Hair Care Tips-discussion

Hair care - a discussion. Part I

We should know a few facts about hair to help us to take care of our hair and understand what treatment we should give to different kinds of hair. The shaft of hair which we see has no blood vessels or nerves.It simply sits there waiting to be fed. It is fed from beneath from a sort of a little sack called folicle and down inside of this the recipient begins to grow nurtured by the some source of nourishment that keeps your skin and finger nails strong. The growth and condition of the hair is also affected by the sebaceous glands under the scalp they decide weather your hair will be dry, oily or normal and the condition of your scalp and opening of the pores will make good or poor growing conditions for a fine crop of hair. Under normal condition your hair should grow at a rate between 0 - 1 inch each month. A hair stand is porous and can absorb and hold colourings and conditioners. The visible hair is built like a singled roof with overlapping section of cells. But these scale like cells have marvelous protection power. Hair can be subjected to many external influences such as permanent waving, setting extreme heat and cold dying and tinting lotion so it needs assistance to retain the status.

The routine for proper hair care

The ritual of washing hair was probably the first beauty routine you learnt but it is worth checking if you are getting the most out of it. The modern rule is to wash often , wash lightly , use shampoo sparingly in their way enough. Is your ways useful for it, they protect scalp from infection, here are the steps to a perfect wash.

1 brush hair gently to remove dead hair and particles of skin which sling to hair and scalp.

2 massage scalp with fingers gently. this helps to loosen more dead particles.

3 deep conditioning treatment helps.

4 wet hair very thoroughly with lots of water, work in small quantity of shampoo into a mild froth. rinse hair with warm water, if necessary apply shampoo again.
5 rinse hair thoroughly until very clean with warm water this may take 3-4 rinses, let the final rinse be of cold water and close the pores on the scalp. you can use a hair conditioner after this.

6 mop hair with soft towel, do not rub apply blot dry.

7 never brush hair when wet

Brushing and massaging
Daily brushing stimulates circulation and gives new body and fullness to the hair. Brushing before a shampoo is essential and the first step to a cleansing routine .Always keep your brush spotting clean otherwise you will brush dirt into your hand. A quick dip of the brush in warm soapy water rinse and dry upside down. Then brush your hair every time you brush your hair, you will lose some hair, its quite normal so do not get upset. Start with the brush at the scalp of the neck and close to the scalp and make long lifting strokes away from the head. If the hair is thick divide into section and work your way piece by piece, massaging helps to improve blood circulation do it before a shampoo and whenever you can spend a few minutes, start it from the back of head with finger rotating slowly and gently work the fingers in circulation movements, this is very relaxing for your muscles.

Careless shampooing can be harmful either wrongly used or wrong shampoo used for your hair. Wet the hair thoroughly with warm water use two teaspoon of shampoo and rub into hair with your finger tips. The hairline can be cleaned with a soft nail brush. If your hair too dirty you can use shampoo twice.


This has not been properly just as well not have been washed at all rinsing is very essential after every particle of shampoo rinsing 3to4 times after every particle of soap any soap remains it will leave the hair enough to attract dirt immediately. daily rinse with two teaspoon of lemon juice in last rinse of water give smooth and grow.


Regular conditioning is a protection for hair. It is essential for hair that shows ages of dullness and breakage. The purpose of conditioning is to restore hair to its natural condition to make hair manageable, prevent breakage and reduce split ends. To smooth out rough hair you can condition hair with lemon.There are two types of conditioners, (1) deep instant conditioner is enriched liquid that is combined through freshly washed hair, it softens and adds bounce. Some have to be lightly rinsed away, others stay on and serve as a setting lotion.

Deep conditioning have products of home treatment, rich in cream and oils. They are massaged into the hair and left on from 10 to 30 min in order to allow the rich ingredient to penetrate the hair shaft. They are extremely valuable for dry hair and hair that has been damaged they are sometimes applied before or after. If hair is in a very bad condition, a weekly deep conditioning is recommended until there is an obvious improvement. Usually a treatment every three weeks is adequate to preserve and maintain it, conditioning treatment can be made from house hold items as follows:

Hot oil treatment, warm 2 tsp of olive oil and gently massage into every part of the scalp for 10 -15 min. Then apply orange juice and egg white for 5 to 10 min then rinse out. Then shampoo hair. It is good for brittle hair.

Castor oil treatment, warm half tea spoon of castor oil, mix with 1 tea spoon of almond oil. Massage into the scalp and gently comb it through hair , wind a steaming hot towel on the head, wait for 30 min before shampooing good for scandy hair.

Olive oil and honey treatment, stir together 3 tea spoon of green olive oil with half cup of liquid honey. Shake well massage into scalp and comb it through not letting the teeth scape the scalp as honey softens the scalp after massaging. Cover the hair with plastic bag make it air tight to let the heat penetrate, leave it on for 20 min, then shampoo and rinse thoroughly. This will make dark hair shining and lustrous.

Protein treatment, beat two eggs, orange juice and 3 tea spoon green gram. Mix well apply the scalp. Keep for 15 min and rinse well. This is good for all type of hair.

Bald dressing treatment. 1 egg, 1 tsp oil. Beat together, massage into the scalp, leave for 15 min. Shampoo and then rinse, it helps to moisturise the scalp and provide to lubricate dry hair.

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