Anti-Wrinkle Pack

Anti-Wrinkle pack for reducing the appearance of wrinkles

The anti-wrinkle pack that I am telling here can be used for all ages. If you start to apply this anti-wrinkle pack when you see the first spot of wrinkles, then you can completely avoid wrinkles in future.

Banana-Cabbage anti-wrinkle pack
Here banana is used as a anti-wrinkle facial pack. Take a ripe banana and cut and mash it into a paste. Get few leaves of cabbage and grind it in a mixer/grinder to get a paste. Mix the above two pastes by adding one egg white. In the early morning wash your face with cold water. Apply this paste on your face. Let it dry in the face for 30 min. Then wash the face with normal water. If you apply this anti-wrinkle pack daily for one month you can avoid wrinkles. After that apply this anti wrinkle pack twice in a month.

Similarly there are so many homemade anti-wrinkle pack you can make. Apple is a good remedy for wrinkles. Add lemon juice also. Another anti wrinkle pack you can make is from carrot juice. Add few drops of almond oil also to it. Papaya also is said to be an excellent solution for wrinkles. Make papaya anti-wrinkle pack by mashing ripe papaya. Do not use medium ripe one because it may produce irritation on sensitive skins.

As these anti-wrinkle pack are pure and natural, you have to use for days. Effect may be slow but the result will be genuine and of no side effects.