Dandruff-Coconut Milk Solution

Dandruff Remedy/Dandruff Cure- Homemade

If you have dandruff with itchy scalp, coconut milk is a fine remedy for it. The reasons for getting dandruff may vary. Sometimes dandruff is caused by simply the dry scalp. In the initial stage just do a hot oil massage. Dandruff will vanish. But if you just avoid it like that after few weeks it may get infected with bacteria or fungus. This is now the real dandruff problem. Sometimes the dry scalp may lead to itching. When we scratch the problem become worse.

Coconut Milk for Dandruff Remedy
Get a fresh coconut and grate it. Then using a mixer/grinder take the milk of it. Add one or two spoons juice of fresh lemon. Apply this on scalp using finger tips without washing head. Give a light rubbing on the scalp. Apply well and massage the scalp for 10-20 min. Then take a bath as usual. Really coconut milk and lemon works well with dandruff problem.

If you have dry hair, by using this it may feel more dry. No problem just be like that for three days minimum. Still continue use this for few days. At first you will get relief from itching on the scalp. After applying coconut milk, rinsing out the flakes and residue is very important. Do not use any shampoo at this time. The coconut milk may give some oil to hair, but it won't be sticky. Sometimes you may not like the smell. Whatever is the condition, certainly this will give relief from dandruff.

Homemade Tulsi Face Pack

Tulsi Face Pack

Do you know about Tulsi. It is scientifically known as Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum. You may know Basil which is Ocimum basilicum. I am giving today a Tulsi face pack. Tulsi has got astringent property. It has anti-bacterial property also. Tulsi is used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Homemade Tulsi Face Pack
Tulsi leaves or herbal Tulsi powder
Oats powder
Milk powder

The Tulsi is used to avoid the pimple tendency and the oats powder and milk powder nourishes the skin. So it is highly useful for teenagers. Totally this Tulsi face pack increases the fairness of face.

If Tulsi leaves are available get few leaves and mash it to get a paste. Or buy Tulsi powder. Grind oatmeal in a grinder and make powder. Take two teaspoon of Tulsi paste and add two teaspoon of oatmeal powder. Mix two tea spoon of milk powder and mix all the ingredients by adding water and make a paste.

Clean face with cold water. Apply this pack all over face. Wait for 15 min. Do it in the evening if possible. Then you can avoid sun exposure immediately. Try this face pack twice in a month.

Those who have sensitive skin try this Tulsi Face Pack on the inner wrist and make sure you don't have any burning sensation or irritation.

Lotus Fairness Face Pack

Good morning friends. After a week's break I am here again in front of you. Last week I visited Kanyakumari. That is a place where three sides of land is surrounded by sea. So we can view sunrise and sunset on both side from the same place. In this way I think this is the only one sea side location in India. On the way back from Kanyakumari I saw ponds with lotus flowers. Then I remembered the Lotus Fairness Face Pack. So I collected few flowers from there. Lotus flowers and the whole part is so good to make a face pack that will increase the over all beauty of face. Before I used this pack, but the only problem is availability of lotus flowers.

Lotus Fairness face Pack
We can utilize the whole parts of the flower. Pluck out the petals and clean the whole thing very well. Cut into small pieces. Put it in a mixer/grinder and add a little milk and make a paste. Then put the paste in a bowl and add two teaspoon of almond oil. This is the lotus fairness face pack.

How to apply and when?
I recommend it to apply in the morning time on a week end. Because morning time our face skin will be in good condition to receive any rejuvenating treatment. Other time also is fine. Wash your face with normal water. Apply the lotus fairness face pack evenly all over the face. Keep it for 10-15 min. Then wash it off with cold water. Avoid sun exposure on this day.

You can see the result in the very first application of lotus fairness face pack. Do it weekly for three months and get the full result.

Face masks for oily skin

Different seasons exerts differences in temperature and that may create a change in your skin. Oily skin can make some discomfort may be on your entire face or through t-zone. The oily skin produces excess oil. This may cause clogging on the pores. This leads to breakouts.

Here I am emphasizing on using homemade face packs using fruits or vegetables or medicinal herbs. The homemade masks below is suitable for oily skin. By using these masks you can avoid the excess oil on your face and certainly it removes the excess shiny oily look of your face. These face masks give comfortable feeling while you go out.

StrawberryImage via Wikipedia
Strawberry facial mask: You can definitely go for a strawberry face pack in this season. It is very useful for those who have breakouts. Strawberries have a little astringent quality. It is having vitamin-C. Just mash three four strawberries and add 2tsp. honey. Together with the honey, strawberry will give you a relax from oiliness of your skin. After washing your face just apply the face pack all over the face. Wait for 10-15 min. Then wash it off.

Oatmeal directly from the packing.Image via Wikipedia
Oatmeal face mask: For an oily nature oatmeal face pack is well and good. Oats helps skin to become soft. To make this face mask you need half cup cooked oat meal. Mash half apple and mix with oatmeal to get a paste. Add 2 tsp. lemon juice also. After cleansing your face with water apply the mask on face. Wait for 10 min. and rinse.

Tomato face pack: Tomato juice is a good natural astringent and it is very good for oily acne prone skin. Take half tomato and mash it well. Add a small grated cucumber and make a paste. Then add 2tsp. lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients well. This face pack is suitable for oily skin that have a tendency to get acne, pimples. Wash your face with water. Apply this face mask on the face. Wait for 10-15 min. then wash it off.

To control the oily skin these face mask can help you a lot. Just apply this face pack once in a week minimum. Make the experience a joy and get the finest result of homemade face packs.

Dry flakes on the scalp

I received an email from a reader that she is having flaky scalp. This flakes cause boils on the fore head. She used so many remedies but no result. This is a common condition especially during winter. When this occurs everybody try so many things. Some may go for dandruff treatment. Some may go for pimple treatment. Some may try hot oil treatment. Why this confusion? Because no body is trying to find out the reason for this condition. Secondly they fail to recognize the problem. In all the skin problems, either on face or scalp, you have to see your skin type. Check whether you have a dry or oily or combination skin. Accordingly you have to face the problem.

If you have dry skin or dry scalp then always you have to take care for not getting severe dryness. How you understand that you have severe dry scalp? Check is there any formation of flaky scalp. Flakes are due to dead cells coming out in large quantity. The outer layer of cells in the skin is becoming dead and it causes flaky cells. Normally when you find this condition certainly you will go for hot oil head massage. Yes it is good. But before jumping into that remedy, just give few minutes to think. If there is lot of flaky cells on the scalp and this condition prevailed long before then oiling is not recommended. Why? Along with dead cells there will be dirt accumulated. When you apply oil that may create a very damp scalp which can produce bacterial infection on the scalp. This leads to dandruff. But if there is very little flakes and it started very recently then oiling can help.

Sometimes this dead cells on the scalp can be interpreted or suspected as dandruff. Then what you do? You use dandruff shampoo. This may cause excess dryness. So do not get confused with dryness and dandruff.

When the flakes are dropped on the forehead it causes to produce small pimple like bumps on the forehead. There is no need to go for a pimple treatment. Take care of the flakes then the pimples will run away.

Instead of using oil on the scalp just use oil (very lightly) on hair only, avoiding two inches from the scalp side. Continue this for few days. At the same time take bath or head washing without using shampoo. And towel dry scalp very lightly. Do not scratch on the scalp but gently rub with fingers. This will drop out the flakes gradually. After a week or two you can see the flakes are diminishing. The oiling on the hair keep the scalp not getting more dryness. After removing the fakes you can oil the scalp also. After this you have to take care doing oiling once in a week.

If you do not use oil then try suitable hair packs.(search in this site for "hair packs") Wash hair thoroughly in water and do rub with fingers then wash again. Do not use hard shampoo. Towel dry hair and use hair pack. This will definitely solve the problem.

The mail which I received tells that she has sinus problem, so she cannot use oil or hair packs. What is a solution in this situation. Simple, your aim should be to remove the flakes first. Wash hair in water without using hard shampoo. Use green gram powder to wash the scalp if you want. Rub on the scalp with fingers while doing washing. Then towel try hair and scalp. After few days of removing the flakes use mild herbal hair conditioner. This will keep hair moisturized and this will help the scalp to become normal.

So please read the above post three times and choose a suitable remedy. Good luck.

Face Pack for Saggy Facial Skin

In some cases, around the age of forty, the facial skin starts to become saggy. If care is taken at this beginning stage we can avoid the sagging tendency. The very first thing to take care of is never ever massage your face downward. And remember to give few upward massage regularly. Here is a recipe for a face pack to avoid saggy skin.

