Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

How do you make sure that your skin is sensitive? When you use some products it may cause itching or burning. Some ingredients may make allergic sensations. You may feel difficult to select suitable products. You find hard time to choose a product that won't cause any problem to your skin. And the success will be on finding suitable products that fits for a sensitive skin.

First decide, very cleverly, to use only very necessary products and avoid using so many products. Normally a woman uses several products daily that supplies many chemicals to the skin. But for a sensitive skin this must be avoided. You need a good skin cleanser, a moisturizer with sun screen.Using toner or any more products are not necessary to you. Sometimes if there is some skin problems then you have to go for treatment items and use products very carefully.

Avoid using strong fragrances, colors and preservatives. Choose products that are labeled allergy tested. Using herbal products that is 100% herbal is good. Products with homemade ingredients will be a final solution to highly sensitive skin.

The most important point is a proper care for skin on a daily basis. Never leave your skin uncared. If you use make up, definitely here also you will be  choosy, do not forget to remove the make up at  the end of the day. Use gentle make up remover. Special car to be given on eye area. Use very light and creamy cleansers. Minimize the quantity of chemicals as for as possible. Cleansing must be restricted to once in a day. Always keep the skin moisturized. Avoid everything that causes dryness, including food. Use moisturizer twice a day. Drink enough water. If you use any other products for pigmentation or spots make it once or twice a week. And select non allergic treatment products. Apply products in minimum level. If any product creates allergy to the skin then try to reduce the quantity of it. Still the problems persists then try to dilute the product either by adding water or moisturizer.

Once in month do the following routine care. Here the point is to reduce maximum the use of chemicals, so it have simple and very less steps. First thing is cleansing. You can use any gentle creamy cleanser. Using a cotton ball wipe the skin gently. Or you can go for natural cleansing using the chamomile tea. Use the warm tea water as a cleanser. Rinse the face with this tea water. It is good to repeat rinsing or splashing tea water on face for 10 min. If there is dirt or oils left after rinsing then use soft cotton ball dipping tea water to wipe off the remaining oils if any. Do not press the cotton on face. Do it very gently. Now you can use a hydrating face mask for sensitive skin. Or prepare a natural face mask by mixing cooked oats and yogurt (try the term 'face pack' in the search box). While using store bought mask or homemade face pack, avoid eye area. After applying mask wait for 10 min. Then wash it off with very light warm water. Do not press or wipe the face. Finally apply suitable moisturizer with sunscreen. Gel moisturizer will be a good choice.

While choosing sunscreens, go for products that gives protection by applying as a layer. This is not through any chemical action. There are other sunscreen products that give protection through chemical reactions. Avoid such products. Do some research work in the net to collect such information. Using same product for a long period may cause allergy. So try to alternate products weekly. 

Oils and Beauty

There are so many oils that can be used to increase beauty. Oils are also used for hair care. Oil is used especially to treat dry skins. To escape from extreme dry skin, gingelly oil is helpful. Before going for bath, apply oil and massage all over the body. Wait for 10-20 min. Then take bath. If you like to avoid soap then use green gram powder.

During winter there are chances to form fine lines on the skin due to loss of water content from the surface skin. Mix caster oil and rose water and apply on face. Doing this on night and keeping it overnight gives better result.

Mix olive oil 3tsp. glycerin 1tsp. honey 1tsp. Apply this on face and body. This gives extra smooth skin and avoids dry lines and it diminish the appearance of marks by continued use.

Apply baby oil and massage face. While bathing use glycerin soap. This gives skin a smooth texture.

Mix sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and olive oil. Apply on face and body before bathing. This is for oily skin. For dry skin it may make it more dry. But apply oil before using this mix.

Mix almond oil, milk cream and sugar powder. Apply it on face. This is very good for dry skin with flakes. You get a smooth and soft skin.

Have a teaspoon of cod liver oil or shark liver oil daily before dinner. This will eradicate dryness of you r skin and give a soft skin.

Apply olive oil and massage well on face. After 5 min. apply a mix of multani mitti (clay) and milk. Wait for 10 min. and then wash it off. This is very good for dry skin.

