Home Made Anti-Chlorine Treatment

Home Made Anti-Chlorine Treatment
Do you have hard water in your area? Do you have chlorine problem from bathing tap water? Do you bath in the pool? Here comes the home made anti-chlorine treatment for your help.
Cucumber hair pack at home
cucumber - a large piece.
green gram flour - 3 tsp.
chickpea flour - 3 tsp.
fenugreek powder - 1 tsp.
egg white - 1

Here the main ingredient is cucumber. This is helping to solve the bad effects of chlorine on hair. Take a large piece of cucumber. Cut it into slices and it can be a cup quantity. Add 3 tsp. green gram flour, 3tsp. chickpea flour and 1tsp. fenugreek powder. You can mix all these in a mixer/grinder by adding one egg white. Apply this pack on hair for 30 min. and wash it off.
Apply this home made anti-chlorine treatment pack on hair once in a week.
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Acidity-Herbal Remedy

Herbal Remedies for Acidity

Few years back I had the troubles of acidity. At that time I did not care for that. After few months I noticed the texture of my skin slowly changes. So after that I noticed in some of my clients the skin is so rough even when they are doing weekly facials etc. When I checked with them whether they have acidity, the answer was 'yes'. What I am telling is even though we are taking care of our skin sometimes it may not work well. So check for acidity or other stomach disorders. By taking care of the acidity we can acquire a surplus amount of skin beauty. Here today I am talking about
Acidity-herbal remedy.

Here are simple easy to follow tips to avoid acidity naturally. The best thing I found was eating fresh gooseberry(amla). Or make a juice of Indian gooseberry(amla juice). The powder of Indian gooseberry(amla powder) is available. Pour one or two tsp. of amla powder in a glass of water and drink daily. It is very effective in removing acidity and the problems of ulcer. Amla juice is a number one acidity herbal remedy.

Drinking papaya juice is another Acidity herbal remedy. Make a juice with papaya, orange, lime juice and honey. Drink in the morning time everyday. It will help us to say bye bye to acidity. Cucumber juice also is so beneficial to treat acidity. Or include cucumber in green salads. Try to eat all fiber vegetables and fruits for that matter. Water melon juice is also a good choice as acidity herbal remedy. Eating banana or drinking banana juice also helps to avoid acidity. By following these acidity herbal remedy you can improve the skin beauty.

Homemade Natural Tips

Hi friends

Already I posted a lot of homemade natural beauty tips. Here are some hand picked tips at a glance. For an emergency you can refer these tips on what to do with things in your home. Actually there are lots of stuffs in our kitchen that can be used as a medicine or beauty remedies. But at an instant we forget all these stuffs in the kitchen.

For example, milk. We do drink milk or make tea with it. How many of you know that it is a good cleanser. Raw milk without heating can be used to cleanse our skin. It has got a nourishing property also. When you take milk in the morning just spare few teaspoons of milk for your skin beauty. Dip cotton balls in the milk and rub over the face in a circular motion. Your skin get cleansed and it becomes smooth. Do it daily for a week and see the difference. Mix milk and carrot and make a paste, carrot face pack is highly rec commended to get a glowing skin.

Acne or pimple is a major concern for teens. Most of the cases it is due to oily skin. Mixing curd and chick pea powder and applying on face is a good remedy for avoiding pimples. When applying this you may feel dry face for that days, no problem after the pimple has gone take care of your skin for dryness.

Potato has many faces of usage in increasing your skin beauty. Just apply a paste of boiled or raw potato. Skin will get a cleansed look. Moreover skin becomes glowing. Apply potato paste around eyes to remove eye puffiness or dark circles. Mix lemon juice and potato paste and apply on face to remove dark spots on face.

Applying grated cucumber (cooled) around the eyes will remove dark circles. If you are tired and worked in computer for hours you may feel tired and your eyes feel heavy. Then apply this. You can make a relaxing pack with cucumber. Grate cucumber and mix lemon juice to get the relaxing face pack.

Tomato is said to be a good toner. In my experience it can cleanse your face and tone also. Apply tomato juice or crushed tomato on face with a cotton ball. Your skin will get an effect of clean up facial. Do a light massage in a circular motion. Or apply it on face for 10 min. then massage. Then wash it off.

Lemon juice is a good natural bleach. It may tuns your skin dry. To get an instant bleach, round up the skin with lemon juice using a cotton ball. Mixing milk cream and a few drops of lemon juice is very good to remove black marks on face.

Pimples are very common in all types of skin. In my knowledge there a lot of natural remedies to cure acnes or pimples. Make a paste of Tulsi leaves and salad cucumber. Apply this paste on face to remove acne or pimple. This will not make your skin dry. If you have oily skin and have a tendency to get pimples then apply this pack as a precaution to avoid pimple formation.

Ripe papaya paste is a very good pack to apply on face. It has got a light bleaching effect and this will give a vibrant look for your face. Apply papaya facial pack once in a week. It is very good remedy to avoid pimples.

Do you know the magical effect of turmeric powder. It can be used to remove pimples in various forms. Make a paste of curry leaves, guava leaves and a pinch of turmeric powder. It can be used to avoid pimples. Otherwise also it is a very good face pack.----posted by: Geetha

Natural homemade oily hair care tips

Home made tip for Oily hair

Oily hair care tip#1 - Lemon and aloe vera
Mix 1/2 tsp. aloe vera gel and 1 tbsp. lemon juice. Mix this well and add to your regular shampoo. Apply on your hair and leave it for 10 min. Then rinse well .

Oily hair care tip#2 - Mint leaves
Take one glass of water and put one handful of mint leaves. Boil this for 15 - 20 min. Add this to your shampoo and use as usual. Leave it for 10 min.