Wheat flour 3tsp
Rice flour 3 tsp
Maida flour 2tsp
Cabbage leaves 5
Egg 1

Put all the ingredients except egg in mixer/grinder and make a paste of it. Take it in a bowl and add one egg and mix well to get a medium paste. Do not ask me whether it can be kept in fridge, because the answer will be a big nay.

Wash face with normal water. Use fresh milk to cleanse the face and neck. Dip a cotton ball into the milk and give a circular upward motion on the face. Do it very lightly. Then take two tsp of sugar powder and add a little water. Apply this all over the face. Then wash it off. Then apply the face pack from neck to fore head. Give upward stroke using fingers. Take care to apply evenly all over the face and neck. Apply pack in medium thickness. Then keep it for 20 min. Then sprinkle water on the pack and make it thoroughly wet. After this wipe the pack using cold water. Do not give pressure on the skin during wiping it off.

You have to do it repeatedly as per your convenience. But not daily. This face can diminish skin's tendency to get sagged. The cabbage leaves reduce the wrinkles on the skin.

Homemade Remedies for clear skin

Today we are going to see homemade remedies for clear skin. Not only for face, for all over the body. To get a clear skin the best way is take care of your skin. Normally we used to try for clear skin only on face. While taking care of to get a clear skin on face just extent it to the whole body. There are lots of homemade remedies for clear skin. Today I give you a simple easy to do homemade remedy.

Homemade Remedies for clear skin ingredients: You may be knowing about milk baths and its benefits. Yes milk can give a soft skin and a supple texture. The milk can be used in many ways for our skin to get the natural beauty. Here you are getting a skin treatment with milk-honey-oats. For this you need one cup of fresh milk. Milk with cream not removed. And 1/4 cup of oatmeal. Then you get one tsp. honey.

Homemade Remedies for clear skin how to prepare: Cook the oats in the milk. Boil it till it becomes a loose mix but not watery. Allow it to cool and add honey and mix well. Normally you know when the milk cools down the cream layer will come up. Use this layer to spread over face.

Homemade Remedies for clear skin how to apply: Wash the whole body and cleanse well. Then apply the milk oats honey bath pack all over body. Give simple rub through out body. For an added advantage you can mix original sandal wood powder or turmeric powder also. Wait for 10-15 min. and wash it off and take a whole bath. This time do not use soaps. If needed use green gram powder very lightly to cleanse.You can use homemade remedies for clear skin once in a week and be happy.

Homemade Pigmentation Pack

In early stages of pigmentation it can be cleared or controlled by using homemade pigmentation packs. Here I am suggesting a simple, at home pigmentation mask for daily use. In my experience I have done and suggested this method for many of my clients and found good results within few days. But you have to use this daily for about 0ne month or till pigmentation vanishes.

Homemade Pigmentation Pack Ingredients:
1. Oats powder 4tsp.
2. Powdered sugar 1tsp.
3. Turmeric powder 1/2tsp.

You take normal oatmeal and grind it well using mixer grinder. Also make a powder of sugar. Mix both of it. Add turmeric powder. If you can get a special turmeric powder that is especially for cosmetic use coming under Curcuma zingiberaceae family is fine. Otherwise use normal turmeric powder. Add water to make a paste.

Clean your face with water. Apply clean cloth or tissue on face. Then apply a thin layer of almond oil. Now you can put the above pack evenly on face. Keep it for 25 min. Then wash it off.

If you have bumps or acne on face please avoid almond oil. Then no need to apply any oil. Also after applying this pack avoid direct sun exposure. So apply this pigmentation pack in the evening. Or if you want to go out use some sun protection. Apply this homemade pigmentation pack daily for few weeks till pigmentation goes.

Green Apple Face Mask

Homemade Green Apple Face Mask

There are lots of face masks are available in stores. Also available so many homemade face mask recipes. Select a face mask according to your need. Consider the atmospheric conditions of your place and climate or seasons. Green Apple face mask is good for all skin types. The face mask what I am suggesting here helps to moisturize and replenish the skin. Moreover it is a skin texturizing mask. Naturally your skin look good and a glow can be seen. Face looks fresh instantly.

How to prepare green apple face mask
It is very simple and saves money and time. The ingredients required are half green apple, 2 tsp honey and 3 tsp. yogurt/curd. This quantity is for just one time use. Try to get fresh fresh apple. Green apple contains vitamins and it can help to remove dead cells naturally. So this green apple face mask is a healthier choice.

Cut the apple into small slices. No need to peel. Put it in a blender or mixer and work for few min. to get a smooth mix. Add 2 tsp. honey and mix well. Honey helps to tighten skin so avoid the appearance of wrinkle. Now add 3 tsp. of curd and agitate well using the blender. Yogurt/curd acts as good cleanser and provides a smooth effect. Now you get a smooth green apple face mask.

Wash your face with low cold water. Apply this mask all over face and allow drying for 20 min. You may feel the skin tightening or dryness. Now splash cold water on face and wet the mask and remove it using a smooth wet cloth or tissue.

Yeh you can feel and see the difference. So apply homemade green apple face mask once in a week.

Fairness Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips for skin fairness

Fairness tips get more attention than any other beauty tips, especially in these days of more beauty awareness. There are lots of beauty tips for face available online to give a better look to face. Just looking good is a temporary solution. Let us think about maintaining or improving the skin fairness. Yes off course, there are lots of fairness products available in the market. Most of the time it creates negative results by continued use. So we can think about using homemade beauty tips for skin fairness or face fairness.

Natural Homemade Beauty Tips for Face Fairness
The first thing that has to be taken care of is to be aware of how to increase or improve skin fairness. What is skin fairness? It depends and varies from person to person. So skin fairness cannot be described in a particular way. Always it correlate with the type of skin. The fairness for an oily skin may be different from the fairness of a dry skin. Again it also varies from the color of skin. So never think that skin or face fairness is only improving the skin color. Black color or white skin color have fairness of its own way. So what is increasing or improving skin fairness on face? It is actually getting back the natural fairness, whatever it may be, by adopting some beauty remedies. Here let us think about natural and homemade beauty tips, to improve skin fairness.

Beauty tips to natural fairness:
Natural means there are no chemicals as ingredients. Homemade have two meanings. One is this can be made at home. Second is the ingredients are from your kitchen. Here I am suggesting beauty tips to improve skin complexion through using face packs or through some facials. Face packs can be made very easily. It may contain three or four very easily available ingredients from your kitchen. Homemade face pack is not having any side effects. Those who have allergic tendency have to check by applying face pack on the inner wrist.

Here I am not suggesting one homemade face pack or one natural facial to improve your skin fairness. I am giving you tips as a package of three or four beauty tip that can not only increase your fairness of skin but also help in skin whitening. But do not think that skin whitening will change skin color. Whitening here have a different meaning that getting back your original complexion. Sometime for some reason your skin may loose original whiteness (how far or less white it might be) and presently you looks dull. Then you can get back your lost whiteness through this beauty tips. This skin whitening/fairness tip is natural and so it has no side effects. At the same time it requires careful and consistent application.

How to increase fairness naturally
The natural beauty method that is going to explain here have four beauty tips. In these homemade beauty tips there are four beauty regimens. You have to do one by one. The first tip is natural skin peel. As it may reveal, it does not peel away skin. Rather it takes out the outer layer of dead cells. And the ingredients using are natural and homemade as well. So it is not like the chemical peel available in beauty stores. It will not create harsh effects on your face. The ingredients using are corn starch, egg white, turmeric and lemon juice. So follow the tips in that page. Then come back to the main page and look for the second beauty tip. The second homemade tip is natural scrub. The aim of this tip is to take out any dead cells left from the first tip. Here also this is a natural and homemade scrub. And together with this natural scrub remember to give a light massage. Massaging can improve blood circulation on face. The ingredients for this natural scrub is homemade. Chickpea , Green gram, Turmeric powder and Oats powder. Turmeric is used in these two steps. That will increase the complexion and whiteness of skin naturally. The third homemade beauty tip is skin whitening. Please remember this skin whitening will work only in light skins or white skins. This natural skin whitening cannot change the dark color to light skin color. So do not mistake that it can make your skin white. As said earlier this beauty tips can help if your light skin now gone darker because of some reasons. This step will help to get back your natural complexion. In this beauty tip the ingredients are beat root, milk and lemon. Remember this is done after skin peeling and scrubbing. So it will give very good result. Finally as the fourth beauty tip is skin tightening. If there is formation of skin fine lines or wrinkles then use this tips. For teens there is no need to follow this skin tightening. Here cabbage, rice flour and egg white are the ingredients used. This natural skin tightening gives very good result.