Boil oats and milk and make thick mix. Add badam oil (almond oil). Apply the cool mix on face. After five min. wash it off with cold water.

Mix banana paste, olive oil and honey. Apply this on face, neck and hands. This removes marks from skin.

Mix equal quantity of olive oil and vinegar. Apply this on face, neck and back side of neck. This will remove the darkish patches due to sun exposure.

One tsp. gram flour, one pinch turmeric powder, three drops of lemon juice and a little olive oil. Apply this on face and wash it off after 20 min. This is a very good treatment for removing the dark shade on face. Gives shiny white complexion.

Combination Skin Care

As name indicates this  skin type is the combination of oily and dry skins. In the T-zone (center of face) area the skin shows oily nature. Cheeks show dry or normal skin;s nature. This may show some variation according to age and mental conditions. So skin care routine or using products also should show a combination method.

Skin Care for combination skin

The skin care steps you take to treat a specific area should not affect the other areas. When you do cleansing it would not be suitable to select an oily skin type product or a dry skin care product. Here you can go for cleansing liquid or bar with moisturizer. Or go face wash with moisturizer. Then use a gentle face scrub to exfoliate the dead cells. This will reduce the formation of any spots. This will eradicate the formation of blackheads in a certain extent. But using a strip or blackhead remover may become necessary. Then the moisture you use should be with mattifying quality, that would not dry out the cheek area. Use only oil free creams or light moisture lotions at night.

Skin care routine for combination skin

You have to use a forming cleanser. This will help to remove the oils from T-zone without disturbing the dry skin areas.

Use any gentle or mild facial scrub. Focus on the oily areas and give only mild rub on the other areas.

Now you can give steam. Add a little rose water to the boiling water. Give steam for about 10 min.

Then face mask. If the T-zone is giving problem then use clay based face mask and apply it on that area only. Or if the dry areas are problematic use a hydrating moisture mask on that area. Or you can combine both the steps. After ten min. wash it of with tepid or warm water. Instead of using store bought mask try natural face packs in this site. (use search box to find s suitable face pack). Face packs with fresh rose flower is recommended.

Finally apply a light moisturizer.  Take care to avoid strong rub on the oily areass while using scrubs. Take care of the skin condition individually, as the combination of oily and dry skins. Remember to moisturize the delicate areas like around the eyes.

Dry Skin Care

In this case the skin looks so tight, dull and gray. A dry skin occurs when the oil on the surface skin is less and when the water content is lost. The dry skin give a dull look and the skin may appear older that that you are. Wrinkles appears very early. Flaky outer layer give a ode look. It also increases the damage from UV rays. To make the skin hydrated it becomes necessary to keep the oil level normal.

While taking care of dry skin the primary importance should be given to avoid products that contain alcohol or soap. For cleansers select creamy or milky cleansers that suit a dry skin. Another main thing to take care is a systematic routine for dead cell removal. In a dry skin there may be more dead cells formed but renewal of new cells may be slow. So the outer flaky dead cells give a dull look. AHA cleanser can solve this problem. Using a natural and gentle scrub is advised to remove the dead cells periodically. Give more care to select a moisturizer that can hydrate skin efficiently. Water based or humectant based moisturizer can beat the situation. Use twice a day or more. Also take care of the environmental factors. Remember to drink water or fruit juices.  Avoid acidic foods. Give more care during winter season.

Routine care for dry skin

The first thing to do is exfoliation or removing dead cells. You can use a gentle facial scrub, natural scrubs are better. Give a round rub all over the face. Wet the face while doing this if the scrub become dry. Rinse the face in between.

Use a milky cleanser. Use cotton wool to do this and it cleans deeper dirt and polishes the surface skin. While wiping the face take care to leave a minimum wet on the face. Or spray cool water over the skin.

Now you have to apply a suitable mask. Select the suitable one that hydrate the skin or keep the moisture content. Or you can go for natural face mask like with avocado. (search for "avocado" in this site). Wait for 10-15 min. and rinse it off.

Now is the time for applying moisturizer. Surely you select moisturizer as explained above. While applying moisturizer just pat the face. This can retain the moisture on the skin.

