Freckles fading tips

Yes, sometimes freckles turns annoying not only to teens but also for others too. Some may consider it an added charm to their beauty. Any how if you want to fade out the freckles there are safer natural and homemade freckles fading tips. You can choose a suitable one and apply.
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If you use fruits and vegetable as face packs consistently the freckles will be faded gradually. A face pack with apricot is found useful to avoid freckles. Another face pack is using strawberries. The sour extract of it can fade out freckles eventually. Cucumber and red current also is very effective to avoid freckles.

If you do not like the above face packs, you can go for a sour cream mask. After applying this face mask wait for 10-20 min. Try to remove the mask from the face using a facial tissue. If you feel dry skin just apply some moisturizer. If you have extreme oil skin apply a little lemon juice on face before applying this sour cream mask.

Another homemade way is the natural parsley juice. Mix equal amount of parsley juice, lemon juice, orange juice and red current juice. Apply it on face and wait for ten min. Then rinse it off. Use some cold cream afterwards.

Washing your face with sour milk is a good idea to fade out freckles. The lactic acid in the sour milk will help freckles to fade out.

Apply fresh lemon juice. Using your finger, tap face with lemon juice. This will fade out freckles.

Increase vitamin C intake. Have enough fruits with vitamin C. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.