Here it continues to the Skin Fairness Tips page, please go for detailed instructions on how to do each steps. Each steps are explained on separate pages to avoid overloading of information.

Sun Tan Face Pack

Homemade face pack sun tan

Sun tan should be cared when it is appeared. Do not take it carelessly. Then it will be difficult to remove the tan. Remedies should be taken immediately. Sometimes sun tan will appear because of one day sun exposure. Or it may develop due to continuous sun exposure. Any how it must be treated immediately. After getting sun tan you may be thinking of how to get rid of this sun tan.Here is homemade sun tan face pack for an easy cure. It can be applied if you think there is a chance of getting tan. It can also be used after you noticed a tan on your face. It is a very good natural remedy for sun tan.

How to prepare sun tan face pack
Black gram- 10 tsp.
tomato paste- 2 tsp.
curd- 2 tsp.

Black gram you can use with or without outer skin. Take the required quantity. Make it a paste. Add 2 tsp. tomato juice or paste. Then mix it well by adding 2tsp. curd. Make a loose paste. Pour this onto a heating pan and heat it in a low flame. Do not over heat just heat it for 3, 4, min. Then allow it to cool.

How to apply sun tan face pack
Wash your face. Cleanse face with a cleanser or you can use tomato juice to cleanse. Then apply this sun tan facial pack all over the face. Apply thoroughly on the affected area. Wait for 15-20 min. Do not allow it to dry on your face. Then wash it off with cold water.

Apply this sun tan face pack (sun tan remedy) daily to get instant result. Avoid going out in the sun for these days. And avoid applying bleach or other strong chemically prepared products. If you are going out avoid sun exposure or use sun screen lotion or cream. During this time drinking carrot juice or orange juice is good. Continue applying this sun tan face pack till the tan disappears. If you think that there is chance to get sun tan gain, then apply this face pack once in a week. This is natural remedy to escape from sun tan.

How to prevent sun tan?
Avoid over sun exposure. Use sun screen lotions or other protectants. Better way is to use umbrella. Avoid sun especially during mid day.

Aging Skin Care

Aging Skin Care

Because of various reasons, including aging, skin starts to show sign of maturing. Sun damage, smoking, over stress, medicinal use etc can cause aging to skin. Skin losses its elasticity by the decline of surface collagen. This reduces natural glow of skin. Other symptoms are forming fine lines or open pores. If proper care is given you can slow them down.

Cleansing is not a complete care step for an aging or maturing skin. Still it can help to remove dirt and keep skin clean. Select very suitable cleanser that contains AHA/BHA. This helps in removing and replacing dead cells. Open pores can be reduced due to the alha/beta acids. If yo use this type of cleanser then there is no need for a toner. Once in a week use a face pack or mask that can remove dead cells. Use homemade skin tightening face mask.

Skin may look dry. So moisturizing is very important. If you can keep skin moisturized and can avoid loosing oil from skin is good. So choose a moisturizer with cream and that can attract moisture to skin. Use twice every day. This will check forming fine line and wrinkles. Or use homemade face mask to compete dryness. Apply moisturizer or mask all over face and also on neck. When you go out, always remember to use sunscreen. Either you can select a moisturizer with sun screen or use separate sunscreen lotion.

Protective Facial for aging skin
Cleansing. Apply a milky cleanser all over face with your finger. Give a soft round massage with fingers. After this wipe it off using a cotton ball. Do round move upwards.

Massaging. Massage on wet face. Use round upward motion all over the face. Tap every spot with an inch difference. This can improve circulation on that area. Tap around eye area and give outward strokes.

Exfoliation. Use an exfoliating mask. If you use peel off mask then select one with hydrating quality. Or use cucumber face pack/mask. Splash cold water several times.

Using vitamin cream is beneficial here. Finally use moisturizer. If you have extremely dry skin, then apply a thick coat of moisturizer. Then wait for 10 min. and wipe the excess moisturizer using a cotton ball.

Give importance in using moisturizer always. Rich creamy moisturizer can help you. Take special care to the eye area and try to avoid everything that creates dark circles. Use multivitamin tabs as required. Eat enough fruits.

Natural scrub

Skin Tightening mask

Anti-aging face mask

Homemade Face Bleach

How to bleach face at home
Sometimes you may face the problem of visible dark hairs on face. Even though you are not having hairs on face it may shows out little bit on some occasions. Is it right? At this moment no need to use chemical bleach. If you use chemical bleach the hair will become more visible afterward. So it is better to avoid bleach. Then what is the other solution for such a situation. Yes you can definitely use a homemade face bleach.

But if you have severe hair appearance on face then this homemade skin bleach will not be helpful. For a mild application this can be dependable. By using this homemade face bleach you can reduce the appearance of the darkness of hair and surely you will get a fresh look.

Homemade Face Bleach
For this you need one cup of milk. Get the raw milk, means without removing the milk fat. Boil milk and allow it to cool. You know when it cools an upper layer of fat will be formed. You collect this layer in a bowl. Add a small pinch of turmeric powder to it. Add few drops of lemon juice. Mix well with fingers. Homemade face bleach is ready.

Better in the morning time if you are free, wash face and apply this homemade face bleach evenly all over the face. Give a circular rubbing using your ring finger. Allow it there for ten min. Then wash it off. You can notice the difference. Use the homemade face bleach everyday till the darkness diminishes.

Hairloss remedy

Hair loss cure
You may be knowing that the reason for hairloss vary from physical to mental. If you found out the reason for the hair loss you have to try to avoid or find a solution for that reason. Still you may found your hair is loosing because of some general conditions. Here the home-made hairloss remedy comes to your help.Here are a few free herbal natural tips for hairloss, out of which you can any of these tips based on your convenience or availability of ingredients.
Hairloss cure#1

Reetha 2 tbsp.
Shikakai 2 tbsp.(Acacia concinna)
(Indian goose berry)2 tbsp.Mix amla , reetha and shikakai. By adding an egg make it a paste. Before bathing apply this paste on scalp and massage. Leave it for 20 min. Latter wash hair using a natural or mild shampoo. Repeat it thrice a week for a month.
NB: If you don't like egg, use coconut or olive oil instead of egg.

Hair loss cure#2
ingredients:castor oil
almond oil
Warm a little almond and castor oil and massage on the scalp and hair. After 15 min. rinse it off.
Do it like twice in a week. And do it for a month. It is an excellent recipe for curing hairloss and it helps new hair growth.

Indian Hairloss cure#3Triphala is an excellent remedy for hairloss. Mix it with some aloe vera jell and make it a loose paste. Apply this on scalp and hair and massage well. Give time around half an hour and rinse it off. If you can repeat it twice a week for a month or so is good.

Hairloss cure#4Get cinnamon powder and mix water to get a paste.This is good to control hair loss. Apply and massage well. These tip can be repeated once or twice till getting results.

Hairloss cure#5

Buy fenugreek seeds and grind it to make a powder. Add a little water and make a paste. Apply on your head and massage the scalp. After 30 min. rinse it off. Repeate once or twice in a week and see the results.

Note: Before trying any of these tips test your response to any allergies by applying it on you inner wrist first.

These natural homemade hairloss tips are herbal. So it is safe and economical.

Homemade Fairness Skin Whitening

Recently I am getting mails asking to suggest natural beauty tips to increase the fairness of face and body. Those who are with moderate fairness, sometimes they get dark face or dark skin on hands etc. Due to so many various reasons their skin does not show the full fairness. Occasionally they seems less fair. It is natural to think about ways to get back their beauty and fairness. So today I am suggesting a package for homemade fairness skin whitening. I said it is a package means it should be done in one or two weeks as a single course. So this will give an assured result.

Homemade Fairness beauty tips
I suggests four tips in this routine. These fairness beauty tips should be followed one by one with suitable interval. During the process you should take care of sun exposure, usage of other chemicals, soaps etc. During the interval time you should use suitable sun screen when going out in the sun. Stop using harsh soaps. Avoid bleach and unsure store bought products.