This you do once or twice a week. So the dry skin gradually acquires the required normal condition. For an extremely dry skin it is recommended to use natural ingredients as cleanser, moisturizer and face mask. You can find so many natural homemade beauty tips in this site. Use the search box to find it.

Oily Skin Care

Oily skin care means doing something to reduce excess oil production. Not only that you have to keep the pores clean to avoid wrinkle forming. Oily skin will have pores with sebum on it. There will be a thin layer of oil on the outer surface that creates a shiny look. There are a lot of chances of forming open pores when the normal pores stretches out when it accumulates oil. This excess oil become exposed to air and get oxidized that results in the formation of blackheads. Latter when the dead cells stick in the oil it turns into whiteheads. This type of skin may causes acne also. The reasons for oily skin are hormonal, climatic, eating habit and poor skin care. If you are used to wash off face too frequently, the oil glands in inner layer may tend to produce more oil to counter act the oil loss.

Now you are clear that oily skin care does not mean to over wash or cleanse the skin. When you select cleansers for your oily skin, buy light forming cleanser. When you rub on the skin with this cleanser there are lot of chances of removing dead cells which can close pores. Skin with acne need a medicated cleanser. If you want to use toner, just use very light or diluted toner that will not irritate the skin. Then moisturizing. Yes you need to moisturize the skin. Your skin is having oil but not water. Use oil free moisturizer. Moisturizers with salicylic acid or witch hazel is better.

Weekly routine

Apply forming cleanser all over the face. Using s soft cotton flannel gently move on the face in circular motion. The cleanser breaks down the oil and the rubbing remove the dead cells if any.

Steam your face. After boiling water give few min. to go off the thick steam. Then keep your face over the bowl but keep a safe distance from the bowl. Put a towel over your head and stay there for 10 min.

Now it is the time for removing blackheads. Use a blackhead remover or some small tissue or cotton. Wrap the tissue around the fingers and rub around the blackheads. After removing blackheads apply a little tea tree oil.

Now you can go for a mask. Clay mask is a good choice to remove the excess oil and impurities. Or you can go for natural face masks like strawberry mask. (search for "strawberry" in this site). Do not allow the mask to get dry on the face, wash it off before that.

Neem Antiseptic Face Pack

Neem Antiseptic Face Pack

Neem - Azadirachta indica

When you feel to get some natural ways that make your skin look glowing and feel great here is Neem antiseptic face pack. It makes you look beautiful and it avoids any skin irritation or itching due to sun burn etc. Neem leaves got antiseptic properties. It is proved that neem has good antibacterial properties also.

Here I am suggesting a great method to make this neem antiseptic face pack. Wee need grated coconut and few neem leaves. If coconut is not available look for coconut powder, not coconut milk powder. Neem powder also is available now.

How to make Neem Antiseptic Face Pack
Take 3 tsp. grated coconut in small bowl. Mix 1 tsp. neem powder and one inch turmeric powder to it. Add few drops of water and make it a paste.

Wash your face and apply this pack on face. Leave this pack on face for 15 min. and then wash it off. You can use this pack on full body if you like. Then do it before bath and take bath after applying this pack. This Neem Antiseptic Pack can give you astonishing benefit to your skin.

Fruits Vegetables and Beauty

Fruits Vegetables and Beauty

Earlier also I wrote about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. For our good health vegetables and fruits play a very important role. Not only for health, they are so helpful in increasing and sustaining our skin beauty. Fruits and vegetables are so safe to eat, so they can be used in beauty care without any fear. When we eat the useful content digest and is absorbed by the body. Most of the contents reach the outer skin also. But when we apply them superficially the benefits are reached directly to the skin. The juices and pulp impart a very sudden and instant result. That is the reason people are very confident in the result of using natural ingredient in beauty care.

Carrot is very rich in vitamin A. Drink everyday a glass of carrot juice. This will give a special glow to your eyes. Not only that your face gets a new complexion. It looks so supple. You can use carrot pulp as a face pack. Mix milk cream and carrot pulp and apply on face. After ten  fifteen min. wash it off. Do it daily for five days and repeat it once or twice in a week. If you want it is ok to boil carrot and make a paste. Add milk or honey. Think that you have to attend a function on the evening. After lunch drink a glass of carrot juice. Then have a nice nap. Look on the mirror and feel the difference on your face.

