Homemade Skin Nourishing Cream

At home nourishing cream recipes
You can make a beneficial skin nourishing cream at home very easily. See below some recipes for nourishing cream. Ingredients are safe and natural. Method to prepare also very simple.

2tsp coco butter
2tsp emulsifying wax
1tsp bee wax
4tsp sesame oil
1tsp almond oil

Put all these ingredients together in bowl on a medium heat and stir it. When the mixture melts remove it from the heat but keep stirring till it cool down. While it is getting cold add a few drops of scent. When a thick paste emerges pour it in a bottle. Homemade Skin Nourishing Cream can be applied not only to face, apply to hands, legs etc.

Oats Honey Face Pack

DescriptionOats Honey Face Pack

Here you get a special face pack. Oats honey face pack is suitable for all type of skin. It nourishes the skin, of course it gives a smart glow also. In addition to this this oats and honey face pack/mask can be used to avoid or treat pigmentation. Any how if you use this face pack once in a week certainly you will look smartly beautiful.

How to prepare oats honey face pack This face mask contain one more ingredient, that is yogurt. Take 1/2 cup yogurt. Add 1/4 cup of ground oatmeal. Mix well. Then add 1/4 cup of refined honey. Mix the whole items well. Oats honey pack is ready.

notes: Yogurt- you can use curd or buttermilk. Better use thick curd but not very old. Get fresh curd. Or if you have curd that is too old, take a little of that curd and add milk to it. So you can get curd that is fresh. Oatmeal- the usual oats you get in tins from super market. Here you have to grind it in mixer/grinder. No need to cook. Honey- some times pure honey may be available with the whole honey wax in it. Her we don't need that much wax. The purified honey is available that is not very thick. Both type you can use but preferably the purified one is best.

How to apply oats honey face pack Clean the face well. Blot the excess water and apply the face mask on the wet face. Apply all over face including around eyes. If you have dark circles around eyes it is good. And if you have pigmentation apply the face pack more on that area. If you want this pack to upgrade the skin color like in a facial, at first give a small face massage with this pack. Then apply it as a pack. Any how finally allow the pack 15-20min. to be there on face and wash it off.

You can use this oats honey face pack as you wish, like once in a week or once or twice in month.
posted by: Geetha

Lemon and Natural Beauty Secrets

Lemon and Skin Beauty

Or what else you need. There are so many natural tips to give you. These natural ingredients can give you different results with different combinations. But all depends on the type of skin and the ingredients. One specific tip may not give the same result in all skin types. Here you have to be patient to find out your suitable homemade tips with your convenient natural herbal ingredient.

Here today I am giving you the importance of fresh lemon. Lemon can be used for different purposes even for bleaching skin and hair. But if lemon used properly it can enhance your facial beauty. Here is a simple method to make your skin shining and give extra glamor.

Lemon Juice Skin Beauty
To achieve fairness to skin by using lemon we need fresh lemon juice, cucumber juice and olive oil.

Lemon juice-1tsp
Cucumber juice-2tsp
Olive oil-2tsp

This recipe you can use on face, neck, hands or all over body. Accordingly add more ingredients keeping the proportion.

Give a mild body wash and apply this on skin. Give light rubbing for 5-10 min. Then you can take a bath as usual. If you like use coconut oil instead of olive oil or any other oils you like. Oil keeps the skin moisturized. Cucumber helps skin be supple. Lemon gives extra shine. Together with lemon adds fairness and extra beauty to your skin naturally.

Homemade Psoriasis Treatments

Homemade Psoriasis TreatmentsHomemade Psoriasis Treatments

Psoriasis is considered as an inflammatory disease caused by Candida fungus in your digestive system. It affects our body as a result of living with this fungus for a long time. It is recommended to avoid sweets and sugars. Eat lots of fruits. Avoid baked items. Avoid stress and try to always be pleasant.

As a cure several remedies are proposed. But the results varies in different persons. Because of the duration of the disease affected in the body the result of treatments are also varies. My personal opinion is be very patient and try one or few remedies and watch the results.

Organic neem oil found very effective for scalp psoriasis. Rub it into scalp and sleep with it on. Wash it off the next day morning. (see more neem oil).

Some people found an average result for psoriasis with shea butter. After bathing towel dry scalp and body. Apply shea butter. If you can leave it for long time is good. Then wash it off.

Eating Turmeric pills/capsules also heard giving good results. It is a very good anti-inflammatory product.

Always try to use green tea and Salmon oil (omega 3's).

Try doing some natural colon cleansing methods.

There are so many medical treatments also available to treat psoriasis.

These are some homemade psoriasis treatments to try.
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Beautiful Hands

Beauty tips for beautiful hands
beautiful hands
Using milk cream is good idea to get soft and beautiful hands. For a fresh feeling add a little lemon juice and glycerin to the milk cream. Rub this on hands at night.

