Carrot Apple Juice Recipe

Carrot Apple Juice Recipe

You all know about carrot juice benefits. Here I am only emphasizing it because it helps skin beauty if taken regularly. In my earlier post I explained how you can use carrot to make face mask. This mask gives amazing result. But in my experience drinking carrot juice gives immediate results in the next day.

How to make Carrot Apple Juice at home

ingredients: 1/2 kg fresh carrot, 2 apples and 1tsp lemon juice. Salt or sugar if you like.

Cut carrot and apple into small pieces. Put it in a mixer/grinder and mash to get crushed well. Add little water if needed. Sieve it to squeeze the juice. Add sugar and salt. Put crushed ice to serve chilled.

I know you all know how to make this. The thing is that drinking carrot juice is really effective for those who give importance to skin care. This will make your skin smooth, clear and supple. So I am happy to suggest you carrot apple juice.

Body Bath for Skin Care

Bath for skin care

Bath is an effective beauty therapy for the proper maintenance of skin. If you are using soap, do not take very hot water. It will damage oil glands. Fresh lukewarm water is best for taking bath.

In case of any skin disease use a medicated, disinfectant soap. Ordinary soaps are not disinfectant. In summer take bath twice a day, to wash off sweat and grease. Use of soap should be discontinued in case of dry skin, in winters and in advanced age. Bath can be taken in running water, standing water in tubs, under shower or with steam.

Sandalwood paste keeps the body mildly fragrant and refreshed throughout the day. For this take sandalwood powder, mix rose water and make a paste and apply in thick coat. Leave it for 15 min let it dry then take bath.

To lighten a dark complexion a simple home remedy is this; take oat flour tied in a kerchief or napkin dip it in unboiled (raw) milk and rub on the body twice a week. Slowly skin acquires a lighter tint. For unwanted hair scrub with gram flour.

Steam bath
Steam bath is effective for reducing fat but has no practical utility as it does not clean the skin. Very hot steam may leave an adverse effect on the heart. Blood vessels expand permanently due to steam and sweat glands become overactive.

Sun bath
Rays of the sun are a rich source of vitamin D which strengthens the body with calcium and phosphorus. But if there is hot climate long exposure to these rays is harmful. Face and head should be covered while other parts of the body could be exposed. Too much exposure can activate the brain adversely. It can cause wrinkles and falling of hair. it is advisable to drink one liter water with a lemon or two squeezed in it.

Wedding Facial at home

Wedding Facial at home

If you are preparing for a special function, here is the hack. Suppose you want to attend a wedding function of your best friend. But you don't have time to visit a beauty parlor to prepare for the function! Don't worry, here is the short cut to do a wedding facial at home. Using this tip you can become gorgeous in the function.

How to do a wedding facial at home
You can do this wedding facial either one day before the function, at the evening time or on the wedding day. First thing you can do is an instant cleansing. For this take a ripe tomato and cut a small piece. Top or bottom piece is better. Clean the face with water and move the tomato slice over the face. Do it in circular motion in clockwise direction. Continue for about 5-7 min. Then wash the face.

Next thing to do is applying a suitable pack. You can select any pack from my earlier posts. Here I am suggesting an easy one for this occasion. Add 3tsp. chick pea powder, add 2tsp. milk powder and orange juice to make a paste. Now you apply this pack all over the face and neck. Leave this face pack for 10-15 min. and then wash it off with cold water.

Here is an additional tip for you to become gorgeous on the wedding day: If the function is on the next day morning drink two glasses of orange juice or carrot juice(or a mix of both) before going to bed. If the function is on the next day evening drink the juice on the function day morning. This will add a charming to your skin. As I used to tell every time try to avoid acidic food on these days. Also fried fish and meat. These are all small things we may not count. That is why people asking you on the functions 'why you are looking dull' etc. So take care of that.

In the morning on the wedding day do the tomato cleansing once more. It will take out any dark coloration on the skin. It will lighten the pigmentation. After 10 min. wash the face with cold water. Now you can apply make up. If you have sunscreen lotion you can apply it. Try to avoid direct sun exposure.

This weeding facial at home is meant for an instant clean up and always better to go for normal facial and other thing by visiting your beautician.
Wedding Facial at home posted by: Geetha

Beautiful Hands Fingers

Beautiful Hands and Fingers

Treat your hands and fingers with great care. The result will be beautiful hands and fingers. Homemade techniques are so simple and so pampering. Give one day for your hands and pamper them. Here I am sharing how you can spend few hours with your hands and give love to them. This way you can have beautiful hands and fingers.

Think that this a holiday for you. Be free from all other activities. Make sure that you will get few hours undisturbed. Say goodbye to phone for these time. Put on enough lights. Play some slow music. ( I am a fan of lounge music) Arrange two medium bowls and one plastic bowl. We need one fresh lemon, one cooked potato, almond oil, oats powder, sugar and coconut oil.

Get two cotton socks. Wet it in cold water. Wear this socks on both hands. Give sometime to listen to music or engage in some other things. After 10 or 20 minutes remove the socks and wash your hands. Now take 2-3 glasses of water in the plastic bowl. Add two or three spoons of lemon juice to it. Dip your hands in it and play making waves. Now a few minutes passed. Take your hands out and tissue dry it. Then take the small bowl. Add two or three tsp. coconut oil, 1 tsp. sugar and 1 tsp. oats powder. Mix well. Apply this on your hands and do a slight rubbing in circular motion. Massage each finger and press it. This will form shapes to fingers. Rubbing will exfoliate the dead skin. Do it for few min. At this time if you want you can clean your nail and cuticles with tools. Then wash your hands and blot hand with towel tissue. Now in another bowl smash the cooked potato. Add two spoons almond oil. Apply this pack on both hands. Leave it like that for another ten min.

Then rinse off hands in cold water and dry it with soft tissue. Feel the smoothness and light smell and get beautiful hands. Do pampering hands twice in a month minimum to get beautiful hands and fingers.


Natural, homemade beauty tips
Welcome to all visitors. Yes it is a good idea to try some natural and homemade methods for your beauty care.
This site provides you natural tips to improve your beauty. Some of these tips can be homemade. I would like to say it as 'at home' beauty tip.
In beauty tips, here you get skin care, hair care and nail care. In these days people look back to natural remedies. It is economical and most of them are with no side effects. Only problem exists is availability of ingredients worldwide. I will try to provide information about the availability as better as possible. At least I can provide links to such products.
The ingredients mentioned in most of the tips are herbs and it is found very effective and safe..Why?
By nature human beings are 'herbivores'. That means their food is herbs not other animals. Because the intestine of herbivores are very long. The herbs we eat will take more time to digest. In the other hand, 'carnivores' that eats mainly meat does not require long intestine. So physiologically we are fit to eat herbs only. But in modern times we eat less vegetables. So naturally we lack so many things that may get from these herbs. That is why we are affected by illness and other problems. So most of our problems can easily be solved by herbs. By default the herbs are with less side effects and it is so safe.
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