Green Apple Face Mask

Homemade Green Apple Face Mask

There are lots of face masks are available in stores. Also available so many homemade face mask recipes. Select a face mask according to your need. Consider the atmospheric conditions of your place and climate or seasons. Green Apple face mask is good for all skin types. The face mask what I am suggesting here helps to moisturize and replenish the skin. Moreover it is a skin texturizing mask. Naturally your skin look good and a glow can be seen. Face looks fresh instantly.

How to prepare green apple face mask
It is very simple and saves money and time. The ingredients required are half green apple, 2 tsp honey and 3 tsp. yogurt/curd. This quantity is for just one time use. Try to get fresh fresh apple. Green apple contains vitamins and it can help to remove dead cells naturally. So this green apple face mask is a healthier choice.

Cut the apple into small slices. No need to peel. Put it in a blender or mixer and work for few min. to get a smooth mix. Add 2 tsp. honey and mix well. Honey helps to tighten skin so avoid the appearance of wrinkle. Now add 3 tsp. of curd and agitate well using the blender. Yogurt/curd acts as good cleanser and provides a smooth effect. Now you get a smooth green apple face mask.

Wash your face with low cold water. Apply this mask all over face and allow drying for 20 min. You may feel the skin tightening or dryness. Now splash cold water on face and wet the mask and remove it using a smooth wet cloth or tissue.

Yeh you can feel and see the difference. So apply homemade green apple face mask once in a week.