Washing your hands with water mixed with vinegar or lemon juice is a good way to wash off the bad effects of soap or other detergents. This will give you beautiful hands.

Mix glycerin in rose water or cucumber juice. Dab a cotton wool in this mix and rub your hands will clean the skin and get smooth as well as beautiful hands.

Put almond oil and rub the skin on hands and fingers to get a beautiful hand.

Mix sugar and lemon juice. Rub it on palms till sugar dissolves. Wash with cold water. This will make rough hands soft.

Boiled potato pulp is very good to rub on hands to make it soft and get beautiful hands.

Homemade Skin Hair Treatments

Homemade Skin Hair Treatments

Here I am talking in this section about general homemade skin and hair treatment tips. I know you are here to know about natural and homemade methods for your beauty. Some of you may already started using one or two homemade skin or hair tips. But you may have several questions about using these homemade beauty tips. So here are the basic homemade skin hair treatment tips for you to know. This will give a general knowledge about using natural homemade herbal tips.

In homemade skin hair treatments first of I am giving you the tips for dry skin types. There are some basic principle about using these tips. So let us discuss about dry skin.

Homemade dry skin treatment tips
For a particular type of skin you have to give attention in choosing the products to use. If you are using soap it is ok, but try to get some mild soap. If you use harsh soaps this will make your skin more dry. And only use once, better in the morning or while bathing. If you are using soap to wash your face, rinse the face with normal water. If you are interested to use herbal or natural things, read the following tips.

If any of you having cracked heels, just stop using soaps and see the result. It is from my experience.

As a cleanser you can use fruit juices. If your skin is dry use diluted juice. Means add water to the juice and use. Orange juice or carrot juice are good to use for dry skin. Don't leave it on the skin. Rinse after one min. Those who are with dry skin do not use lemon on the skin. After cleansing the skin do toning. You can use ice cube to close the pores back. Or you can use fresh curd as a toner. Now you can use creams or packs. As natural pack you can go for papaya as a cleansing face pack. It will give a shine and good looking appearance to skin. Carrot pack also is very good for dry skin.Do not go for mud pack or multani mitti pack if you are with dry skin. It is recommended for oily skin. And do not leave any face packs for more than 20 min. Cucumber can be used as a relaxing pack. Just leave it for 10 min. and see the effect. After using any of these face packs use luke warm water to rinse it off. If you have dry skin all over body then use diluted raw milk to apply on body.(see other milk baths) It can be used once in week.

After doing all these if you are going out in the sun use suitable sun screen lotion. Aloe vera or other natural moisturizers can be used. For some type of skin aloe can make it dark while going out. Applying oil is a very good weekly treatment for dry skin. Do an oil bath once in a week. Or go for a full body oil massage once or twice in a month. Doing hot oil treatment on hair is also a good practice. While doing oil bath use any natural scrub to ex-foliate the dead cells. Green gram flour can be used as a scrub and can be used to wash body naturally.

Those who are with dry skin I recommend them fruit or vegetable juices. Avoid juices with extreme acidic nature. Also try to avoid foods that create acidity. Drink enough water. Add a moderate quantity of butter in your breakfast. Take proteinatious foods more.

Homemade oily skin treatment tips
You can use suitable soaps two times to wash skin. One in the mornings and one in the evenings. Always use soaps with less chemicals. To wash face use face washes. As natural cleanser use papaya juice. Add few drops of lemon juice to fresh milk. Use the watery content of this to cleanse oily skin.

For toning the skin use tomato juice from the pulp of it. As the oily skin have more chance to get acne use packs containing tulsi leaves or pudin leaves. Once in a week use multani mitti pack to reduce the oil content from the skin. Washing body with green gram flour also helps oily skin. For an oily skin a face pack with green gram, turmeric powder, fenugreek and black mustard seeds also advisable.(see face packs) Using a scrub with sugar powder, oats and mustard seeds powder also good to ex-foliate the skin. If your scalp is having dandruff massage the scalp with orange juice.(natural dandruff remedies) You can also use some other packs or tips to avoid dandruff.

Drink fruit juices as it is good for creating good skin. Orange juice or pineapple juice or grape juice are recommendable. Avoid oily foods. Minimize the quantity of butter cheese and chocolate.

Those who are having combination skin or normal skin can use any homemade tips. As it is natural that won't make any problems. General speaking you have to find out your own favorite products by trying few of these homemade skin hair treatments.

Skin Care on Summer

Skin Care on Summer

During summer the atmospheric temperature exerts more pressures on our body. The main challenge is dehydration. This may cause dry skin, boils on the skin, sometimes skin gets scratches. Dry flakes come out of skin. At this time we have to take care of our body. Special attention to be given for skin care on summer.

