Dandruff-Coconut Milk Solution

Dandruff Remedy/Dandruff Cure- Homemade

If you have dandruff with itchy scalp, coconut milk is a fine remedy for it. The reasons for getting dandruff may vary. Sometimes dandruff is caused by simply the dry scalp. In the initial stage just do a hot oil massage. Dandruff will vanish. But if you just avoid it like that after few weeks it may get infected with bacteria or fungus. This is now the real dandruff problem. Sometimes the dry scalp may lead to itching. When we scratch the problem become worse.

Coconut Milk for Dandruff Remedy
Get a fresh coconut and grate it. Then using a mixer/grinder take the milk of it. Add one or two spoons juice of fresh lemon. Apply this on scalp using finger tips without washing head. Give a light rubbing on the scalp. Apply well and massage the scalp for 10-20 min. Then take a bath as usual. Really coconut milk and lemon works well with dandruff problem.

If you have dry hair, by using this it may feel more dry. No problem just be like that for three days minimum. Still continue use this for few days. At first you will get relief from itching on the scalp. After applying coconut milk, rinsing out the flakes and residue is very important. Do not use any shampoo at this time. The coconut milk may give some oil to hair, but it won't be sticky. Sometimes you may not like the smell. Whatever is the condition, certainly this will give relief from dandruff.

Homemade Tulsi Face Pack

Tulsi Face Pack

Do you know about Tulsi. It is scientifically known as Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum. You may know Basil which is Ocimum basilicum. I am giving today a Tulsi face pack. Tulsi has got astringent property. It has anti-bacterial property also. Tulsi is used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Homemade Tulsi Face Pack
Tulsi leaves or herbal Tulsi powder
Oats powder
Milk powder

The Tulsi is used to avoid the pimple tendency and the oats powder and milk powder nourishes the skin. So it is highly useful for teenagers. Totally this Tulsi face pack increases the fairness of face.

If Tulsi leaves are available get few leaves and mash it to get a paste. Or buy Tulsi powder. Grind oatmeal in a grinder and make powder. Take two teaspoon of Tulsi paste and add two teaspoon of oatmeal powder. Mix two tea spoon of milk powder and mix all the ingredients by adding water and make a paste.

Clean face with cold water. Apply this pack all over face. Wait for 15 min. Do it in the evening if possible. Then you can avoid sun exposure immediately. Try this face pack twice in a month.

Those who have sensitive skin try this Tulsi Face Pack on the inner wrist and make sure you don't have any burning sensation or irritation.

Lotus Fairness Face Pack

Good morning friends. After a week's break I am here again in front of you. Last week I visited Kanyakumari. That is a place where three sides of land is surrounded by sea. So we can view sunrise and sunset on both side from the same place. In this way I think this is the only one sea side location in India. On the way back from Kanyakumari I saw ponds with lotus flowers. Then I remembered the Lotus Fairness Face Pack. So I collected few flowers from there. Lotus flowers and the whole part is so good to make a face pack that will increase the over all beauty of face. Before I used this pack, but the only problem is availability of lotus flowers.

Lotus Fairness face Pack
We can utilize the whole parts of the flower. Pluck out the petals and clean the whole thing very well. Cut into small pieces. Put it in a mixer/grinder and add a little milk and make a paste. Then put the paste in a bowl and add two teaspoon of almond oil. This is the lotus fairness face pack.

How to apply and when?
I recommend it to apply in the morning time on a week end. Because morning time our face skin will be in good condition to receive any rejuvenating treatment. Other time also is fine. Wash your face with normal water. Apply the lotus fairness face pack evenly all over the face. Keep it for 10-15 min. Then wash it off with cold water. Avoid sun exposure on this day.

You can see the result in the very first application of lotus fairness face pack. Do it weekly for three months and get the full result.

Face masks for oily skin

Different seasons exerts differences in temperature and that may create a change in your skin. Oily skin can make some discomfort may be on your entire face or through t-zone. The oily skin produces excess oil. This may cause clogging on the pores. This leads to breakouts.

Here I am emphasizing on using homemade face packs using fruits or vegetables or medicinal herbs. The homemade masks below is suitable for oily skin. By using these masks you can avoid the excess oil on your face and certainly it removes the excess shiny oily look of your face. These face masks give comfortable feeling while you go out.

StrawberryImage via Wikipedia
Strawberry facial mask: You can definitely go for a strawberry face pack in this season. It is very useful for those who have breakouts. Strawberries have a little astringent quality. It is having vitamin-C. Just mash three four strawberries and add 2tsp. honey. Together with the honey, strawberry will give you a relax from oiliness of your skin. After washing your face just apply the face pack all over the face. Wait for 10-15 min. Then wash it off.

