Facial Mask for Flaky Skin

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Facial Mask for Flaky Skin
For those who have dry skin, sometimes it becomes a problem at the time of hot season that flakes forms on the skin, even on face. Here is a natural solution to that which is homemade. This is an oats almond face pack to help the flaky skin.

Ingredients for facial mask for flaky skin

1cup oats
1/2 cup almond
1/2 cup dried rose petals

How to prepare facial mask for flaky skin
Make powders of the above ingredients. From that take 3tsp. oats powder, 1tsp. almond powder and 1tsp. rose petals powder. Mix them well and add 3 or 4 tsp. yogurt to make a paste. Now the facial mask is ready.

How to apply facial mask for flaky skin
First of all wash and dry the face and apply a thin layer of almond oil all over the face. Avoid the eye areas. Then apply the facial mask for flaky skin all over the face and neck. Remember to add a little water if needed to make the mask smooth running. Allow the mask to stay there for 10-15 min. But take care to not getting the mask dry on the face. So wash off the mask before drying on the face. Use cold water to rinse the mask.

You have to do this everyday for consecutive three days and latter do it on alternate days till your face become alright. After getting the full result, do not forget to repeat this at least once in a week or whenever you feel necessary. This facial mask for flaky skin definitely solve your problem.