How to improve skin color naturally

Below is an email I received from one of the visitors to this site. This is a real life situation because due to our busy schedule we forget about our beauty. When some important occasions come we think about that. No problem it is better to ask a beauty consultant about this. If you want to know how to improve the skin color or skin complexion naturally you can read the reply I sent.

Hi Geetha,

I saw your blog in natural-homemade-beauty tips. It was good. I can see so many nice beauty tips.
And actually I am planning to get ready for marriage. I am in medium color and right now I am living in US.
So can you please let me know some kind of good beauty tips how to improve my skin color eventually.
Thank you so much for your help.. And I am eagerly waiting to hear back from you.

Dear visitor,

Congratulations to you and wish you a happy married life.

For you I can suggest you the following to improve skin color naturally:
Make a body pack with carrot, few drops of lemon juice, a small pinch of turmeric, oats powder and milk cream (or the thick layer of milk by allowing hot milk to cool down) ' If you can get ORIGINAL sandal wood powder add that also. Before bathing apply this on face, neck, hands and legs. Wait for 15 -20 min. Do it everyday.

And read the tip about homemade fairness oil to improve skin color.
Wish you good luck

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Above is a brief tip on how to improve skin color naturally at home. I haven't explained how to prepare etc. but if anybody wants details please feel free to leave a message here.