Combination Skin

Combination Skin - Face Mask
Homemade Face Mask

rose flower

As you have combination skin, your skin care regime should be mild. Here you can go for a natural and homemade face mask. In my experience it is found out that rose and rose water is a finest choice for your skin care.

If you can get a rose flower is good. Take few petals of it and soak in water for 15 min. Then crush it. Add rose water, honey and yogurt. Crush all of these ingredients well.

Apply this mixture on face. Keep it for few min. and wash it off.

Skin Tightening Mask

Homemade skin tightening

Why skin tightening? Yes may be for those who are more than thirty or for some reasons may be your skin looks very loose and even wrinkles! then you need a skin tightening. Several treatments and products are available in the market. But if you can get a homemade skin tightening very easily is it not a boon?

Here the ingredients which I am suggesting to make skin tightening mask is very simple. This you can use in any skin type. This skin tightening mask will not make your skin dry. This can be used for those who are above 25 - 30 years of age. Believe me I am applying this skin tightening mask to my clients after giving a facial or clean up. In my observation it is giving very good results and they are so much satisfied. I ask them to use this skin tightening mask once in every week at their home.
Here is the recipe/technique to get
the wonderful skin tightening mask

The ingredients are mainly cabbage, then a little rice flour, egg white and few drops of olive oil. Out of this do you know the benefits of cabbage. If you don't mind See Wikipedia.

Following nutrients can be found in Cabbage:

Vitamin A: helpful for protecting skin and eyes.
Vitamin B: helps nerve functioning and energy metabolism.
Vitamin C: is an anti-oxidant that can burn fat.
Vitamin E: a fat soluble anti-oxidant helps skin conditions.

And in skin care it can be used for tightening facial skin. It is very mild and can be used without any problems. Cabbage helps not only in skin tightening it have other benefits as a vegetable and even as juice, that you all know.

The other ingredients, rice flour with egg white act as a support to skin tightening. If your skin is dry add few drops of olive oil also.

Now how to prepare this skin tightening mask

Take two or three leaves of cabbage, 2 tsp. rice flour and 1 egg white. (for dry skin add 3 drops of olive oil or almond oil). Mix all these ingredients in a mixer/blender. Add a little water to make it a paste.

Simply apply this skin tightening mask on face. Do not massage. Keep it for few min. till it feel tight or dry. Then wash it off with water.Using this skin tightening mask once in a week make your skin free from any signs of wrinkles in future.

Homemade Banana Face Pack

Homemade Banana Face Pack

Hi everybody
Today I have something to tell you. The first thing in the morning I had an appointment with one of my clients. She wanted to do facial, henna on hair etc. She used to get a homemade face pack after the facial. In the morning when I looked in the fridge I couldn't find any ingredients to make a face pack. For the break fast we had boiled banana(Kerala type banana, not ordinary one). I remembered, oh banana skin is very good for this lady as she is a little aged and with sagging on face. Banana is very good for skin tightening. Also I had carrot and orange. Carrot I uses in every face pack. All together I made a wonderful face pack with banana.

How to prepare homemade banana face pack
Get the skin of half banana(boiled). Cut it into small pieces. Then cut one carrot. Take !/4 of an orange with peel. Put all these ingredients in a mixie. Prepare the pack.

So after doing the normal cleansing and toning I did a massage with the pack I made. I saw the face glow within 2-3 min. After finishing massage I rinsed her face with water and tissue dried. Then I applied the homemade banana face pack all over the face and neck. After 15 min. I washed her face, believe me there was a perfect glow to her skin. When she saw her face on the mirror a big smile sprouted on her face.

As she has a function tomorrow I gave this homemade banana face pack to apply on face.
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Homemade Body Massage Oil

Homemade Body Massage Oil Recipe

Here today I give you a fine recipe to prepare an oil to apply on your skin. This oil increases your skin texture. It will give a soft skin to touch. By applying this oil on your body consistently your skin become smooth. Without spending a lot of money you can get a fairness oil at home.

