Face Skin Care

Homemade Face Skin Care Treatments

We can increase face complexion by homemade and natural way. See when we use such fruits or vegetables it give instant result on the skin, because we are applying it on skin. Today I am suggesting Apple face skin care treatment. You all know about apple benefits. Here you can experience the benefit of apple on your skin.

Apple+ Milk face skin care

Take 1/2 apple, cut into pieces and put it in a mixer. No need to peel apple because the apple skin contains more vitamins. Add 5tsp. fresh milk, mix well to get a paste. Remove this pack into a bowl and add 1tsp. fresh lemon juice. Stir well and apply this pack on face.

In some type of skin with pimple tendency this may give more pimples. So please avoid it. This Face Skin Care is meant to increase skin beauty and complexion.