Dates Fruit Face Pack

dates fruitHere in this site you can see so many tips that use fruits and vegetables as ingredients. Yes they are really beneficial for your skin beauty. Your body and your health requires vegetables and fruits. They are so suitable to eat. Then why they are not suitable for applying on your face? Yes they are or they will surely suit your skin. As it is harmless to eat they are safe to use for your skin beauty. I have tried almost all natural ingredients and till now nothing made me disappointed. Now I am using all these face packs with different fruits or vegetable for my clients. The results are amazing.

Last week I tried a new fruit pack using dates fruit for one of my clients. This client is very happy that I am using natural things. This dates fruit face pack gave a wonder feeling to this lady. I am recommending to all of you to try this dates fruit face pack. It produced a better skin tone and it gave extra glow and smoothness. We cannot expect such an astonishing wonder when we use a store bought product. You may wonder why I am writing about so much face packs etc. You may try any of those tips according to what is available with you. Now if you have dates fruit try out this face pack. This can be useful to any type of skin. Nothing to worry.

How prepare this dates fruit face pack
To prepare this face pack you need 5 or 10 dates fruit. If you can get fresh dates fruit is fine. Otherwise definitely you can utilize the store bought dates. Remove the inner seed. Here you need one more ingredient, 1/2 fresh orange or lemon(lemon is for oily skin). Do not remove the skin, just remove the seeds. Slice the orange with outer skin. Now using a mixer/grinder prepare a paste out of these two ingredients. I hope there is no need to add water. If the paste is too thick add a little water. Now you got dates fruit face pack.

How to apply the dates fruit face pack
First off all cleanse your face with clean water. Tissue dry and apply the face pack on wet face. If you want, before applying this pack just take a little of this pack and do light facial massage. Take a little of this pack in your finger and apply on face and do facial massage in circular motion. Do it for 5-10 min. and rinse it off. Then apply this as a face pack. This method will give better result. After applying pack wait for 10-15 min. Do not allow any face pack to get dry on your face. Splash water on your face and rinse face. Allow face be wet for another 10 min. and then tissue dry. Wow you are great looking today, sure. Try it out and feel the difference. I am not arguing that everyone will get the same good result but definitely it will be wonderful experience for you. Once you liked this dates fruit face pack repeat it weekly.