbivores'. That means their food is herbs not other animals. Because the intestine of herbivores are very long. The herbs we eat will take more time to digest. In the other hand, 'carnivores' that eats mainly meat does not require long intestine. So physiologically we are fit to eat herbs only. But in modern times we eat less vegetables. So naturally we lack so many things that may get from these herbs. That is why we are affected by illness and other problems. So most of our problems can easily be solved by herbs. By default the herbs are with less side effects and it is so safe.
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