Fairness Skin Whitening Tips: One
In this tip I bring forward the homemade skin peel. During this stage the dead cells on your face will be removed as a layer. This will promote new cells to form on the face and increase beauty. As it is natural and homemade and not using chemical peel there will not be any harm in it. The result will be moderate and it is adequate. So go for the tip "homemade skin peel". After doing this skin peel give an interval of minimum three days. For these days take care of your skin as I said above. Use a natural moisturizer like aloe vera. After three days go to the Fairness Skin Whitening Tips: Two

Fairness Skin Whitening Tips: Two
In this stage you are using natural scrub. Here we are scrubbing out any extra dead cells. Smoothing the surface of skin also takes place. Here we don't need a thorough scrubbing. Just use the natural scrub very mildly. So here is the tip for "natural scrub". After this also use moisturizer. After three days go to the Fairness Skin Whitening Tips: Three. The intervals you can make weekly if you want.

Fairness Skin Whitening Tips: Three
During this, you are going to get more fairness and a skin whitening will take place.
How to get skin whitening naturally-here goes the tip, "natural skin whitening". The purpose of this step is to get more complexion. If does properly this tip will rejuvenate your skin. If you are not happy with the result, repeat this step with an interval of one day.

Fairness Skin Whitening Tips: Four
Here we are doing this after just one day from the above step. Preferably do this step on evening. Here skin tightening will takes place. If there is a tendency of sagging or wrinkles this step will take care of that. So do the "skin tightening". After one hour removing the skin tightening pack just put any cold cream very lightly and go to sleep. Next day morning wash face with cold water.

Follow all the tips according to the directions. Give more care to the skin tightening. Those who do not have wrinkles or sagging (not for below 35 - 40 ages) need not do this step. I am suggesting intervals because to avoid doing everything at a stretch. Take intervals according to your convenience but do not do it without intervals. Using these four Homemade Fairness Skin Whitening Tips you can get back your fairness.

Beauty Tips Rose Flower Fairness Pack

Night's Red Rose...Image by -RejiK via Flickr
Beauty tips for Rose Flower Fairness Pack

Women and teens now spend more money on fairness creams. The increase in the sales of fairness creams shows this. Here is a way to save your money. Do you love Rose flowers! Then you can get the fairness of rose flowers. You don't need to run anywhere to buy creams to increase your fairness. Rose flowers can help you to increase your fairness. Here is the tips. Rose flower is an wonderful flower on Earth. You all know how rose water is produced.Fairness is the most wished desire of a woman. That is the reason fairness creams and products are selling high. Here is a natural method to increase the fairness with rose flower petals.

If you have a rose flower plant in the garden you get enough flowers to make a fairness pack to increase your beauty. You can use any flower for your beauty for that matter. Here today I am giving you beauty tips to make Rose flower fairness pack. Not only rose flower just use oats powder also. Together they become best combination for a face pack to increase your fairness.

Homemade Beauty Tips: When you use a homemade fairness face pack it is so mild and soft for your skin. No need to worry about the side effects and all. When you use a store bought cream they use harsh chemicals as ingredients to get an instant result. But by a long period of use your skin gets affected with it. But when you use a natural fairness face pack and then you will know what are the ingredients. The result may not be that much instant. It may take three or more applications at least. But it won't affect your skin badly.

Important tip: The only thing you should take care is, after applying a face pack do not expose to excess sun light. That is all. If you avoid other chemical products after applying natural packs is better.

Beauty Tips for for Rose Flower Fairness Pack
Here I am suggesting you a special fairness face pack with rose flower. Rose flower is a gifted and we can utilize for our skin beauty. Any colored rose flower can be used. You can use the whole parts of flower. Just clean the flower well. Pluck out the petals and the middle portion also. Use one or two flowers. Then you need 2-3 tsp. of powdered oats. Add drops of water and mix them to make a paste. Fairness pack is ready.

Before applying this fairness pack, clean your face with normal water. You can use raw milk as cleanser. Then use orange juice as toner. Then use a wet cotton to wipe your face. This is to take out clogged dirt from your skin. Then apply rose flower fairness pack all over the face. Make sure the pack reached every corner of your facial skin and if you want towards neck also. Wait for 10-15 min. then wash it off with cold water. Tissue dry and leave your face for another 15 min.

I know you can see immediate result for using this beauty tips for fairness pack. The face will get a natural glow. You can watch a white beautiful skin with extra fairness. But still you need to apply this fairness pack for three days consecutively for best results. Do not forget to take care of your skin for these days. Do not over expose your face to sun. Avoid using other chemically manufactured products. Do not allow your skin to get dry. Wash or wet your face three four times. Do not use rough towels to wipe face. Yes now you will get a rosy textured facial skin naturally. Think about utilizing this beauty tips for applying rose flower fairness pack once in a week.

Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

How do you make sure that your skin is sensitive? When you use some products it may cause itching or burning. Some ingredients may make allergic sensations. You may feel difficult to select suitable products. You find hard time to choose a product that won't cause any problem to your skin. And the success will be on finding suitable products that fits for a sensitive skin.

First decide, very cleverly, to use only very necessary products and avoid using so many products. Normally a woman uses several products daily that supplies many chemicals to the skin. But for a sensitive skin this must be avoided. You need a good skin cleanser, a moisturizer with sun screen.Using toner or any more products are not necessary to you. Sometimes if there is some skin problems then you have to go for treatment items and use products very carefully.

Avoid using strong fragrances, colors and preservatives. Choose products that are labeled allergy tested. Using herbal products that is 100% herbal is good. Products with homemade ingredients will be a final solution to highly sensitive skin.

The most important point is a proper care for skin on a daily basis. Never leave your skin uncared. If you use make up, definitely here also you will be  choosy, do not forget to remove the make up at  the end of the day. Use gentle make up remover. Special car to be given on eye area. Use very light and creamy cleansers. Minimize the quantity of chemicals as for as possible. Cleansing must be restricted to once in a day. Always keep the skin moisturized. Avoid everything that causes dryness, including food. Use moisturizer twice a day. Drink enough water. If you use any other products for pigmentation or spots make it once or twice a week. And select non allergic treatment products. Apply products in minimum level. If any product creates allergy to the skin then try to reduce the quantity of it. Still the problems persists then try to dilute the product either by adding water or moisturizer.

Once in month do the following routine care. Here the point is to reduce maximum the use of chemicals, so it have simple and very less steps. First thing is cleansing. You can use any gentle creamy cleanser. Using a cotton ball wipe the skin gently. Or you can go for natural cleansing using the chamomile tea. Use the warm tea water as a cleanser. Rinse the face with this tea water. It is good to repeat rinsing or splashing tea water on face for 10 min. If there is dirt or oils left after rinsing then use soft cotton ball dipping tea water to wipe off the remaining oils if any. Do not press the cotton on face. Do it very gently. Now you can use a hydrating face mask for sensitive skin. Or prepare a natural face mask by mixing cooked oats and yogurt (try the term 'face pack' in the search box). While using store bought mask or homemade face pack, avoid eye area. After applying mask wait for 10 min. Then wash it off with very light warm water. Do not press or wipe the face. Finally apply suitable moisturizer with sunscreen. Gel moisturizer will be a good choice.

While choosing sunscreens, go for products that gives protection by applying as a layer. This is not through any chemical action. There are other sunscreen products that give protection through chemical reactions. Avoid such products. Do some research work in the net to collect such information. Using same product for a long period may cause allergy. So try to alternate products weekly. 

Oils and Beauty

There are so many oils that can be used to increase beauty. Oils are also used for hair care. Oil is used especially to treat dry skins. To escape from extreme dry skin, gingelly oil is helpful. Before going for bath, apply oil and massage all over the body. Wait for 10-20 min. Then take bath. If you like to avoid soap then use green gram powder.

During winter there are chances to form fine lines on the skin due to loss of water content from the surface skin. Mix caster oil and rose water and apply on face. Doing this on night and keeping it overnight gives better result.

Mix olive oil 3tsp. glycerin 1tsp. honey 1tsp. Apply this on face and body. This gives extra smooth skin and avoids dry lines and it diminish the appearance of marks by continued use.

Apply baby oil and massage face. While bathing use glycerin soap. This gives skin a smooth texture.

Mix sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and olive oil. Apply on face and body before bathing. This is for oily skin. For dry skin it may make it more dry. But apply oil before using this mix.

Mix almond oil, milk cream and sugar powder. Apply it on face. This is very good for dry skin with flakes. You get a smooth and soft skin.

Have a teaspoon of cod liver oil or shark liver oil daily before dinner. This will eradicate dryness of you r skin and give a soft skin.

Apply olive oil and massage well on face. After 5 min. apply a mix of multani mitti (clay) and milk. Wait for 10 min. and then wash it off. This is very good for dry skin.

