Facial for Acne Scars

Facial for Acne Scars

For a beautiful face sometimes acne/pimples become a remarkable trouble. Not only acne, acne scars also bother our beauty. If the acne comes very closer to each other and leave scars, it may become a black patch or spready shade on the cheeks. You may happen in a confusion about what to do in this difficult situation. There are a lot of products available in the market to remove acne or pimples. But products for removing scars are normally appear ineffective. One thing we have to understand is that the mark or spot has come as the after effect of acne not in a day. So it will take time to remove the mark.

Here is a facial at home to remove or diminish the acne scars on the face. As said you have to do this facial for a period of at least one or two months. The main ingredient in this facial is saffron and red sandal powder. These two things have the capacity to remove scars gradually as it is natural. Let us see how to do this special facial for acne scars!

Oats powder - 5-10 tsp
Red sandal powder - 1 pinch
Saffron - 2 or 3 pinches
Fresh milk - 5tsp. or as required

The quantity of ingredients can be adjusted as per your requirement. Nothing to worry about that. The red sandal powder should be in less, as it makes the skin dry. If you are with dry skin then add two tsp. olive oil also. Anyway mix all the ingredients well and make it a thick paste by adding enough milk.

Facial steps

1. Cleansing: Use fresh milk to cleanse the face. Soak cotton ball in the milk and rub all over the face.

2. Toning: Use orange to rub on the face. Then wipe the face with wet tissue.

3. Scrubbing: Use the saffron/oats thick paste as the scrub. Take the scrub on the fingers and do circular rub on the face in an upward motion. Do it all over the face. Then wipe the face again.

4. Facial: Take a little of the thick paste and add more water or milk to make it a loose paste. Apply this and do a light massage on the face. Continue this facial massage for four min. then wash the face with cold water.

5. Facial pack: Take the thick paste and apply on the face as face pack. Allow it on the face for not more than 7min. Then wash it off.

You have to do it twice in a week for one or two moths. This will not give an instant result. You have to do it consistently. This will remove the existing scars and certainty it checks the formation of scars in future. So it is a preventive treatment also.