Haircare for damaged hair

Hair becomes damaged due to various reasons. May be because of careless haircare. Sometimes due to excessive hair coloring. Or chlorine content on the pool may be the culprit. If your hair was dry for a long time hair becomes damaged. For any reasons you should give proper haircare.

Today we are discussing about homemade haircare for damaged hair. A damaged hair as a first stage goes dry. So first priority is to cure the dry hair. At home you can do a hot oil treatment. It is a good haircare method for dryness. Those who are not used to oiling can try it now. It makes your hair shiny, conditioned and live if used properly. Select a suitable oil, either olive oil, coconut oil or any other light cooking oil for that matter. If you are using it first, use it mildly on the first try. Sometimes you may not like the sticky nature of oil. Then use refined coconut oil. But unrefined is nutritious for hair. Olive oil oil is thicker but it is a good choice. So consider doing hot oil treatment at home weekly once for a proper haircare.

After applying oil wait for 15 min. Doing a light massage on scalp is good. Do not scratch, use the tip of fingers. Now it is the time to go for the haircare pack for the damaged hair. Here we are using a Orange Cucumber pack. Take an orange and cut half of it. No need to remove the outer skin. We need one small cucumber also. Cut the cucumber into small pieces. Put these two ingredients in a mixer and blend it well and make it a paste. Now add one egg white into it and mix well. If you want to avoid egg, is fine. And put 3tsp. of green gram flour and mix together. Yes the haircare pack for damaged hair is ready.

Now it is about 15-20 min. since you applied hot oil. Here you can apply this haircare pack on scalp and hair. Spread it throughout the entire hair. If you have more hair, you should have taken more quantity ingredients. Wrap your hair with a hot towel. Wait for another 15 min. Wash hair in normal water. Rinse well. See whether your hair feel sticky due to oil, no it may not be, because we used green gram flour. It will wash off excess oil. Or if you feel comfortable to use shampoo then use mild shampoo.

If your hair is severely damaged then try this haircare pack daily for one week and latter once in a week minimum. During this time do not use any hard shampoo. Avoid exposing hair to sever sun light. If you are going out use umbrella. Do avoid swimming in pools and sea. Also avoid highly acidic food. At this haircare period avoid hot ironing and hair drier. Do not try to color hair or do highlights. Avoid all sort of chemical applications. This special haircare pack is highly recommendable and it avoid splitends also.

All Natural Skin Care Recipes

All Natural Skin Care Recipes - for a beautiful skin

In this post I am talking about carrot facial mask which is an all natural skin care recipe. Carrot is mentioned in my other posts for dry skin, as facial and it is very good for combination skin. Here the recipe is slightly different and it is for overall skin beautification.

All natural skin care recipes-Ingredients:
1 carrot grated
5tsp. fresh milk
1tsp. fresh lemon juice

Take one juicy carrot. Grate the carrot well. Do not make a paste. Take the grated carrot in a small bowl. Add 5tsp. of fresh milk. Mix well with a spoon. Add 1tsp. of fresh lemon juice and mix well. After washing your face apply this as a pack on face. Keep it for 25 min. and then wash it off. You can see the glow on your face immediately. Repeating apply this will gives a very good result and it will increase the complexion and beauty of your facial skin. I hope you may try this all natural skin care recipes and add your comments below. Thank you and good luck.

How to remove spots on face

Marks or spot on the face- at home remedies

Wrinkles or dark spots around eyes

Boil tea-leaves and stain, foment the area below eyes with this warm decoction.

A light massage by applying almond oil on the skin at night is beneficial. Massage should always be with outward strokes towards temples.

Wrap oat flour and dust sandalwood in a napkin.soak it in unheated milk or rose water and rub on the face.

Smallpox spots:

Soybean paste fills the deep spots. apply soybean paste on face. Let it dry for 15 min, wash it with lukewarm water.

White spots or marks: Imbalance of melanin in the body results in appearance of white spots.

Facial for open pores

How to do a facial for open pores

If you have large pores open, it can be treated here. Utilize the steps here.

1. Wipe the face with cleansing milk.

2. Use any astringent and tone the face.

3. Steam the face

4. Take a napkin, put ice cubes and add astringent and do circular movements till the face turns red, showing circulation of blood.

5. Then finally apply a face pack
(Mix white of an egg, fullers earth and astringent)

Homemade Pack for Crows Feet

Homemade treatments/remedy for crows feet

The wrinkle forming at the outside corner of eyes are called crows feet. The reasons for crows feet may vary. But for many it gives worry. Here is a homemade pack for crows feet. It is said crows feet is caused by age, tension and worries. It can also be caused by dry skin on that area. If you can give care for dry skin and dead cells, it can reduce the appearance or remove crows feet.

Homemade face pack for crows feet
Cucumber or potato can be used to reduce crows feet. Before using this pack, just clean your face and wipe using a tissue. Mix honey and glycerin in equal quantity. Apply this mix on the lower side and at the outer corner of eyes. Wait for five minutes. Grate cucumber or potato (not paste). By closing your eyes put the grated cucumber over the eyes, around the eyes and the outer corner. Keep it like this for 30 min. Then wash with cold water. Apply this homemade pack for crows feet daily evening for at least one month.