Boil oats and milk and make thick mix. Add badam oil (almond oil). Apply the cool mix on face. After five min. wash it off with cold water.

Mix banana paste, olive oil and honey. Apply this on face, neck and hands. This removes marks from skin.

Mix equal quantity of olive oil and vinegar. Apply this on face, neck and back side of neck. This will remove the darkish patches due to sun exposure.

One tsp. gram flour, one pinch turmeric powder, three drops of lemon juice and a little olive oil. Apply this on face and wash it off after 20 min. This is a very good treatment for removing the dark shade on face. Gives shiny white complexion.

Combination Skin Care

As name indicates this  skin type is the combination of oily and dry skins. In the T-zone (center of face) area the skin shows oily nature. Cheeks show dry or normal skin;s nature. This may show some variation according to age and mental conditions. So skin care routine or using products also should show a combination method.

Skin Care for combination skin

The skin care steps you take to treat a specific area should not affect the other areas. When you do cleansing it would not be suitable to select an oily skin type product or a dry skin care product. Here you can go for cleansing liquid or bar with moisturizer. Or go face wash with moisturizer. Then use a gentle face scrub to exfoliate the dead cells. This will reduce the formation of any spots. This will eradicate the formation of blackheads in a certain extent. But using a strip or blackhead remover may become necessary. Then the moisture you use should be with mattifying quality, that would not dry out the cheek area. Use only oil free creams or light moisture lotions at night.

Skin care routine for combination skin

You have to use a forming cleanser. This will help to remove the oils from T-zone without disturbing the dry skin areas.

Use any gentle or mild facial scrub. Focus on the oily areas and give only mild rub on the other areas.

Now you can give steam. Add a little rose water to the boiling water. Give steam for about 10 min.

Then face mask. If the T-zone is giving problem then use clay based face mask and apply it on that area only. Or if the dry areas are problematic use a hydrating moisture mask on that area. Or you can combine both the steps. After ten min. wash it of with tepid or warm water. Instead of using store bought mask try natural face packs in this site. (use search box to find s suitable face pack). Face packs with fresh rose flower is recommended.

Finally apply a light moisturizer.  Take care to avoid strong rub on the oily areass while using scrubs. Take care of the skin condition individually, as the combination of oily and dry skins. Remember to moisturize the delicate areas like around the eyes.

Dry Skin Care

In this case the skin looks so tight, dull and gray. A dry skin occurs when the oil on the surface skin is less and when the water content is lost. The dry skin give a dull look and the skin may appear older that that you are. Wrinkles appears very early. Flaky outer layer give a ode look. It also increases the damage from UV rays. To make the skin hydrated it becomes necessary to keep the oil level normal.

While taking care of dry skin the primary importance should be given to avoid products that contain alcohol or soap. For cleansers select creamy or milky cleansers that suit a dry skin. Another main thing to take care is a systematic routine for dead cell removal. In a dry skin there may be more dead cells formed but renewal of new cells may be slow. So the outer flaky dead cells give a dull look. AHA cleanser can solve this problem. Using a natural and gentle scrub is advised to remove the dead cells periodically. Give more care to select a moisturizer that can hydrate skin efficiently. Water based or humectant based moisturizer can beat the situation. Use twice a day or more. Also take care of the environmental factors. Remember to drink water or fruit juices.  Avoid acidic foods. Give more care during winter season.

Routine care for dry skin

The first thing to do is exfoliation or removing dead cells. You can use a gentle facial scrub, natural scrubs are better. Give a round rub all over the face. Wet the face while doing this if the scrub become dry. Rinse the face in between.

Use a milky cleanser. Use cotton wool to do this and it cleans deeper dirt and polishes the surface skin. While wiping the face take care to leave a minimum wet on the face. Or spray cool water over the skin.

Now you have to apply a suitable mask. Select the suitable one that hydrate the skin or keep the moisture content. Or you can go for natural face mask like with avocado. (search for "avocado" in this site). Wait for 10-15 min. and rinse it off.

Now is the time for applying moisturizer. Surely you select moisturizer as explained above. While applying moisturizer just pat the face. This can retain the moisture on the skin.

This you do once or twice a week. So the dry skin gradually acquires the required normal condition. For an extremely dry skin it is recommended to use natural ingredients as cleanser, moisturizer and face mask. You can find so many natural homemade beauty tips in this site. Use the search box to find it.

Oily Skin Care

Oily skin care means doing something to reduce excess oil production. Not only that you have to keep the pores clean to avoid wrinkle forming. Oily skin will have pores with sebum on it. There will be a thin layer of oil on the outer surface that creates a shiny look. There are a lot of chances of forming open pores when the normal pores stretches out when it accumulates oil. This excess oil become exposed to air and get oxidized that results in the formation of blackheads. Latter when the dead cells stick in the oil it turns into whiteheads. This type of skin may causes acne also. The reasons for oily skin are hormonal, climatic, eating habit and poor skin care. If you are used to wash off face too frequently, the oil glands in inner layer may tend to produce more oil to counter act the oil loss.

Now you are clear that oily skin care does not mean to over wash or cleanse the skin. When you select cleansers for your oily skin, buy light forming cleanser. When you rub on the skin with this cleanser there are lot of chances of removing dead cells which can close pores. Skin with acne need a medicated cleanser. If you want to use toner, just use very light or diluted toner that will not irritate the skin. Then moisturizing. Yes you need to moisturize the skin. Your skin is having oil but not water. Use oil free moisturizer. Moisturizers with salicylic acid or witch hazel is better.

Weekly routine

Apply forming cleanser all over the face. Using s soft cotton flannel gently move on the face in circular motion. The cleanser breaks down the oil and the rubbing remove the dead cells if any.

Steam your face. After boiling water give few min. to go off the thick steam. Then keep your face over the bowl but keep a safe distance from the bowl. Put a towel over your head and stay there for 10 min.

Now it is the time for removing blackheads. Use a blackhead remover or some small tissue or cotton. Wrap the tissue around the fingers and rub around the blackheads. After removing blackheads apply a little tea tree oil.

Now you can go for a mask. Clay mask is a good choice to remove the excess oil and impurities. Or you can go for natural face masks like strawberry mask. (search for "strawberry" in this site). Do not allow the mask to get dry on the face, wash it off before that.

Neem Antiseptic Face Pack

Neem Antiseptic Face Pack

Neem - Azadirachta indica

When you feel to get some natural ways that make your skin look glowing and feel great here is Neem antiseptic face pack. It makes you look beautiful and it avoids any skin irritation or itching due to sun burn etc. Neem leaves got antiseptic properties. It is proved that neem has good antibacterial properties also.

Here I am suggesting a great method to make this neem antiseptic face pack. Wee need grated coconut and few neem leaves. If coconut is not available look for coconut powder, not coconut milk powder. Neem powder also is available now.

How to make Neem Antiseptic Face Pack
Take 3 tsp. grated coconut in small bowl. Mix 1 tsp. neem powder and one inch turmeric powder to it. Add few drops of water and make it a paste.

Wash your face and apply this pack on face. Leave this pack on face for 15 min. and then wash it off. You can use this pack on full body if you like. Then do it before bath and take bath after applying this pack. This Neem Antiseptic Pack can give you astonishing benefit to your skin.

Fruits Vegetables and Beauty

Fruits Vegetables and Beauty

Earlier also I wrote about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. For our good health vegetables and fruits play a very important role. Not only for health, they are so helpful in increasing and sustaining our skin beauty. Fruits and vegetables are so safe to eat, so they can be used in beauty care without any fear. When we eat the useful content digest and is absorbed by the body. Most of the contents reach the outer skin also. But when we apply them superficially the benefits are reached directly to the skin. The juices and pulp impart a very sudden and instant result. That is the reason people are very confident in the result of using natural ingredient in beauty care.

Carrot is very rich in vitamin A. Drink everyday a glass of carrot juice. This will give a special glow to your eyes. Not only that your face gets a new complexion. It looks so supple. You can use carrot pulp as a face pack. Mix milk cream and carrot pulp and apply on face. After ten  fifteen min. wash it off. Do it daily for five days and repeat it once or twice in a week. If you want it is ok to boil carrot and make a paste. Add milk or honey. Think that you have to attend a function on the evening. After lunch drink a glass of carrot juice. Then have a nice nap. Look on the mirror and feel the difference on your face.

