Natural Henna on hair

What is Henna, How to prepare Henna, How to apply Henna?

There are so much confusion about Henna, I mean natural henna. Now a days henna is available in different colors!! How many of you know that natural original henna powder cannot make different colors in your hair?

If adding some colorants may give colors, but then it is not 100% natural as they claim. Here I am talking about the original natural henna powder. It is made or prepared by grinding the dried green leaf of henna plant. It can give a slight color tint on hair. As it is natural it is safe.

The henna gives different results in diff. color of hair.

Blonde hair turns vibrant red or strawberry blonde.
Red hair turns vibrant red and it gives glossiness.
Mousy brown hair - rich red or copper penny red.
Medium brown - vibrant brown.
Dark brown - deep chestnut with red highlights.
Black hair - dark chestnut with red highlights.
Gray hair - orange.
Brown hair with gray - rich auburn with red threads.

Henna preparation and; application

Pour water little by little into the henna powder. Make it a paste that is not too loose or too thick. Part the hair in small portions and apply henna from scalp of that section and towards the entire hair.

Henna -add ons.
Dry hair - In the henna mixture add a little milk, water and 1 egg yolk. So your dry hair will not turn more dry. It is advisable to do it twice in a month.

Normal to Oily Hair – Adding a little lemon and egg yolks in henna is good for your hair.

Some may feel dryness so apply a little oil in your hair before applying henna will not make hair dry.

Adding clove powder into henna will deepen and enhance the color.

Add 1 tbsp cognac and 1 tbsp olive oil gives a redder henna color.

Use tea or coffee water instead of water to prepare henna. Mix amla powder and onion peels. It will work as a natural conditioner.

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Natural henna on hair.