Aloe Vera Cucumber Juice Recipe

Aloe Vera          Image by Powerhouse Museum   via Flickr
Today I thought to write about Aloe Vera Cucumber juice. Because it helps to improve skin complexion. In fact I am about to discuss such drinks that helps your skin in a series. Latter I can talk to you about carrot juice.

I am here suggesting this aloe cucumber juice as it is more than a health drink, also it helps the skin beauty. Aloe contains some vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and enzymes. Aloe Vera is a good skin moisturizer. It keeps skin moist, smooth and clear     looking. Aloe gives skin a healthier look of radiance. The minerals found in the aloe vera provide very clear skin.

So drinking aloe juice is a very beautiful choice to a beautiful skin. I do not think to drink daily but occasionally. And pregnant women and lactating women better to avoid aloe drinks.

How to prepare Aloe Vera Cucumber Juice

You need 1 cucumber, 1 apple, 2tsp lemon juice and 1 piece of aloe vera gel. Here if you can get one leaf of aloe plant is good. Open the leaf by cutting the green outer layer(in length wise) and extract the white inner crux using a spoon. In the video below see how to cut aloe leaf and squeeze aloe gel(+smoothie recipe)

For us, here we need to cut one medium size cucumber and one apple into small pieces. Prepare juice by using a juicer or mixer. Add lemon juice and aloe vera gel and mix well. Drink is ready to serve chilled.