Drinking grape juice is so beneficial not only for your digestive system, it gives a fresh look to your facial skin. When you have some wedding functions and it may be necessary to keep your beauty then take care to avoid acidic food. Drink a glass of grape juice before sleeping. In morning dip a cotton ball in grape juice and rub all over face and neck. Then apply grape pulp on face and keep it for 10 min. Wash it of in cold water. this will make skin smooth and soft. Applying black grape and lemon juice mix on lips is very good to get color and shape.

Apple every day keeps the health in shape. Eating apple is good habit not only for stomach and digestion, it also increases the skin texture, softness and look. Or drink apple juice. Carrot, grape and apple are very very important fruits that keep your skin beauty. Mix apple pulp and milk cream. Apply this on face every morning. This balance your pH condition on the surface skin. Drinking apple juice keep your stomach in balance condition. Over acidity make your skin dry and it may cause wrinkles. So take care of the acidity.

Papaya is an unavoidable ingredient in natural beauty care. Papaya juice is very good for stomach cleansing. Good for acidity. Applying papaya pulp on face is very good. This has got a cleansing and bleaching effect. Face looks like bleached and cleansed. If mix with a pinch of turmeric powder can help in increasing facial skin beauty. It gives cleansing facial effect. For dry skin type mix it with honey and apply. But do not use half ripe or raw papaya. Test it on inner wrist for any itching effect.

Homely Care for Skin

Mix orange juice, honey and multani mitti and make a paste. Apply this on face and wash it off after 15 min. This is very good for oily face to get a clear skin.

Grind the dry seeds of orange and make it a paste by adding water. This is very effective for pimple treatment.

Cut orange into four pieces and take one piece and give a round rubbing all over the face. This is very good to remove extra oil and dirt from face. By continued use your skin becomes clear and smooth.

Grind dry orange peels and add rose water to make it  a paste. Apply this on face and give a though massage to remove white heads and black heads.

Mix green gram flour, lemon juice and curd. Apply this on face and body to clear sun exposure effect from skin.

Add few drops of lemon juice to coconut oil. Use this oil all over body. Then take bath.

Mix sugar powder and lemon juice. Apply this on face and give a soft massage to remove dead cells.

Add milk cream and water melon juice. Apply this on face to remove marks from face.

Curd and tomato juice is a very good treatment for avoiding extra oiliness on face.

Add lemon juice and cucumber juice and apply on face to remove acne marks.

Make a paste of cabbage, cucumber, sugar and few drops pf lemon juice. Apply this on neck to remove wrinkles from neck region.

Carrot is a best way to skin complexion. Drink carrot juice daily. Apply carrot and milk cream on face. Put grated carrot on eyes to remove dark circles.

Skin Beauty Information

Skin Beauty Information
In oily face, the dead cells and oil make a comfortable place for bacteria. The oxygen from the atmosphere causes oxygenation make the spot black. Altogether this causes the skin pores to be closed. This is actually called black heads.

Cabbage ground, a pinch yeast and three drops honey. This is very good for wrinkles.

An equal mix of almond oil, olive oil and wheat germ oil is very good to massage on face and body before bathing.

A mix of fullers earth, tomato pulp, curd and cucumber juice is avery good cleansing mask.

Carrot pulp and almond oil can be used for wrinkles.

Orange juice, honey, multani mitti and rose water. Mix well and prepare a paste. Wash the face and apply it. Wash it off after 20 min, before it getting dry on face. This very good to remove excess oil from an oily type face.

Three tsp. of coconut oil and one tsp. lemon juice. Apply this on face and body before bathing. To wash it off use chick pea flour. This can increase the skin complexion and smoothness.

A mix of lemon juice and sugar is a very good trick t remove dead cells and to get a shiny face.

Water melon is very good item for skin beauty. Apply the pulp of water melon on face and neck. This can give some relaxation to eczema also. Drink melon juice everyday.

Half tomato, half potato and a few drops of lemon juice. Grind and make a paste. This is very good for removing white spots on face.

Quick Skin Care Tips

Homemade Skin Care Tips

To remove black spots (not moles) on face, mix neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves paste, honey and red sandal powder and make it a paste. This is very good for black patchy spots. Do it daily for few days.

For pimples: Make a paste of salad cucumber and apply on face. this will give you clean fresh look. This will absorb excess oil. This is very good for removing pimples and black spots.

Grind cardamom seeds and mix with milk cream. This removes the blackish patches and spots from face.

Make paste out of tulsi leaves and red sandal and apply to remove marks and acne scars.

Applying papaya paste on face can remove pimples. Select ripe papaya.

Applying a mix of glycerin and honey gives glowing skin. This also helps to remove marks from the skin by continued application.

A paste of curry leaves and turmeric powder is very effective for removing pimples.

A paste of mint leaves and guava leaves can remove pimples.

Grind almond seeds and rose petals and add milk. Apply this on face to remove black heads and acne.

Make a paste of red onion (small) and apply on the pimples. wash it off after 20 min. to remove pimples.

Mix orange peel paste and rose water. Apply this on face to avoid pimples.

Cut an orange into two. Take one half and drop few drops of honey onto it. Rub it on face and wait for 15 min. This is good for getting glowing face.

Make a paste of sandal powder and turmeric powder. Apply this on face to get a good complexion.

Quick Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

I had already wrote a lot about hair care, hair loss, dandruff etc. Still there are lots of information, especially about home remedies, for you. Here I am mentioning some instant and quick remedies. For detailed information you can search in this site (using search box).

After using shampoo, add three tsp. lemon juice and one tsp. vinegar in one cup of water. You can take more water if you want but keep the ratio. Wash hair with this. This will give a conditioning effect to hair. Not only that, it makes hair shiny.

Take three cups of water and five fresh goose berry (amla). It is better to cut goose berry into pieces. Boil the water for few min. Cool it and wash hair with this. this will give a shiny and dark hair.

Make four tsp. of curry leaf paste and add curd. Mix well and apply on the scalp. Wash it off after 25 min. This will make hair dark and this can help in avoiding untimely white hair. If you see any tendency for gray hair then make this a habit to use it once in a week.

You can buy amla powder from the market. Select genuine brand. Mix five tsp. amla powder and enough curd to make a paste. Apply this on scalp and hair. This is a good conditioner and it helps the hair growth.

Mix henna powder and amla powder. By adding tea water make it a loose paste. Apply this on scalp and hair. This is very good conditioner. This helps in hair growth. More over henna gives reddish tint to gray hair.

Mix one tbsp. lemon juice and five tbsp. coconut milk. Apply this on scalp and wait for half an hour. When it becomes dry wash it off. Do this once in a week. This will help in hair loss.

Here is a very effective treatment for dandruff. Mix coconut oil and lemon juice. Warm it and apply on scalp. Massage scalp well for 20 min. Then wash hair using shikakai powder. This is very good for dandruff and hair fall.

Dandruff remedy

A beautiful hair adds extra beauty to a beautiful face. So hair care is very important. General hair care is unavoidable and a daily routine should be accepted for the long term care of hair. But sometimes there are many circumstances that insist for extra care for hair. It may be because of several hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, untimely white hair etc. Out of different problems the dandruff is a main villain. Dandruff may lead to many other problems like hair fall, retarded hair growth, acne on forehead etc.

Dandruff is a main problem among teen age groups. Once formed it is very difficult to avoid  dandruff permanently. Even if it is curable there are chances to reappear dandruff. There are more chances of getting dandruff for those with dry scalp. First time the dandruff appears as dry flakes on the scalp.

Main reasons for getting dandruff
The main reason for dandruff is the absence of proper hair care. The diet also is an important factor in this. Using shampoo with high chemical also constitute for dandruff. The absence of moisture content leads to dryness and it causes dandruff. Over use of hair dye, hair spray and hair gel etc. also leads to dandruff.

There are lots of anti dandruff shampoos available in the market. But most of the anti dandruff shampoos make the hair more try while it tries to over wash the hair. So select shampoo according to your skin type. Also remember to keep the hair in normal condition, that means hair is not too dry or too oily.

There are lots of natural herbal treatments to cure dandruff. This can be done at your home. Fenugreek is a number one remedy for dandruff. Mix water in the fenugreek powder and make a paste. Apply this on scalp and hair. Keep it for 20 min and wash it off. Do it daily for one week and repeat it once in a week. This can cure dandruff.

A paste of brahmi powder is also a best treatment for dandruff. Brahmi powder is available in beauty stores (Indian). After treating dandruff with brahmi powder it is good to use brahmi hair oil. This can help in hair growth.

