Aloe Vera Beauty Care

Aloe VeraImage by Powerhouse Museum via Flickr
Aloe vera can be used to care your skin and hair.

I have a feeling that there is no other plant that has discussed as Aloe Vera. Yes, because it has lot of benefits. Now everybody become aware of aloe vera uses in beauty care/skin care - especially for acne. It has got a large variety of uses. It is proved the anti-inflammatory properties. Also it is having antioxidants contained in it. And also it is called as a “miracle plant”, because it is used for burns and sun burns also.

Even we can make a drink out of it. This helps to cure stomach burning feelings related to ulcer. But some may not like to drink fresh aloe juice. Some may feel discomfort after drinking. If you are using aloe vera as a drink mix with some fruit juices. It is said to be beneficial for good blood circulation. Pregnant women should avoid using it.

Yes it has got moisturizing effects. It is used to cure sun burns. It is a Natural Sunscreen.

Aloe can be used for hair care. Mix aloe vera gel and lemon with your shampoo. Apply it for 15 minuets. and wash as usual.

If you have an aloe plant, remember to squeeze juice from inside the thick leaf. Better to avoid the thick outer layer. If you can get fresh aloe gel without any other ingredients also good. Yes you can plant aloe vera in your courtyard.

Guava Facial at Home

Guava Facial at Home
You know guava fruit is a very good friend to skin beauty. Even drinking fresh guava juice helps the skin texture. How can we use guava fruit to do smart facial at home? Here is the tip to do guava facial at home.

How to prepare guava facial pack
Get one full ripe guava fruit. Cut it into two halves. Remove the seeds. Then cut it into small pieces. Do not peel out the skin. You can add 2 or 3 tender leaves of guava to mix in this. Then using a mixer make it a pulp. Keep a spoon of this pulp in a bowl. With the rest of pulp in the mixer add 2 tsp. of milk powder or oats powder. Mix well. If you have extreme oily skin add 1/2 tsp. of table salt. This can be applied as a pack. It is very good to control acne formation.

How to do guava facial at home
Wash your face with water. Now you can use cleanser. Instead of store bought cleanser you can use fresh orange to cleanse the face. Cut the top portion of an orange in round shape. Use this piece to rub on the face in a circular(clock wise) direction. Then rinse the face with wet cotton ball. Then get the guava pulp in the bowl. Take a little on your hands and rub on the face with fingers. Remember to give a circular massage. Repeat this all over face and do it for 10 min. Then rinse the face with wet cotton balls. Now you can apply the guava facial pack. Apply as a thick layer all over the face. Wait for another 10-15 min. Then wash it off.

Here you will notice your skin gets clear and clear. This guava facial cleanse your face leaving the skin supple. While applying guava facial pack it removes the tendency to get acne. So you can do this guava facial at home once in a week.
posted by: Geetha