Beauty Bath for Beautiful Skin

Bathing tips for a refreshing beautiful skin

Bathing we all take for personal hygiene and to keep us fresh. A beauty bath is different. Beauty bath for beautiful skin- yes it is possible. A luxury bath at home not only gives extra beauty to the whole body it also provides a refreshing mind. So bathing becomes an amazing experience.

How to move from a normal bath to a luxurious bath?
Good question. First you make your mood to get a luxurious bath than a normal bath. May be on a weekend afternoon you can find time for it.

Beauty steps of a beauty bath for a beautiful skin:
  1. A light oiling to the whole body
  2. A sandal body pack for rejuvenation
  3. A natural body scrub for exfoliation and cleansing
  4. A refreshing warm bath in rose petals

Step 1. You can use any oil of your choice. Olive oil or coconut oil or almond oil. If you are using any particular oil select that oil. My personal choice is almond oil. Give a light oiling only, because a thorough body oil massage is not our goal now. Give a ten min. time for oil to get into the skin.

Step 2. Sandalwood powder-papaya pack. Mash a few pieces of ripe papaya in a mixer. Get this paste in a bowl. Add one tsp. of white sandalwood powder and mix well to get a smooth paste. Apply this sandal body pack all over body. Wait for 10-15 min.

Step 3. We need 5 tsp. green gram flour. Add a little water to get a thick mix. Use this mix to rub your body. Give a gentle rub. This will remove dead cells and cleanse the excess oil from body.

Step 3. Refreshing warm bath. Fill the bath tub with warm water, not hot water. Add few rose petals to this bathing water and wait for 5 min. Or instead of rose petals, use lemon and orange peels. For that boil these peels in a cup of water and pour into the bathing water. Adding neem leaves is also a good choice. Or you can use few drops of rose oil or sandal oil. Take a luxurious bath. Feel the amusing moment giving by this beauty bath for beautiful skin.

Coconut Milk Creme Face Pack

Did you hear about coconut milk? Yes most probably all of you know about coconut milk. What about coconut milk cream? It is the cream produced from coconut milk. You all know the benefits coconut milk. It can be used to spread over body for itchy skins. It is also used to make hair oil that helps hair growth. So can we use the cream of coconut milk to enhance our skin beauty. The coconut milk cream face pack helps to avoid discoloration of skin. Also it gives a smooth and soft skin. It is very beneficial for dry skins. And those skin with white patches and irritation, it is a very good remedy for that skin condition.
Kokusnuss, in Hälften gebrochen; Coconut, brok...Image via Wikipedia
How to make coconut milk cream face pack. For this you need coconut milk. This is available to buy. But if you can make coconut milk from fresh coconut is good. For that grate the white part of coconut. Put this grated coconut into a mixer/grinder and add some water and work on that to get a loose milk. Remove this mixer to a bowl then sieve this to get a clear coconut milk. Refrigerate this coconut milk for about 2 hours minimum. Then take it out and see an upper thicker layer is formed. This is coconut milk cream.

This coconut milk cream can be used for any facial applications. It is a nourishing cream. It can enhance the skin condition and color. Here you can take two teaspoons of coconut milk cream and add a pinch of turmeric powder. This can be applied on face and hands. This will be very useful for dry skins. It will remove the dry condition of skin and enhance the skin tone and texture.

If you add a pinch of white sandal wood powder and apply on face, it will from a very good beauty treatment for your skin. Also adding red sandal wood powder and applying it will remove mild scars on face.

Mix coconut milk cream and carrot paste. Apply this on face to increase your facial nourishment. Wherever we use milk we can use this coconut milk cream to enhance our beauty. Coconut milk or coconut milk cream can be used to problematic skin with itchy patches. Coconut milk is useful to avoid all minor skin problems. For those with dry skin and do not like to apply oils this coconut milk cream is very useful.