Ingredients to prepare body oil
The main ingredient is coconut oil. I suggests coconut oil but you can experiment with other oils which you normally use. The oil should be fresh and clean. Means do not use old one. Here you have to use small red onions. This will give a smooth texture to our body and it can cool down the skin temperature. Then we uses turmeric powder. This will increases the skin complexion. This turmeric have anti septic properties also. Ginger I suggest here is my personal recommendation, because I uses in all body treatments. It gives extra smoothness and texture.

coconut oil- 1 cup
Red onions- 5
Turmeric powder 1/2tsp.
Ginger- a very small piece

Cut the onions and ginger into small pieces. Add turmeric powder to it and mix well. Now you can add coconut oil. Heat the oil in a low flame.When the fumes coming from the oil just add rice grains and see it pops up. Now switch off the flame. When the oil get cooled transfer it to a glass bottle and keep it. Before going to bath apply this oil on your body including face. Give a light rub over the body. Wait for 15 min. and take bath. Try this homemade body massage oil at least once in a week.
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Homemade Amla Hair Oil

Phyllanthus officinalisImage 'Gooseberry' via Wikipedia
Amla hair oil is very beneficial for hair growth and it is available in Ayurvedic stores. Amla for hair has been well known for its benefits to help hair growth. But it is factory manufactured and as you all know it will be cost conscious. Means the quality of the oil will be related to the cost consciousness of the manufacturer. Still it is ok. But if you do not want to fiddle around using this store bought amla hair oil for long time and if you are particular about the benefit out of the item you use then you can prepare amla hair oil at your home. Homemade amla hair oil that you prepare will have all the full benefits of amla. Then the result will be faster. Amla for hair can reduce hair loss. Amla hair oil will pre-condition your hair against dandruff or other fungal infection on hair. If you use this homemade amla hair oil consistently, definitely it will help your hair growth.

Amla or Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica, syn. Emblica officinalis) is a deciduous tree of the Euphorbiaceae family. It is known for its edible fruit of the same name. It is used in Ayurvedic medicines. Locally the crush of this fruit is used in hair treatment in India. Whatever hair treatment we make out of this Gooseberry is very effective in controlling hair loss and helping hair growth. Homemade shampoo using amla powder is found to be very effective in controlling hair loss.

How to make Homemade Amla Hair Oil
How to prepare homemade amla hair oil? Yes the main ingredient is amla powder. Amla powder is available in stores or it can be purchased online. But if you have fresh amla, then cut it into small pieces and dry it. You can use powdered amla instead of amla powder. Here another ingredient I am using is fenugreek powder.

Mix amla and fenugreek powder. Add a little coconut oil and make it a paste. Yes we are going to prepare homemade amla hair oil using coconut oil as a base. If you want you can use your favorite oil you used to apply on hair. If you take 2tsp. amla and 1tsp. fenugreek then now add one cup coconut oil and mix well in a heating pan. Heat in a low flame. Watch fumes coming out. See the amla paste content becomes brown then stop heating. Do not allow the amla paste to get black. Allow the oil to cool down. Sieve it and pour into a glass bottle. Amla hair oil is raedy.
Fenugreek seeds.Image 'Fenugreek' via Wikipedia

You can keep it for two weeks maximum. Do not refrigerate. When you want to use it just warm this amla hair oil and apply on hair. Do a light massage. Wait for 10-15 min. and then you can take a bath. The quantity you apply on hair you can decide. If you are comfortable using oils then apply more oil. But after this do not use shampoo, use green gram powder. But if you are not comfortable with oil and if you are using hair oil first time then use a very little oil. After 10 min. while taking bath you can wash off excess oil using green gram powder. Apply this homemade amla hair oil twice or thrice a week or at least once in a week.

Homemade hairloss treatment with Curry Leaves

Hairloss treatment with curry leaves

Hairloss can be cured with homemade tips using leaves of Curry Tree. Homemade hairloss treatment explained here is simple and if you are facing mild hairloss it surely help you. The ingredient used is the leaves of Curry Tree. This leaf is used to add flavor to the various preparations in Indian kitchen. This will be available in all Indian vegetable shops or in supermarkets.

curry leavesThe studies says it is very good in hair care. This help in healthy hair growth. It can control hair loss thus helping hair growth.

How this homemade hairloss treatment is done?
Put some curry leaves in any oil ( coconut oil or olive etc.) and heat the oil gently. See the leaves changing color. When it becomes dark or black stop boiling. Please take care not the leaves burned too much. Allow the oil to cool and massage your scalp and hair with this oil. Wait for 20 min. and wash it off. If you do not want the oil stay, then you can use shampoo.

If you have hair loss do this homemade hairloss treatment daily for few days. Or other wise do this once in a week for a faster hair growth. I hope this homemade hairloss treatment may help you to solve your problem.

Homemade Hair oils

Homemade recipes for hair oils.

In this section I would like to talk about hair oils. You all know that oiling is very good for hair.We can use any oils according to our choice. But just know all the cooking oils cannot be used on hair. If we used to a particular oil for hair and if we change to another oil, our hair and scalp will not accept the new oil immediately. But if we apply that oil for few times it becomes suitable. My personal opinion is stick to one suitable oil because changing oils may cause temporary hair loss etc.

