Back Acne Home Remedy

Home remedy for back acneBack Acne Home Remedy
I am getting enquiries asking about home remedies to clear the back acne. This is affecting ladies and gents as well. Back acne is similar to acne on face. On face we have to care about the product we use. But for back acne no need to worry about that. Bit if unattended it can become puss producing.

Back acne home remedy
There are so many homemade herbal remedies available to treat body acne. But the neem I found very effective to cure back acne. In villages the neem tree is seen in the front yard of houses. It is believed very good to get the fresh air from neem leaves. It will purify the atmosphere or it will keep the air healthy.

Homemade back acne pack
How to make this pack. If you can get fresh neem leaves get few bunches of it. Or you can buy neem herbal powder. For leaves pluck the leaves and put it in a mixer/grinder and add some water. Make it a paste and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix well. As a whole it should be a medium loose paste.

Clean the body well. Towel dry and apply homemade back acne pack on the back of body. Leave it for 20-25 min. Then wash it off. This back acne home remedy you can use it daily for one or two weeks or till the back acne disappears.