Applying amla (Indian Gooseberry) paste also is very good for dandruff. Amla powder is also available in the market. Or you can buy fresh amla and dry it and powder it. Or use fresh goose berry by grinding it. Repeated use of this can cure dandruff.

Make a mix of amla, shikakai and reetha powder and add water to make a paste. apply this on hair. This is also a very good hair cleanser and conditioner.

After treating dandruff, you have to take extra care to avoid the chances of reappearing dandruff. The main thing you have to do is proper hair care. Do not allow to get extreme dry or oily condition to hair. Always keep it normal. Adopt daily and weekly hair care routine. Select hair product very carefully. Avoid over use of products with high chemicals. Eating fresh leafy vegetable and fruits helps not only for scalp but also for entire skin.

General Hair Care Tips

Hair Care

A healthy hair is depended mainly on a healthy diet, good exercise and proper care. Head hair is located underneath of  scalp skin. Hair is produced from the hair follicles. The necessary protein for hair growth is supplied through blood circulation in the scalp area. Here we can understand that the food we eat also decides hair growth. Pertinacious food helps the hair growth. Fish, meat, milk, butter and food grains contains protein. Fresh fruits also help in this. Also eat green leafy vegetables that can increase the iron content in the blood. The iron in the blood can stimulate oxygenation in the body.

If your hair is too dry you have to oil once in a week. But do not keep hair so oily. If the hair is oily then you have to shampoo once n a week. Always take care to keep hair not too oily or too dry. Hair must be in a medium or combination level. Normally the oil glands under the scalp can produce the required oil. There is no need to put oil externally. But sometimes the oil glands may work up normally. It may produce excess oil or it may not produce enough oil. In this condition you have to mange it by adjusting your diet. But if the oil production is not becoming normal then you have to go for shampooing or oil massage.

Another main and important matter I have to mention is about over shampooing. If the hair and scalp is extremely oily then there will be a tendency to wash hair very frequently. This is not a proper method. If you wash away total oil by over shampooing then the oil glands on the scalp may try to produce more oil. As you wash more the glands tends to produce more oil. Do not over wash, that will not solve the problem. First of all try to solve the problem by food control. Next use mild shampoos that only reduce the oil very little. Do not use any shampoo that may make hair very dry. Instead of using shampoo you can try a suitable homemade hair pack.

Another important thing is over oiling. If your hair is too dry there will be tendency to oil hair. Oiling is good but do not put more oil. It may produce dandruff. If you are in a habit of oil the hair once in a week that is good. You can put enough oil on hair and scalp. After half an hour remove the excess oil by using a suitable shampoo. If you don't like shampoo again homemade hair packs are good.

For a healthy scalp and hair it is highly advisable to do a head massage, with oil or without, once in a week at least. That will increase the blood circulation in scalp area.

Chick pea powder or green gram powder can be used to wash hair. Apply oil before using this. Hibiscus leaves can be used as shampoo and conditioner.

Face Pack for Open Pores

Face Pack for Open Pores
If the pores are not very old and big then you can minimize it by using this face pack. This includes a process by which you will be able to minimize the appearance of open pores. The face pack includes egg white and multani mitti (fuller's earth or clay). This you have to do consistently for a long period.

Cleansing:Cleanse the face with a cleansing milk or lotion. Or you can use fresh milk. Dip a cotton ball on the milk and rub on the facial skin. Do it all over the face. Do it very lightly. Do not press a lot on the face.

Toning:Use an astringent for toning the face. For this use your fingers to apply the astringent and pat on the skin. If you want you can use any natural astringent like orange. Cut an orange into two circular halves. Use one of it to rub on the face. Wipe face with wet tissue.

Steaming:Steam the face for three min. After two min. waiting use ice cube to rub on the face.

Preparation of face pack for open poresTake three tsp. fullers earth and add one egg white. Mix well. Adjust the ingredients to get a thick paste. Then add astringent and mix together.

Applying face pack:Apply the face pack on the wet face. At first apply evenly and lightly all over the face. Then apply a second coat over the first coat to form a thick pack. Wait for 10-15 min. Wash the face with cold water.

Repeat this process once in week for two months or more. Gradually the appearance of the pores will be diminished.

Pigmentation Facial

Facial for pigmentation at home
This facial at home helps to remove pigmentation and tan gradually. This facial consists of two steps. One is using oats as a scrub to remove pigmentation. The second one is doing facial for removing tan. Both this procedure give a glowing face by repeating for three or five times.

Oats and sugar for pigmentation

Take three tsp. oat meal and grind it lightly. Also grind sugar to get a medium powder. Add 2 tsp. sugar to oats powder. Add a little water to make it wet. If you have oily skin add few drops of lemon juice also. Now clean face and do light massage with oats sugar scrub. Give a round massage all over the face. After finishing massage, apply this mix as a pack. Wait for five min. and wipe the face with wet tissue.

Potato and turmeric for tan

Mash one boiled potato and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix this well by adding milk on to it to get a loose paste. Take a little of this on your fingers and move fingers all over the face to give a light massage. After doing this apply the mix all over the face. Wait for 10 min. and then wash face with cold water. Tissue dry face.

This combination facial can give very good result for pigmentation and tan. You have to repeat it twice or thrice a week for three weeks minimum. During this process avoid direct sunlight between 11am to 4 pm. This pigmentation facial can be done even if you do not have pigmentation, because it will prevent pigmentation on future.

Fairness Facial

Fairness Facial

I hope that I have presented all most all necessary homemade beauty tips for you. That includes natural scrubs, facial at home, different face packs, hair packs, skin peel, skin tightening, skin fairness packs, hair dandruff, hair growth, acne/pimples etc. If you have come to this site with any specific enquiry, certainly you have to use the search box to find your necessary tips in this site. Even if it is so, still, there are lots of new areas to conquer. By keeping this in mind I will try to explore new ideas in newer ways to help you in your specific needs. See here a new idea of giving you an instant and super beauty facial idea. Please try this out and I am sure you will be happy from this facial at home.

Fairness and polishing facial

Ingredients: Cabbage leaves 3 or 4
                    Oats powder 3 tsp.
                    Full cream milk powder 2 tsp.
                    Lemon juice 2 drops

Get three fresh green leaves of cabbage. Put in a mixer bowl and add 3 tsp. oat meal. Grind these by adding a little water. On the way add 2 or 3 tsp. milk powder. Grind well and get a smooth paste. If you are with extreme oily face then only add few drops of fresh lemon juice. And if you are whitish color then you can get extra complexion by adding 1pinch of original turmeric powder. Mix everything well.

Now wash your face. If you have dirt on the skin then clean with any cleanser. You can use fresh milk on a cotton ball to clean face. Then take a little of facial pack and rub or massage on the face. Give round and light massage. Take the pack little by little and do round massage all over the face and neck. Continue this for 4 min. Then wipe the face with wet tissue. Now you can apply it once again as a pack. Allow the pack on the face for 5 min. then wash face with cold water. Tissue dry the facial skin.

This facial at home gives an instant fairness and also can make your face fairer by using it for five days alternatively. This gives the result of a natural polishing and fairness facial.

Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care
Here are some tips for caring your skin.  Most effective beauty aids are lemon, potato,carrot, cucumber, tomato. For oily skin, lemon is very effective. Add a small quantity of milk and few drops  of lemon juice in oat flour. Apply this mixture on the face, leave it for 20 min. and then wash off with luke warm water.

For black spots and shadow on face here is a simple and definite solution. Mix lemon juice and fresh milk cream can be applied before retiring to bed. Leave it overnight. This will reduce the appearance of dark spot or shade by consistent use.

Applying cooked and mashed potato also keeps the skin clean and fresh.

Carrot is a very good ingredients in many face packs. A simple and effective face pack can be made at home. Chop carrot into small pieces, boil these in water. Mash it to get a paste and apply on the face. Keep it for half an hour.

If you have clogs on the skin it should be removed frequently. For cleaning clogged pores, mix tomato juice and lemon juice in equal quantity. Apply this on face by using fingers or cotton ball.

Grated cucumber can be applied on face to make the face fresh. This removes the dark circle effect. Also cucumber piece can be placed on eyes.


Everyday clean your face and neck with a good cleansing milk.
You can use good astringent for oily skin.
After cleaning your face, take a piece of ice and massage your face slowly with it.
Wash your face with cold water at least thrice a day.
A light massage with a cream on face before going to bed is very useful. (water based cream.)


Do not use soap. If your skin is oily, then wash your face with soap only once in a day. Cleansing cream can be used on face in case of dry skin. For oily skin use skin tonic. Do not wash your face with very hot water. Using moisturizer reduces dryness of the skin. Do not forget to massage your face with cold cream or skin tonic before going to bed. Use as little make up as possible if you have pimples.

