Natural Homemade Acne Pack

Acne Homemade Pack for Acne/Pimples
sandalwood powder
Here you can try natural acne pack. You can do it at home. As it is natural there is no side effects. You can make acne mask/pack at home.

Not only for teens, sometimes acne/pimple causes problems for all ages. The causes of acne may vary. For some reasons the store bought products may not give full satisfaction. Or it may leave scars or make skin dry etc.

Acne homemade pack/mask with Sandal oil and Rose water.

All you need is 2 tsp clay (kaolin), 1 tsp sandal wood oil and rose water. Mix everything and make it a paste. Clean/wash your face and apply it on face in the morning. Leave like that for 25 min or so. Wash off with cool water. Repeat it for few days till the acne disappears.

Keeping a proper diet also is necessary. Make a fresh juice of fresh lime and warm water. Have it every morning without fail. Drinking black tea with honey is good for controlling acne. If constipated eat papaya and figs . Use skimmed milk, green vegetables and fruits.

Don't use butter, ghee, spices and chillies. Better to avoid mangoes, banana, eggs in excess . Avoid oily foods. And finally you know avoiding chocolates and sweets will help you a lot.
This natural homemade acne pack may help you removing acne.

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