Damaged skin on my chin

I watched damaged skin on my chin and dark area around eyes. After few weeks I noticed and till that time I was little busy. Dark circles may be due to lack of enough sleep. Now here climate is shifting from cold to hot. On both sides of my nose also I saw cells/tissues elongated and slightly de-formatted. In this time for damaged skin we have to help skin to retain moisture. Also have to get the cells proper healthy shape.

See what I did. While taking bath after wetting the face, I mixed glycerin and honey(1:3) and applied on face and around eyes, being cared not to go inside the eyelids. This is a good treatment for damaged skin. Actually we have to wait for 10-15 min. By that time apply some almond oil on foot area and start scrubbing using a file. OK after that I rinsed face with water and had my bath. I continued it for last three days and now it is getting better. My whole face is showing a new glow. Adding lemon juice also good if you have oily skin. Or add 1/4 tsp. turmeric or sandal powder also good.

By these time take care to drink enough water or juices which helps to regain the skin beauty. Eat fresh green vegetables. Avoid oily fried foods. Keep away from direct sun light. Glycerin and honey can go long way to repair damaged skin.

Skin Treatments

Beauty Skin Treatments

Naturally we, women think about how to get skin complexion or beautiful skin. Here I am talking about skin treatment that will increase skin complexion, naturally at home. This is a 'do it yourself' method, it is simple and time saving.

Banana Skin Treatment
We need the skin of a ripe banana. Banana are of different types. I am talking about a variety found in Kerala-India. The skin is comparatively thicker than the common variety. Here is picture of it.
(click the image to zoom)

If it is not available, find one with thicker skin and when it ripe becomes completely yellow.

Boil this skin in 1/2 cup fresh milk till it cooks. When it cools take 1 tsp. of this milk and cleanse face with it. Put the left over milk and banana skin in a blender/mixer and make it a paste.
Apply thick as pack on your face. Leave it for 30 min. and then wash it off.

Repeating this once in a week gives good skin complexion. This pack also helps in skin tightening and wrinkles cure.

I am sure this skin treatment will make you happy happy.

Homemade Moisturizer for skin

Homemade moisturizer for skin

Everyone knows that almond oil can be used as an excellent homemade moisturizer or natural moisturizer. And it nourishes the skin. It suits all type of skin. Also it is available worldwide. Here we are not using any complicate ingredients. It is simple and simple to prepare.

2tsp bees wax
1tsp liquid wax
5tsp almond oil
4tsp water
scent or scented oil (few drops)

Melt bees wax and liquid wax in a china bowl. Add almond oil to it. Heat water in another container and then mix it in the first mixture. Remember that both mixtures should be prepared at same temperatures. Stir the thick mixture with a wooden spoon till it gets cold. During the cooling process add scent. Natural Homemade Skin Moisturizer is ready.

Cornstarch Beauty Recipe

Cornstarch Beauty Tip

I am receiving emails asking about cornstarch beauty recipes. There are lots of uses of corn starch in beauty treatments. It can be used in cleansing purposes. It can be a anti-antiperspirant. It is used to treat oily skin. Here I am giving a cornstarch beauty recipe for oily skin.


Corn starch beauty tip for oily skin
Cornstarch can give an extra shine and smoothness to skin without oiliness or shine. You can prepare homemade cornstarch pack very easily.

Take one tbsp. cornstarch, one tbsp. multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and half tsp. honey. Mix cornstarch and mitti by adding water. Then add honey and mix well to get a paste.

Wash your face in cold water. Apply this cornstarch beauty mask on face and neck. Leave it for 15 min. Then rinse it off. Do it once in a week. This is a very good cornstarch beauty recipe for an oily skin.

Herbal Ingredients

Information about herbal ingredients
Natural Henna on Hair(lawsonia inermis)
Cinnamon powder
turmeric powder

Amla powder - 2tsp.
Shikakai powder - 2tsp.
Bhrahmi powder - 2tsp.
Hibiscuss powder - 2tsp.
Chickpea flour - 5tsp.
Green gram flour - 2tsp.
Orange peel powder - 2tsp.