Oatmeal directly from the packing.Image via Wikipedia
Oatmeal face mask: For an oily nature oatmeal face pack is well and good. Oats helps skin to become soft. To make this face mask you need half cup cooked oat meal. Mash half apple and mix with oatmeal to get a paste. Add 2 tsp. lemon juice also. After cleansing your face with water apply the mask on face. Wait for 10 min. and rinse.

Tomato face pack: Tomato juice is a good natural astringent and it is very good for oily acne prone skin. Take half tomato and mash it well. Add a small grated cucumber and make a paste. Then add 2tsp. lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients well. This face pack is suitable for oily skin that have a tendency to get acne, pimples. Wash your face with water. Apply this face mask on the face. Wait for 10-15 min. then wash it off.

To control the oily skin these face mask can help you a lot. Just apply this face pack once in a week minimum. Make the experience a joy and get the finest result of homemade face packs.

Dry flakes on the scalp

I received an email from a reader that she is having flaky scalp. This flakes cause boils on the fore head. She used so many remedies but no result. This is a common condition especially during winter. When this occurs everybody try so many things. Some may go for dandruff treatment. Some may go for pimple treatment. Some may try hot oil treatment. Why this confusion? Because no body is trying to find out the reason for this condition. Secondly they fail to recognize the problem. In all the skin problems, either on face or scalp, you have to see your skin type. Check whether you have a dry or oily or combination skin. Accordingly you have to face the problem.

If you have dry skin or dry scalp then always you have to take care for not getting severe dryness. How you understand that you have severe dry scalp? Check is there any formation of flaky scalp. Flakes are due to dead cells coming out in large quantity. The outer layer of cells in the skin is becoming dead and it causes flaky cells. Normally when you find this condition certainly you will go for hot oil head massage. Yes it is good. But before jumping into that remedy, just give few minutes to think. If there is lot of flaky cells on the scalp and this condition prevailed long before then oiling is not recommended. Why? Along with dead cells there will be dirt accumulated. When you apply oil that may create a very damp scalp which can produce bacterial infection on the scalp. This leads to dandruff. But if there is very little flakes and it started very recently then oiling can help.

Sometimes this dead cells on the scalp can be interpreted or suspected as dandruff. Then what you do? You use dandruff shampoo. This may cause excess dryness. So do not get confused with dryness and dandruff.

When the flakes are dropped on the forehead it causes to produce small pimple like bumps on the forehead. There is no need to go for a pimple treatment. Take care of the flakes then the pimples will run away.

Instead of using oil on the scalp just use oil (very lightly) on hair only, avoiding two inches from the scalp side. Continue this for few days. At the same time take bath or head washing without using shampoo. And towel dry scalp very lightly. Do not scratch on the scalp but gently rub with fingers. This will drop out the flakes gradually. After a week or two you can see the flakes are diminishing. The oiling on the hair keep the scalp not getting more dryness. After removing the fakes you can oil the scalp also. After this you have to take care doing oiling once in a week.

If you do not use oil then try suitable hair packs.(search in this site for "hair packs") Wash hair thoroughly in water and do rub with fingers then wash again. Do not use hard shampoo. Towel dry hair and use hair pack. This will definitely solve the problem.

The mail which I received tells that she has sinus problem, so she cannot use oil or hair packs. What is a solution in this situation. Simple, your aim should be to remove the flakes first. Wash hair in water without using hard shampoo. Use green gram powder to wash the scalp if you want. Rub on the scalp with fingers while doing washing. Then towel try hair and scalp. After few days of removing the flakes use mild herbal hair conditioner. This will keep hair moisturized and this will help the scalp to become normal.

So please read the above post three times and choose a suitable remedy. Good luck.

Face Pack for Saggy Facial Skin

In some cases, around the age of forty, the facial skin starts to become saggy. If care is taken at this beginning stage we can avoid the sagging tendency. The very first thing to take care of is never ever massage your face downward. And remember to give few upward massage regularly. Here is a recipe for a face pack to avoid saggy skin.

Wheat flour 3tsp
Rice flour 3 tsp
Maida flour 2tsp
Cabbage leaves 5
Egg 1

Put all the ingredients except egg in mixer/grinder and make a paste of it. Take it in a bowl and add one egg and mix well to get a medium paste. Do not ask me whether it can be kept in fridge, because the answer will be a big nay.

Wash face with normal water. Use fresh milk to cleanse the face and neck. Dip a cotton ball into the milk and give a circular upward motion on the face. Do it very lightly. Then take two tsp of sugar powder and add a little water. Apply this all over the face. Then wash it off. Then apply the face pack from neck to fore head. Give upward stroke using fingers. Take care to apply evenly all over the face and neck. Apply pack in medium thickness. Then keep it for 20 min. Then sprinkle water on the pack and make it thoroughly wet. After this wipe the pack using cold water. Do not give pressure on the skin during wiping it off.

You have to do it repeatedly as per your convenience. But not daily. This face can diminish skin's tendency to get sagged. The cabbage leaves reduce the wrinkles on the skin.