Skin Glow Face Pack

Lentils on pink - DSCN0419.JPGImage by Flickred! via Flickr
Skin Glow Face Pack

Glow glow glow to skin is a main concern to women around the world. Whatever we use to increase the skin complexion that is brought from stores give adverse effect in the long run. Here it is advisable to go natural. Here is solution to this that is natural and from Ayurveda, India. I am suggesting a face pack that was used not only for beauty enhancements but also for various skin treatments. You all know the orange lentils (masoor dal) used in Indian cooking. You can get this from Indian food stores. Get flour of split orange lentils. Or you can grind the lentils to get the flour.

Preparing face pack skin glow

5 tbs lentils flour

Make a paste by mixing ghee and milk to the lentils flour. Try to add the ghee and milk a little by little to get an even paste. Mix well intensely to get the flour rubbed well together with milk and ghee. The milk and ghee combination can be in the ratio 2:1. Skin glow face pack is ready.

Application of the skin glow face pack

Wash and tissue dry facial skin. Apply the skin glow face pack evenly all over the face and neck. Wait for 10-15 min. But do not give time to get it dry on face. Wash before that with cold water.

Repeated application of the skin glow face pack

It is advisable to apply this face pack once in a week. But if you intend to get a sudden result then do it daily for three or five consecutive days and repeat it once in week. This skin glow face pack will give special glow to you facial skin and it will rejuvenate the skin naturally.