Fenugreek-medicinal uses

The herbal medicinal uses of FenugreekFenugreek seeds
Trigonella foenum graecum (Methi)

Now we have seen so many herbs used in our beauty treatments. As you know the herbs used in these tips have medicinal and culinary uses. I thought anyway you will be using these herbs and it will be a good thing if you can use these herbal ingredients for relieving from common ailments. I can give you some medicinal uses of these herbs. I am not going into the deeper topics of herbs. Just explains how we can use it in our daily life to cure many of our common ailments or disorders that may happen to our body due the hectic busy life routine.

Today we are going to see the herbal medicinal uses of the most heared herb Fenugreek. As you know we have already discussed the uses of fenugreek in preventing dandruff, pimples and promoting hair growth.

Fenugreek-medicinal uses
Fenugreek can be used while we are having common fever, throat inflammation, stomach ulcer or disorders, and even for controlling glucose level increase.

For common fever- Fenugreek tea. An infusion made from fenugreek seeds is used for fever. Boil one tsp. fenugreek seed in 4 cups of water. Allow it to cool. Drink four times, one cup each time. Reduce the quantity as fever comes down. If suffering from mucus and inflammatory throat or nose, soak the seeds overnight and make the infusion. It is very good to use for cold and if suffering from inflammatory colds. It helps reducing mucus. In this infusion you can add few drops of lemon juice for taste.

When you feel stomach disorders, acidity, the problems of stomach ulcer and when you feel over heat in body you can drink this fenugreek tea.

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For diabetes also the fenugreek seeds are used. Using this fenugreek seeds we can control the level of sugar naturally. We will feel cool and comfortable by reducing the sugar level with fenugreek. But I won't suggest to use it instead of your diabetes medicines. For diabetes, soak 2 tsp.of fenugreek seeds over night. In the morning make a paste out of it and have it along with some other veg. juice or something. Or soak the seeds and drink that water. Or even you can swallow the soaked seeds if you can. The powdered fenugreek cooked in rice powder and brown sugar can be given to lactating mother to produce breast milk. There are lot of products with fenugreek are available in the market.
These are only few medicinal uses of fenugreek.

Sun Burn Remedy

Sun Burn Remedy

I am getting emails that they want a home remedy or herbal remedy for sun burn. Yes it is a common thing to get a sun burn while bathing in the sea. Last time when I visited a water theme park with my family members I also had victimized by sun burn. Two others also got sun burn. Any how when we returned home the next day I turned to the various herbal remedies. There are lots of sun burn remedy. But I cannot suggest all of that because of geographical differences it may not be suitable for all regions. Here I am suggesting a more general tip that can be used in all regions.

Aloe Cucumber Mask for sun burn It is very good sun burn remedy. It is to be used immediately within that day you got the sun burn. Then it will be more effective. Take a small fresh cucumber. Cut into small pieces and put in a mixer-grinder and mash well to get a paste. Move the paste into a small bowl. Add some fresh aloe vera gel. Mix well. If possible keep it inside the refrigerator for 15 min. Then wash the affected area and apply this mask/pack. Allow it to be there for half an hour minimum. Use this sun burn remedy twice a day for few days or till you get result.

Professional hot oil massage

How to do professional hot oil massage

Steps for effective hot oil massage:

1 heat oil and apply full scalp by sectioning the hair.

2 comb out and remove the dead hair.

3 massage the scalp as per strokes given below:

  • A. massage with palm in every angle.
  • B. do it from sides till fingers get interlocked.
  • C. do it with thumbs at the back.
  • D. do in circular movements
  • E. circular movements and pick it up.
  • F. scratching strokes.
  • G. chopping strokes
  • H. hold the scalp tight in every angle.
  • I. rotate the scalp and pick it up.
  • J. massage the forehead to the temple.
  • K. section the hair and with thumbs massage the nape of neck.
  • L. press the shoulder
  • M. couple the shoulder
  • N. ladder like movements on the back

4 steam the hair sectioning the hair with comb so that the steam enters and opens up the pores. the oil that is necessary is absorbed.

5 after steaming give a quick massage covering all the massage strokes as since the pores are opened the the maximum oil can be absorbed.

6 steam the hair once again.

7 cover the head with towel to retain the steam on the head

8 allow to sock for 15 min

9 shampoo the hair making sure that all the oil is well removed from the hair.