Oily hair care tip#3 - Vinegar
Add 1 tbsp. of malt vinegar and salt in a glass of water. Take 2 tbsp. of the above mix and apply on the scalp and massage well. Leave it for 45 min. Repeat it once in a week.

Oily hair care tip#4 - Natural Henna Powder
Add 2 tbsp. yogurt and 2 tsp. lemon juice to 1/2 cup of natural henna powder. Add a little water if needed. Apply this on scalp and hair. Leave for half an hour and rinse it off.

Oily hair care tip#5 - Watercress.
Take a handful of watercress leaves and 1 cup of water. Mix this in blender. Heat this in a pan for 10 min. Strain the liquid and let it cool down. Pour this liquid on wet hair. After 25 min. rinse hair. It is very good for oily hair.

Natural Homemade Cuticle Cream

Home-made cuticle cream

If you are taking care of your hands it is very important to care about the cuticle. Sometimes it is very annoying to see the cuticle dry or cut. Here you can care about it very naturally.

3tsp lanolin
2tsp china clay

Mix 3tsp lanolin and 2tsp china clay. Make it into a paste. Apply this on your nails. This will protect your cuticle.

Glycerin and petroleum jelly is a good combination to use as a cuticle cream.

1/2 tsp glycerin
2tsp petroleum jelly

Mix 1/2 tsp glycerin in 2tsp pure petroleum jelly. Use it on nails as cuticle cream.
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Effectiveness of home beauty tips

Effectiveness of homemade beauty tips

How effective are the homemade natural beauty tips? Sometimes some of you may have this question in your mind. Good. You should know how effective these homemade beauty tips are. What is the difference between other store bought products. Is there any side effects of using these tips.

In my experience the results of homemade beauty tips vary in different persons. Just like some food items may not be suitable for some type of body or person. Similarly the natural packs or masks will give different levels of results. Some items in certain skins should be applied in a specific way. For example hibiscus shampoo. It is 100% natural and we all know it is human friendly plant. But in certain type of hair it will give dry hair. Why? What to do to avoid such condition. Just change the way to applying hibiscus shampoo. Those who have extreme dry hair or those who have very thin hair, apply a little oil on hair and then apply hibiscus shampoo. In this case do not rub very much. Just applying hibiscus as a pack is more result giving technique. And also to get a significant result you must apply in particular intervals. Some hair it requires only a weekly application. In some other type of hair you need daily application for first few days and then a weekly application will do. Then how you know this prior to the application of such homemade methods. An experienced natural homeamde beautician can guide you after studying your skin type or hair type. But it still requires a trial to get the exact methods. Nothing to worry. First of all you must be patient to try it out and test it. Try varriuos methods and find out your own way of applying the packs or doing homeamde facials etc. No harm in trying.

When you apply an acne pack sometimes that will make your skin dry. That is natural. At that time apply it on the acne area only. If it makes your face dry apply some moisturizer after few days. Similarly all the homemade beauty tips have its own specialties. Some people after applying few times they will discard trying it. The main thing to remember is the result may be delayed and a specific visible results can be get after consistent application. Because it does not contain any instant chemicals or such things. Naturally it will become effective gradually.

Other doubt comes in your mind is about side effects. I cannot claim that there is no side effects in using these natural homemade beauty tips. If we eat improper food in a wrong time or situation it may cause problems. Similarly these tips may cause some irritation or discomfort in some cases. But it won't be fatal or harmful.

In my posts I used to give some promises based on my experience. That may include my own experience and sometimes I get experience from my clients. And it all from Indian type of skin or hair. The result of some specific tips may not be that much effective in other areas of world. Still there are enormous reports getting about the best results from all parts of the world. In these homemade beauty tips mostly we re using fruits or vegetables. It is tested as a food. In another post about precautions using homemade beauty tips I explained how you should take a basic care.

If you have any specific skin conditions or skin problems please consult your family doctor before using any homemade tips. I always used to tell in this case just apply the tips on the inner wrist and see there is no irritation or allergy.

These are all my simple thoughts for today that may benefit to you. Good day.

Hair conditioning treatment

Hair Conditioning treatment

How to do a hair conditioning properly. After shampooing put some conditioner and wash hair- this is the general way of conditioning. But for better result it is not enough. Follow these steps for a hair conditioning treatment:

1. Rinse the hair in lukewarm water.

2. Apply the conditioner on hair from top portion to the tip of hair.

3. Steam the hair with hair steamer by sectioning the hair so that the pores on hair open up and take in the conditioner required.

4. Wrap a hot-wet towel around the head and leave for 15 min.

5. Rinse hair with warm water.

6. Slowly comb with a wide comb. Towel dry.

This hair conditioning treatment helps in propping of hair, avoid spits.

Dry Skin

Dry skin control

If you have dry skin give care to get back to normal skin. The problem with dry skin is that it may show the signs of early aging and leads to wrinkles. Dry skin tends to loose moisture level. Dehydrated skin attracts UV rays from Sun and gets sun damage easily.

Those who have dry skin take care not to use products containing alcohol or soap that may make skin dry. Choose products that contain humectants and emolients.

Here I can suggest Avocado face mask to avoid dry skin. You all know avocado is natural moisturizer. It is highly recommendable to dry skin. It can also be used on dry hair and it will acts as a good deep conditioner.

Avocado mask for dry skinavocado

Get half of a ripe avocado and mash it. Add 3 tsp. honey to it and mix it to prepare a paste. Clean your face with water and apply this paste. Wait for 15 -20 min. and wash it off with water.

This makes your skin moisturized and brings the natural shine. Skin looks more fresh and beautiful. This can be done at least once in a week. I am sure this recipe is one of the best for dry skin.