There are so many ways we can prepare homemade hair oils to use in our hair. All the different recipes for hair oils are for making the oil suitable to apply on hair. Moreover it can help the total health of hair and hair growth.

The first thing is to select or find out a suitable oil to prepare homemade hair oil. I know coconut oil is very simple. Definitely I can recommend to others. It is very simple and light oil. But some may not like the natural smell of virgin coconut oil. For them I recommend purified coconut oil. In Europe and U.S people use olive oil. Ground nut oil, castor oil, gingelly oil or even sun flower oil also have been used in many places. But for people with oily skin and hair they don't bother about applying oils and it is OK.

The second step is to make the oil hot. You can apply oils without heating. But hot oil is better. Because by heating we can avoid certain difficulties by putting oil directly. If the oil is a little old and by heating the oil we can make the oil perfect for applying on hair.

How long we have to heat oil? Not to boil, only heat it. In Kerala and other states of India there is a method following to heat the oil. Heat the oil in low flame, then the fumes start to come watch it and add few grains of paddy or corn. When the grains pop up switch off the flame. That is the heating level. Do not allow the grains to burn darker.

And there are lots of local plant leafs added to the oil. But that plants are not available now. Today I am giving you a homemade hair oil recipe with curry leaves. Curry leaves are known to treat dandruff and it can reduce hair loss. That way it can help hair growth.

Coconut oil+ curry leaves recipe
Here we see how to use curry leaves to prepare homemade hair oil. The way I explains here you can prepare the oil and keep it for a long term use, say two or three weeks. No need to keep in refrigerator.

A simple method to prepare hair oil is as I said above heat the oil and add few curry leaves onto it. Before getting the curry leaves too dark switch off the flame. This is the simplest method for lazy ladies. But there is another method to prepare hair oil and it will give more positive results to hair.

First of all take one or two bunches of curry leaf. Remove the leaves one by one. Clean it with water and let it air dry. Make sure there is no water content on the leaves. Grind the leaves into paste. Let it be two tea spoon of curry leaf paste. Then pour half cup of oil, preferably coconut oil into a boiling pan or pot. Start to heat the oil in a low flame. After two min. add the curry leaf paste into the oil. After some time when the oil gets heated we could see fumes coming from the oil. Watch when the green color of the paste starts to become dark just switch off the flame. Allow the oil to cool. Then sieve the oil and pour it into a glass bottle. Homemade hair oil is ready.

When you want to use the oil just take enough oil into a heating pan and heat it. Just heat it minimum enough to apply on hair. Do not apply oil if it is too hot. Apply through out your hair from top to end. Massage the scalp and hair well. Wait for 10-15 min. and take bath.

This is the local very old form of homemade hair oil recipe. You can definitely rely on it. And do not forget the fact that when you starts to follow a new method your hair and scalp may reject it. But do not worry. If repeatedly apply the oil it will become suitable for you.
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Fruit Pack for Hair

Fruit pack for hair

Instead of using expensive hair packs, we can surely go for natural hair packs. It is not having any scary side effects also. Why don't have a try?

Egg/Yogurt hair pack
If your hair is dry, it is necessary to moisturize it. Mix 1 cup yogurt and 1 yolk of an egg. Slowly add 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice to it. Mix well and apply it to hair. Keep it for about 30 minutes. After that wash hair with a mild shampoo.

Cucumber Hair Pack (Anti-chlorine mask)
Agitate 1 egg in 3 tsp. olive oil. Smash few cucumber peels and mix with the above mix.
Apply it on your hair. After 15 min. wash hair.
If you swim in chlorinated water do the above treatment once or twice in a week continuously for few months.

Aloe vera moisturizing pack
Blend 1 tbsp. aloe vera gel and 1/2 tsp. lemon juice. Add 2tbsp. olive oil or coconut oil. Mix well and apply onto the scalp and hair. Wash your hair as usual after 20 min.

Honey/Castor oil hair pack
Mix 1 tbsp. honey, 2 tbsp. Castor oil and 1 egg yolk together. Apply this mask hair from top to tips. Wrap hair with a shower cap and leave it for 45 min. Wash hair and shampoo well.