Face pack for Face Pimples

Papaya-olivImage via Wikipedia
Beauty Tips for Face Pimples

There are so many face pack for face pimples available in the market. But here I am suggesting a method as a package to remove face pimples. This package may help to remove all most all sorts of pimples. Use this face pack for pimples daily for one week if you have severe pimples.

Ingredients to prepare Face Pack for Face Pimples
Ripe papaya
Cinnamon powder
Leaves of mint/tulsi/neem

Get few pieces of RIPE papaya. Mash it into a thick paste. Take 3 tsp. of papaya paste and add 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon powder. Mix well. Add 1tsp. of tulsi or neem or mint powder. If it is available use fresh leaves of it. Mix everything and get a loose paste. If needed add a little water.

Application of Face Pack for Face Pimples
In the morning cleanse your face with diluted astringent lotion. Rinse with water and tissue dry your face. Apply this face pack for pimples on affected areas. (If you have sensitive skin, then try this pack on the inner wrist first) Wait for 10 to 20 min. and wash your face with water. Before going to bed in the night cleanse your face with astringent lotion. Morning you apply this face pack for pimples again for one week.

Homemade Mud Pack

Mud Face Pack/Mud Mask

Discovering the magical benefits of mud (multani mitti/Fuller's Earth) face pack. Yes it has got the cleansing property and it rejuvenates the skin with its mineral rich formula. It is natural. Using mud for several skin treatments started from the olden era. You can make mud face pack at home.

Here I suggests the mud face mask/pack for oily and dry skin with separate formula. For oily skin it absorbs excess sebum from the skin and cleanse the dirt. Finally you will have a new look. The ingredients for dry skin cleanse the face without making it more dry.

Mud Face Pack for Dry Skin
Multani mitti(Fuller's earth) - 3 tsp.
Yogurt (curd) - 1 to 2 tsp.
Almond oil 1/2 tsp.
Rose water - 3 drops

Take the curd in bowl and add fullers earth gradually and stir with a spoon. Pour almond oil and rose water. Mix all the ingredients to make a loose paste. Apply this mud face pack and wait for 20 min. Then wash it off with fresh cold water.

Mud Face Pack for oily Skin
Multani mitti - 3 tsp.
Lime juice - few drops
Rose water - 3 drops

Mix all the ingredients to get a loose paste. Clean your face and apply this mud pack on the face. Wait for 30 min. and then wash it off. Applying homemade mud pack twice in a month can give good result.

Hair Care-rejuvenating mask

Now hair care is very easy through using hair masks or hair packs. It will help us to escape from hair damages and it will regain the lost healthy condition of hair. Here I am suggesting a hair rejuvenating mask. Sometimes you have lost your hair's natural look using harsh hair dyes-no problem. Hair care products bought from store created any hair damage? No problem!

Do the hair care by the rejuvenating mask shown below.

To prepare this mask you need:

green gram flour - 3 to 5 tsp.
chickpea flour - 3 to 5 tsp.
fenugreek powder - 1 tsp.
beetroot - 1/2 of a small piece.
cucumber - small piece.
orange - 1 or 2 pieces.
egg white - 1

Green gram flour is a main item for good hair care. It is used in India to clean or wash hair instead of shampoo. It is also used for cleaning body instead of body soap. (not for dry skin). Some may complain the powder of green gram is difficult to rinse away from hair - don't worry, use any hot oil before using green gram. It is always good to do oil massage on hair before using any homemade, natural packs.
Chickpea flour
is also a natural cleanser.
Fenugreek powder is very good for dry hair and will avoid dandruff condition.
has cleansing, nourishing and detoxifying effects on scalp and skin. It can be used to draw toxins from infected sores and wounds. You all know it is used as natural colorant on hair mixing with henna etc.
we are using here to rejuvenate hair from any chlorine damages. It can be used as a good anti-chlorine mask.
Orange is used as a hair toner. The acidic property of orange improves scalp condition.
Egg white
acts as conditioner.

How to prepare this hair care pack
Mix all the ingredients in a mixer/grinder. Make it a paste. Add water if needed.

How to apply hair care pack
No need to wash hair prior to this. If your hair is too dirty, give a mild wash. Towel dry and then apply oil on hair. Use warm olive oil or coconut oil according to your choice. Massage scalp for few min. Now apply the above pack into scalp and hair. Leave the pack for about 20 min. Then wash it off with water. If you feel like shampooing, use mild shampoo only.