Basic skin care on summer
The very basic skin care starts from bathing. Give at least two baths daily. A refreshing bath gives relaxation to our body and mind. Oiling the skin is very good for summer skin care. The skin get moisturized at the time of bathing and the oils retain the moisture on skin. After bathing use any skin moisturizer of your choice. If you are an out going person use sun screen lotion or cream. At the time of bathing use very mild or herbal soaps. Or you can include green gram flour and coconut milk mix to wash body. It is a very good choice for skincare on summer. For hair you can go for homemade hot oil massages. Instead of shampoo use green gram flour in rice water mix to wash hair. After bathing try to avoid hair dryer, do towel dry or air dry hair.

For a better skin care on summer seasons use cotton cloths. Be very careful about sunburn. Do not over expose your skin to sun especially from 11am to 3pm. Choose suitable sunscreen according to the sun damage level of your place.

For a better skin care on summer a light body exercise is recommended. Do not try very hard exercise during hot weather. In the early morning do some breathing exercises or do ground exercises. Yoga is another method of physical exercise that may give a sound mind also. During summer seasons have light foods. Include fruit and vegetable juices. Take more vegetarian food, that will cool down body. Drink enough water.Avoid spicy foods.

Use avocado moisturizer on face and body. It can be used on hair also. Glycerin and honey also good natural moisturizer. Once in a week use natural scrubs. You can do body massages as a good skin care on summer season. Body wrap can be done in this summer time. Hot atmosphere may cause dry skin on scalp and it may lead to dry flakes on hair. Do hot oil massages on hair and scalp. This summer season is very good for applying hair packs. These are few tips for skin care on summer.

Avocado Facial

Hello readers,
Below is a comment I received regarding avocado facial in this site's discussion forum. I thought it would be beneficial to all of you if I show that comment here. Because it is an actual query on how to use avocado facial for one specific skin type. I am writing these tips for a general category or for all of you. Still there will be variations to make either in the preparation or usage of the tip. After reading any tip if you can come up with your type of skin etc. I can give the exact methods to use each of the homemade tips.

See the original comment page or see the comment below:-----

Hello Geeta

thanks for your site. I want to congratulate you for keeping all the posts wonderful. Readers can see the genuineness of your writing.

Out of all the tips, I want to try avocado for my hair and skin. Will you please give me a personalized method. Because my skin is medium sensitive and my hair is not dry or oily but little bit loosing it's health. So how can I use the avocado?

with love

Saranya is asking about avocado facial. In this occasion I wanted to tell another story about avocado facial. Earlier I explained how to use avocado for hair and skin. I used to give avocado facial to my clients coming to my beauty center. But this avocado is not very common or not cultivated locally. But still it is available in some fruit stalls in this city. Last week I bought this avocado to one of my clients. She usually insist to avocado facial. See now I received a question regarding how to use avocado facial.

The specialty of this avocado facial is that the sap contained in the outer layer of the fruit is having a mild bleaching capability. So it gives more clear appearance for the skin. But it cannot be used for lightening the skin color.

Like Saranya with sensitive skin the avocado facial is a good choice. The inside content of the avocado itself is very cool and what to say, watery or creamy. Very nice product. It is like suppota right. So it won't create any irritation or burning to sensitive skin. The avocado facial can be done to all type of skins. It can be used as a moisturizer.

For hair it is a mild conditioner plus moisturizer.Henna also is a conditioner but it will make the hair lil thick.(so it gives extra protection to damaged hair) And hibiscus leaves also a good hair conditioner+shampoo. It is milder than henna. Still this avocado is a more mild and gentle conditioner. If you don't want to use henna certainly go for this avocado. You have to use it for three or more times.

Avocado Facial
I used to give avocado facial like normal facial. After cleansing and toning(either normal products or natural), instead of using other creams I use this avocado fruit to do the massage.

How to prepare avocado facial
Take a fully ripe avocado. Cut into two halves. If it is full ripe you can squeeze out the inner content with a spoon or use mixer/grinder for few secs. Put the inner content to a bowl. Using the spoon mash it well. Now you can add your favorite oil. I prefer almond oil. Add only few drops of almond oil. Mix well. Avocado facial is ready to use. If you want, you can add other suitable ingredients also like a little milk powder or oats powder or grated cucumber etc.

How to do avocado facial.
After cleansing your face take the avocado facial thing a little in your hands. With finger tips apply this avocado facial to your face and give a light facial massage.Give a circular motion upwards. Repeat this by taking the avocado facial thing little by little. You can see your face is becoming more clear and watch the skin is becoming lighter. The content in the avocado gives moisturizing effects. After giving 15 min. avocado facial massage apply it as a pack. If it is loose add some milk powder to make it a thick pack. After another ten min, rinse off face with cold water. Then tissue dry. Repeat this avocado facial daily for three days and repeat it once in a week.