Avocado Carrot Face Cream

Avocado-Carrot Face Cream

Combining the benefits of avocado and carrot. Avocado moisturizes the skin and carrot is an all natural nourishing product. Not only that, to get a fascinating look on the face this combination is wonderful in my experience.
Ingredients for Avocado Carrot Face Cream:
Avocado- 1
Carrot- 1
Oats- 1/2 cup
Honey- 3tbsp.
Egg- 1

We need one full ripe avocado. Mash it well using a mixer. Then cook one large size fresh carrot. Mash this carrot into fine paste. Then mix together avocado and carrot. Take 1/2 cup oat meal and cook well to get fine paste. Mix all the above ingredients and add 3 tbsp. honey. Just before applying add one beaten egg(optional). Altogether the above mix should look like a loose cream.

How to apply
Clean the face well. Apply this avocado carrot cream all over the face and neck. Leave it for 10-15 min. Then wash it of with cold water. Repeat it for three days. Then you can apply this avocado carrot face cream once in a week.
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Anti Aging Face Mask

Anti-Aging Face MaskAnti-Aging Face Mask
Anti-Wrinkle Face Pack

As we age actually we won't notice that at the beginning. When it becomes so visible we start to worry. My suggestion is those who are above 35 years should include some anti-aging routines in their skin care. Here I am suggesting a homemade anti-aging face mask. This will helps to remove wrinkles from skin.

Apple Pear anti aging face mask

Pear- 1/2
Apple- 1/2
grapes- 3
Lemon juice or butter milk- 1tsp.
Egg white- 1

Take half of a full ripe pear, cut into small pieces. Apple you can use red or green apple. Green apple is better. This also make into pieces. Add 3 seedless grapes. Mix these ingredients well in a mixer/grinder. For those with oily skin, add 1tsp. lemon juice Or for dry skin add 1tsp. of butter milk(or loose curd). Now you can add egg white of an egg. this will help in tightening the wrinkles or loose skin. Mix all the ingredients well and get a thick paste. Anti-aging face mask is ready.

Wash and clean your face with normal cold water. Then apply this pack evenly all over the face. Wait for 10-15 min. Do not allow the pack to get dry on the face. Wash it off with cold water.

Apply this anti-aging face mask once in a week. This will stop the formation of wrinkles and removes the wrinkles if any.
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Homemade Cleansing Face Pack

Cleansing Face Pack/Mask

Homemade Cleansing Face PackToday I am introducing a cleansing face mask. It will cleanse, tones and finally tightens the skin. Also it will give fresh luminous glow on your face. During summer our skin may look dull. Here is a best combination of ingredients to suit the climate. Other time also you can use this cleansing face pack.

Ingredients to make cleansing face pack:

Cabbage- Two 0r three leaves of cabbage. Cabbage will help to tighten the wrinkled skin if any. It can give a white fresh skin.

Tomato- One ripe tomato. It is a natural toner. But it can also cleans the skin normally. (If you are with extreme oily skin add few drops of lemon juice also.)

Carrot- One or two clean carrot. This also helps to get a soft and fresh skin. It cools down the skin that results in a fresh look and rosy color.

Mango peel- One piece of mango with the skin. Normally we can use mango itself to rub on the skin to do a home facial.

How to prepare the cleansing face pack-mask
Cut carrot into small pieces. Using a mixer/grinder grind it well. Then cut cabbage leaves into pieces and put it into the mixer. Grind carrot and cabbage together. Then add tomato and mango. Mix well to get a pack.

How to apply cleansing face pack
If you want wash your face and apply the pack. For best results follow this: After washing face massage the face skin with the above paste. Take some of this pack and do a facial massage with fingers. When you do this in circular motion that will cleanse the skin. After doing this for one min. pat with water and wash. Repeat the above step for 5-10 min. Then apply the face pack all over the face and neck. Leave it for 15 min. Then wash it off with cool water.

After applying cleansing face pack please avoid harsh sun light. You can apply some moisturizer or sunscreen.
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Potato Face Pack

Potato Face Pack
Sometimes you may not have all the ingredients to make a fabulous homemade face pack. Don't worry. You can make a homemade potato face pack. This will give fabulous look for your face within no time. This homemade pack is simple and easy to work out.Potato face pack is very helpful in removing tan and the appearance of pigmentation if applied consistently.

Potato Face Pack
At least you will have potato in your kitchen. Good. Take a medium size potato and wash it well. Then boil it without peeling. Cool it and mash the potato using a spoon. And you may have coconut oil or almond oil! Add 1 or 2 tsp. of oil. And add 1 or 2 tsp. of milk powder. Mix well and make it a paste.This is the potato face pack.

How to apply potato face pack
Cleanse your face with water. Blot the extra water. Apply the potato face pack evenly all over face and neck. If you have dark circles around the eyes apply this pack around the eye area little thick. Pat the face while applying. Leave it for 10-15 min. Then wash it off.

Occasionally you can apply this potato face pack and see difference.
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