Make a paste by adding maida to milk and rub it well on face. This will remove dirt and dust and skin becomes soft.

For dry and rough skin: Take the seed of water melon, pumpkin and cucumber in equal quantity. Grind them in milk adding fresh milk cream. Apply this on face and leave it for half an hour.

To get a glowing skin: Take three tsp. or more mustard seeds. Clean them and grind. Make a paste either in milk or water. Apply it on face and leave it for 20 min.

Mind and Beauty

Mind and Beauty
What is the role of mind in beauty care. Yes there is a very subtle relationship in keeping your beauty. The basic thing is what ever reflects in your mind may get reflected on your facial expressions. Also, What feelings you keep in your mind mostly, that becomes your habit. Suppose you have some difficulties in your life then you automatically frowns. Finally your face carries the marks of frowning. Instead of this if you try to smile then your face become spready than wrinkled. Here comes the smile therapy. But I suspect this artificial smiling with a weeping mind.

I had gone through some positive thinking books. But I felt they are only theoretical and most of them are not practically proven. Now the word 'positive thinking' has become a negative symbol. I have some other ideas regarding our mind to help in beauty. Let me round it off this way: Never ever allow mind to emotionally respond, favorably or unfavorably, to any life situations. This does not tell you that do not respond, but do not respond emotionally. Do not keep good or bad memories in emotional shelf of your mind. In short, do not be an emotional being. The emotions get recorded and latter it may push you again to pass through such situations. Even if it is a pleasant memory, it is not good getting repeated. That is actually a turn back.

Do not allow emotions to guide you, instead you have to guide emotions. A properly balanced and trained mind can help in your beauty. A healthy mind can produce a healthy body. A healthy body can keep its beauty. So what things can be done to keep an equilibrium of mind. First of all maintain a perfect routine in daily life. Good sleep. Do not over sleep. Balanced food. Daily meditations or prayer. Exercise. And mainly, keep emotional maturity. Remember the saying that do not react just pro-act.

Why I pointed it is because the inner feelings are reflected on the face. So that feelings influence the appearance of face. Remember the wrinkles and crow feet that affects the facial beauty. You can notice that your beauty is seen when you smile. Most probably when you look on the mirror you try to smile and see the most of your outlook. When you go to a studio then the photographer tells you to keep a smiling face, why? And after you change your smile the face may get frowned. Think about if you can keep a pleasant mind that twill create a smile on your face always.

So try to avoid crating emotional files and remember to delete the old emotional files. How to delete the old files from memory. Call it back and remove the emotional tag. Means remove the emotions by dissolving the emotional thoughts connected to it. Just say it is not very relevant now and it is not helping my happy life. I think it is very much necessary for those who think that beauty is important. So think about it.

Homemade remedy for Blackheads

Homemade remedy for Blackheads
Whatever facials you do and how much make up you wear, sometimes all the good effects of them can be diminished by few blackheads. When you do facials and make up by yourself you may not be serious about the blackheads because of lack of time to go to beauty parlor. Don't worry, here is a simple homemade remedy for removing black heads.

This homemade remedy for blackhead is very easy to prepare and the result is amazing. The ingredients involved are camphor, turmeric and rice flour. Get camphor that is used for pooja purposes. Try to get good quality camphor. Here you need one medium size pellet for one fourth cup of rice flour. Turmeric powder you need a small pinch.

Preparation of blackhead remedy
Take 1/4 cup of rice flour. Powder the camphor pellet and mix with the rice flour. Add a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix well by mixing raw milk on it. Get a medium thick paste that is not too loose.

First of all you have to cleanse face. Here you can use the raw milk for it. Dip a cotton boll on milk and rub face in circular motion. Try to remove all the dirt from the skin. Repeat for, that is well enough to cleanse the face thoroughly. Then wet the face with water. Now you can apply the rice flour pack all over the face. Apply it on the affected area well. Leave it for 15-20 min. Then dip your fingers on water and give massage all over the face. Also remember to give a thorough rub with the thumb on the affected area. After five minutes' massage, cleanse face with cold water. At the first application you can see the appearance of blackhead is diminishing. Apply it once in every three days. Gradually the black head will disappear totally without any skin damage.

Brahmi and Acidity

Brahmi and Acidity

Many times, the medicinal plant Brahmi (Centella asiatica) has been mentioned in this site as a way for hair growth. Brahmi is used for preparing hair oil. This hair oil helps hair growth. The leaves of brahmi is used to make a wonderful memory enhancing Ayurvedic medicine. Research has proved its capacity for memory enhancing. Together with this important properties the wonderful plant has another local usage as a very good remedy for acidity and ulcer problems. Read the details.

Brahmi plant (Centella asiatica)
This plant is very common in Asia including India. There is another plant known as Bacopa monnieri. Both are known as brahmi. Here I am talking about Centella asiatica. Here we see its usefulness as a remedy for severe acidity. Food is digested with digestive juices from glands. But sometimes this juices are produced in excess. This extreme acids produce burning sensation in the stomach. This may lead to ulcer. The paste of brahmi leaves are very useful in treating this acidity.

Take out the leaves of brahimi palnt and put in a mixer/grinder. Add a little water and make a paste out of it. Or make it a loose juice of it. The paste can be swallowed or the the juice can be drunk. It is better to use in the morning after the morning tea. Take daily for a week or two. We can see a unremarkable good feeling by the use of a week. Continue using it till get the full result.

Beauty Consciousness

Psychology of beauty consciousness and related problems

Beauty consciousness is a positive thing especially in this modern world. Of course it is! Each of us have our own independent and unique beauty awareness. This varies depending upon the various conscious levels. No one can calculate accurately the different states of this beauty consciousness, because it is of numerous types. Beauty or something else, whatever it may be, that is not comprehensible. That is the reason there are numerous beauty concepts available in the beauty business. When it comes to the beauty products it is with tremendous number of products. Just like in life, humans do not have a correct or accurate awareness regarding how to live a life , here in beauty consciousness there is no correct and accurate way of pursuing our own beauty. The main reason for this is lack of knowledge about correct beauty ideas and products.

For example think that there is a new product in the market for hair straightening. Get some awareness about this product. The very first point to see is this is a factory product and not a natural product. So that may be either totally of chemical ingredients or a mixture of chemicals and natural ingredients. Most probably the natural ingredient is added because to give a false impression that totally it is a natural product. The main active ingredient may be a chemical. But the chemical ingredients are not totally unsafe if it is processed well. But unfortunately, the chemical ingredients are very strong and it is done to increase the effectiveness of the product. Manufacturers are with the opinion that most the buyers are looking for instant result. This aspect is also because of the improper awareness about beauty concepts. From this fact we can understand one thing that all the improper practices in the beauty market is popping up because of the customers' lack of knowledge. Manufacturers say that they give out what the customers ask. So we as customers have to know what to ask. Let us take the case of hair straightening product. The customer want to make hair straight instantly. This idea of straightening the hair comes from an infatuation. There is no fault in it. But together with that customer must give time to study things behind hair straightening and related products. In against this, most of the time when an idea popes out to straighten the hair, then straight away runs to the store and ask for some product. Simultaneously put forward one demand that please give some effective product. What is meant by effective?

In the first place we have to understand that the curly nature of hair is hair's behavioral pattern. It cannot be changed naturally and permanently. If we go for some natural methods it might be temporary that is why it is without much damage. But if we aim for a permanent solution  then think that it will be possible through unnatural means. So have a concrete idea that the straightening products are doing its work through chemically synthesized ingredients. If the ingredient is mild then the result also may be mild. If the result is unbelievable then think that the ingredients are strong. What is wrong in it? Nothing wrong in the manufacturer's side but in your hair. The result is instant and it makes you happy. But after few weeks surely you will be invited for a protein treatment to escape from unavoidable damage of hair. Alas! you are in between Sky-la and Carib-dis. It is a point of no return. So you accepts the invitation and takes the protein treatment. No product can give instant escape from hair damage. This time you may be thinking that if I could know about this loss I might not have gone for hair straightening. Who cares? If this is your attitude then go ahead. But that is your temporary notion. You want to make your hair fascinating but at the same time how can you afford to destroy your total hair. If you loves hair style then you must love your hair also. Other wise there will be no good hair and so there would not be good style. So choose products with great care. Compromise on infatuation and know it is for your good. Good luck and have nice hair experience!