Fairness Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips for skin fairness

Fairness tips get more attention than any other beauty tips, especially in these days of more beauty awareness. There are lots of beauty tips for face available online to give a better look to face. Just looking good is a temporary solution. Let us think about maintaining or improving the skin fairness. Yes off course, there are lots of fairness products available in the market. Most of the time it creates negative results by continued use. So we can think about using homemade beauty tips for skin fairness or face fairness.

Natural Homemade Beauty Tips for Face Fairness
The first thing that has to be taken care of is to be aware of how to increase or improve skin fairness. What is skin fairness? It depends and varies from person to person. So skin fairness cannot be described in a particular way. Always it correlate with the type of skin. The fairness for an oily skin may be different from the fairness of a dry skin. Again it also varies from the color of skin. So never think that skin or face fairness is only improving the skin color. Black color or white skin color have fairness of its own way. So what is increasing or improving skin fairness on face? It is actually getting back the natural fairness, whatever it may be, by adopting some beauty remedies. Here let us think about natural and homemade beauty tips, to improve skin fairness.

Beauty tips to natural fairness:
Natural means there are no chemicals as ingredients. Homemade have two meanings. One is this can be made at home. Second is the ingredients are from your kitchen. Here I am suggesting beauty tips to improve skin complexion through using face packs or through some facials. Face packs can be made very easily. It may contain three or four very easily available ingredients from your kitchen. Homemade face pack is not having any side effects. Those who have allergic tendency have to check by applying face pack on the inner wrist.

Here I am not suggesting one homemade face pack or one natural facial to improve your skin fairness. I am giving you tips as a package of three or four beauty tip that can not only increase your fairness of skin but also help in skin whitening. But do not think that skin whitening will change skin color. Whitening here have a different meaning that getting back your original complexion. Sometime for some reason your skin may loose original whiteness (how far or less white it might be) and presently you looks dull. Then you can get back your lost whiteness through this beauty tips. This skin whitening/fairness tip is natural and so it has no side effects. At the same time it requires careful and consistent application.

How to increase fairness naturally
The natural beauty method that is going to explain here have four beauty tips. In these homemade beauty tips there are four beauty regimens. You have to do one by one. The first tip is natural skin peel. As it may reveal, it does not peel away skin. Rather it takes out the outer layer of dead cells. And the ingredients using are natural and homemade as well. So it is not like the chemical peel available in beauty stores. It will not create harsh effects on your face. The ingredients using are corn starch, egg white, turmeric and lemon juice. So follow the tips in that page. Then come back to the main page and look for the second beauty tip. The second homemade tip is natural scrub. The aim of this tip is to take out any dead cells left from the first tip. Here also this is a natural and homemade scrub. And together with this natural scrub remember to give a light massage. Massaging can improve blood circulation on face. The ingredients for this natural scrub is homemade. Chickpea , Green gram, Turmeric powder and Oats powder. Turmeric is used in these two steps. That will increase the complexion and whiteness of skin naturally. The third homemade beauty tip is skin whitening. Please remember this skin whitening will work only in light skins or white skins. This natural skin whitening cannot change the dark color to light skin color. So do not mistake that it can make your skin white. As said earlier this beauty tips can help if your light skin now gone darker because of some reasons. This step will help to get back your natural complexion. In this beauty tip the ingredients are beat root, milk and lemon. Remember this is done after skin peeling and scrubbing. So it will give very good result. Finally as the fourth beauty tip is skin tightening. If there is formation of skin fine lines or wrinkles then use this tips. For teens there is no need to follow this skin tightening. Here cabbage, rice flour and egg white are the ingredients used. This natural skin tightening gives very good result.

Here it continues to the Skin Fairness Tips page, please go for detailed instructions on how to do each steps. Each steps are explained on separate pages to avoid overloading of information.