Try to use this hair care pack once in a week till your hair becomes gorgeous.

Apple Strawberry Juice recipe

Apple Strawberry Juice recipe

Today I am here, again with a juice recipe, a power drink recipe. Yes it gives energy to you. If taken in the mornings good to keep you with great powder. So the high power energizer, apple strawberry juice for you.

Strawberry fruit- 150 g.
Yogurt/curd- 1/2 cup
Almond ground-1 tsp.
Honey-2 tbsp.
Wheat germ-4 tbsp.
Cinnamon powder-1/2 tsp.
Water-2 cups

Using a blender prepare the juice. It is for two servings. Apple, strawberry, wheat germ and cinnamon becomes the special ingredient here to make this juice an energy drink.

Homemade Body Wrap

Herbal Body Wrap/Homemade Body Mask

Herbal body wrap is highly beneficial to rejuvenate the body tissues as a topical application.It draws out the toxins from the skin and peripheral tissues. It helps body to extract fat tissues and reduce fat. After removing fat and toxin, this herbal body mask supplies minerals that body needed. Today the herbal body wrap/mask I explain here is for oily skin type. I will come up with homemade body wraps for all other skin types and skin problems latter.

Herbal Body Wrap/Mask for Oily Skin
This body wrap removes extra oil, absorbs toxin, removes peripheral fats, ease joint pain and improve blood circulation.

Ingredients to make homemade body mask
1.Fuller's earth (multani mitti)-2 cups
2.Sea salt-1 cup
3.Neem powder or leaves-1/2 cup
4.Aloe vera powder-1/2 cup
5.Coconut milk powder-2 tbsp.

6.Fruit juice-1 cup
7.Lemon juice-1/2 cup
8.Glycerin-1/2 cup
9.Sandalwood oil-6 ml.
10.Tea tree oil-6 ml.
11.Lavender oil-6 ml.

How to prepare the homemade mask to wrap the body
Boil 1.4 ltrs.(1400 ml) of water in a big steel pot. When the water reaches to boil add the above ingredient 1 to 5 and remove flame. Then add ingredients 6 to 11 one by one. Then allow it to cool.

Things to remember before doing the herbal body wrap
For the last one week before doing body wrap try to drink enough water.You can apply any clay cleansing mask. Eat healthy food. Avoid shaving or waxing on these days.

Here the GO!
Take a hot bath. Now we need long enough medical bandage cloths or thick cottons to wrap body. Cut it into required lengths.Keep the mask in the pot warm, heat it if required. Dip the bandage in the mask one by one.Then wrap the body with the bandages. Start from ankles and move above. Or apply the mask on the body using a brush, then wrap the body using hot bandage.Wait for 60 min. Then wash body with warm water.

If you do this homemade body wrap/mask monthly you can avoid excess fat, get good looking smooth and supple skin.

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Homemade Hair Straightening Pack

Homemade Hair Straightening Technique
home hair mask
Today I thought to write a post about hair straightening using natural homemade ingredients. This also from my experience with my clients. There was one girl who preferred homemade or natural things for her skin and hair. She visited me once in a week to apply natural henna powder in hair. Actually she liked it and the result was amazing. Other friends asked her about the new healthy hair growth. For that I actually mixed some other herbs with henna which actually helped her.

Latter she expressed her wish to get her hair straight, but she prefers herbal methods. Her hair is between wavy and straight. Not wavy or not pin straight. And the texture is soft and have black hair. I thought her hair actually had a chance to become straight but because of some slight deviation it became wavy at the time of birth. I was kidding.

At that time when she allowed me to do something, I did not give a second thought. I prepared the homemade hair straightening pack. For that I took 0ne cup multani mitti(fuller's earth), 5tsp. rice flour and one egg white. By adding water I made a loose paste. Before applying this, I gave a light oil massage on hair. Then applied this hair straightening pack. First using a wide toothed comb I combed hair down and applied this pack. Again combing few times in between pack is fine. Keep the hair as straight as possible by combing. Keep it like this till the pack dries well. After 30 min. approx wash it or rinse it off.
If you want you can add amla and shikakai powder. This will act as a nourishment to hair.
Apply this homemade hair straightening pack once in a week for about few months.