Drinking grape juice is so beneficial not only for your digestive system, it gives a fresh look to your facial skin. When you have some wedding functions and it may be necessary to keep your beauty then take care to avoid acidic food. Drink a glass of grape juice before sleeping. In morning dip a cotton ball in grape juice and rub all over face and neck. Then apply grape pulp on face and keep it for 10 min. Wash it of in cold water. this will make skin smooth and soft. Applying black grape and lemon juice mix on lips is very good to get color and shape.

Apple every day keeps the health in shape. Eating apple is good habit not only for stomach and digestion, it also increases the skin texture, softness and look. Or drink apple juice. Carrot, grape and apple are very very important fruits that keep your skin beauty. Mix apple pulp and milk cream. Apply this on face every morning. This balance your pH condition on the surface skin. Drinking apple juice keep your stomach in balance condition. Over acidity make your skin dry and it may cause wrinkles. So take care of the acidity.

Papaya is an unavoidable ingredient in natural beauty care. Papaya juice is very good for stomach cleansing. Good for acidity. Applying papaya pulp on face is very good. This has got a cleansing and bleaching effect. Face looks like bleached and cleansed. If mix with a pinch of turmeric powder can help in increasing facial skin beauty. It gives cleansing facial effect. For dry skin type mix it with honey and apply. But do not use half ripe or raw papaya. Test it on inner wrist for any itching effect.

Homely Care for Skin

Mix orange juice, honey and multani mitti and make a paste. Apply this on face and wash it off after 15 min. This is very good for oily face to get a clear skin.

Grind the dry seeds of orange and make it a paste by adding water. This is very effective for pimple treatment.

Cut orange into four pieces and take one piece and give a round rubbing all over the face. This is very good to remove extra oil and dirt from face. By continued use your skin becomes clear and smooth.

Grind dry orange peels and add rose water to make it  a paste. Apply this on face and give a though massage to remove white heads and black heads.

Mix green gram flour, lemon juice and curd. Apply this on face and body to clear sun exposure effect from skin.

Add few drops of lemon juice to coconut oil. Use this oil all over body. Then take bath.

Mix sugar powder and lemon juice. Apply this on face and give a soft massage to remove dead cells.

Add milk cream and water melon juice. Apply this on face to remove marks from face.

Curd and tomato juice is a very good treatment for avoiding extra oiliness on face.

Add lemon juice and cucumber juice and apply on face to remove acne marks.

Make a paste of cabbage, cucumber, sugar and few drops pf lemon juice. Apply this on neck to remove wrinkles from neck region.

Carrot is a best way to skin complexion. Drink carrot juice daily. Apply carrot and milk cream on face. Put grated carrot on eyes to remove dark circles.

Skin Beauty Information

Skin Beauty Information
In oily face, the dead cells and oil make a comfortable place for bacteria. The oxygen from the atmosphere causes oxygenation make the spot black. Altogether this causes the skin pores to be closed. This is actually called black heads.

Cabbage ground, a pinch yeast and three drops honey. This is very good for wrinkles.

An equal mix of almond oil, olive oil and wheat germ oil is very good to massage on face and body before bathing.

A mix of fullers earth, tomato pulp, curd and cucumber juice is avery good cleansing mask.

Carrot pulp and almond oil can be used for wrinkles.

Orange juice, honey, multani mitti and rose water. Mix well and prepare a paste. Wash the face and apply it. Wash it off after 20 min, before it getting dry on face. This very good to remove excess oil from an oily type face.

Three tsp. of coconut oil and one tsp. lemon juice. Apply this on face and body before bathing. To wash it off use chick pea flour. This can increase the skin complexion and smoothness.

A mix of lemon juice and sugar is a very good trick t remove dead cells and to get a shiny face.

Water melon is very good item for skin beauty. Apply the pulp of water melon on face and neck. This can give some relaxation to eczema also. Drink melon juice everyday.

Half tomato, half potato and a few drops of lemon juice. Grind and make a paste. This is very good for removing white spots on face.