Natural Homemade Tips to Dandruff

How to treat dandruff at home/Home made tips

Some homemade tips dandruff

homemade tips dandruff #1
Mix water and vinegar in 3:1 ratio and wash your hair and scalp with it. Then rinse head with water or take bath. Repeat it once in a week for at least three months.

homemade tips dandruff#2
While you do oil massage use almond oil. Wrap your head with a hot towel. Leave it like that for 30 min. Then wash it off. Repeat it for few days.

homemade tips dandruff#3
Mix two tsp. of vinegar and one tsp. of lemon juice. Use this to massage on the scalp. Wait for 20 min. Then rinse it off. Use mild shampoo if needed.

Use any of this homemade tips to dandruff.

Hair Care II

Hair Care Topics details(part II)

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skin Care II

skin Care Topics details: (part II)

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Natural homemade dry hair care tip

Natural remedy for dry hair at home

Home made remedy for dry hair with White Oak Bark
Boil 2 tbsp. of white oak bark in 1 cup of water in a low flame for 25 min. Using a sieve stain the liquid and add 2 tbsp. of castile soap. Mix well and add 3 tbsp. of any herbal soap, 1 tsp. of honey, and 1 beaten egg. Use it while bathing, apply on scalp and hair, leave it for 20 min. Then rinse it off.

Home-made shampoo for dry hair with chamomile
Take 5 tbsp. chamomile flowers and add 4 cups of boiling water. Put a lid and keep it for half an hour. Stain the liquid and add castile soap flakes.
Shake the bottle and use this as shampoo. Using this continuously will eradicate the dryness of your hair.

At home dry hair care tip with mayonnaise
If your hair is extremely dry and damaged and if you like mayonnaise, apply mayonnaise on your hair and cover head with a shower cap. After 20 min. rinse well. Use mild shampoo if needed.

Hot oil treatment recipe at home
Apply warm olive oil or coconut oil all over your hair. Massage scalp for 15 min. Cover the head with a hot towel and sit for 20 min. Then take a bath and use shampoo if needed.

Natural herbal treatment for dry hair with Aloe Vera
Apply aloe vera gel on scalp and hair. Massage the scalp for 20 min. This will moisturize hair and make hair shiny. Repeat it twice or more in a week.

Natural homemade dry hair tip - Avocado
Agitate avocado and ripe banana in a food processor. Add water if needed. Apply it and after 20 min. rinse it off.

Homemade Face Pack for Oily Skin

Homemade Face Pack for Oily and Combination Skin

Natural home made Face Packs for oily skin

Yeast Face Pack. Mix 1 tsp of yeast, 1tsp of sugar and a little warm milk. Cover this and keep.When it ferments apply as pack.

Egg and Lemon Face Pack. For a shallow greasy skin. Beat 1 egg white and add 20 drops of lime juice. Leave it on face for 15 min and wash off.

Milk Cream Face Pack. Mix 1 tsp of fresh cream of warm milk and add a pinch of haldi and besan accordingly. This can be applied to all type of skin.

Pith and Milk Face Pack. Mix pith powder with warm milk or water. Apply on face and leave for 1 hour and wash off.

Egg White Face Pack. Beat an egg white till it froths then apply on face and let it dry and then wash it off.

Egg face pack.
Separate the yolk and white of an egg. Beat the yolk and apply on the face. When half dry apply beaten egg white. Leave it fully dry and then wash with warm water. This cleans and closes the pores and remove wrinkles.

Homemade Face Packs for Combination Skin

Carrot Honey Face Pack. Mix 1tsp of honey, 1 tsp of carrot juice and 10 drops of lime juice. Mix well and add 1tsp of besan. Make it into a paste and apply it on face. Leave it for 20 min and then wash it off.

Multani Mitti Face Pack. Mix 1 tsp of multani mitti(Fuller's earth) with rose water to make a paste. Apply and keep it for 20 min then wash it off.

Sandal Face Pack. Mix 1 tsp of sandal wood power with rose water and make a paste. Apply it and leave for about 20 min.

Natural Facial Pack

Natural Facial Pack at home

If you don't have time to visit a beauty parlor, definitely you can make a natural facial pack at home easily. There are several facials you can make depending upon what you have in your kitchen. Here I am giving you a carrot facial pack.

First of all do a cleansing with raw milk. For this take 2tsp. raw milk and add 2 drops of fresh lime juice. Dip a cotton on this and wipe face and clean well. Then dip your fingers on this milk and using that give a facial massage.

Secondly, take one or two carrot and grate it. Add 1/2 tsp. of powdered sugar and mix it in mixer/grinder. Using this mix do a light massage on face in a circular motion. After that apply this pack on face. Leave it for 20 min.

This will give a thorough clean up and facial to you. This natural facial pack makes your skin glowing all the day.

Homemade Astringent Lotion

How to make an astringent lotion at home.

Yes you can buy astringent lotion from drugstore. What you feel? Sometimes it may cause dryness? Or some other gives irritating rashes? How about to try a homemade astringent lotion. This you can prepare at home. The preparation below shows you how to make and keep it for future use.

Natural recipe for homemade astringent.

Al you need is - these ingredients:
2tsp of honey
2tsp ground coriander seeds
2tsp nutmeg (jaiphul)
1tsp cloves
4tsp orange peels
8tsp alcohol
4tsp rose water
4 tsp orange flower juice
1/2 tsp storax

Put all ingredients in a large bottle and cover it with lid. Shake it thereafter for a week. Just shake the bottle twice a day. Keep it closed always. After a week filter it into another bottle and keep in fridge. The astringent lotion is ready.You can take necessary quantity each time you want to use.