Body Beautifying Treatment

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Body Beautifying Treatment

There are lots of treatments for beautifying face. But only few are available to increase the beauty of the body skin. By a body beautifying treatment the whole body skin become smooth and beautiful. Here is a natural beautifying method you can perform at your home without the help of a beautician.

Milk-Sugar-Papaya Beauty Treatment

Here we need three things as ingredients for this beauty treatment, milk, sugar and papaya. This body beautifying treatment has three steps, Cleansing-Scrubbing-Polishing. All these three steps give a parallel body spa effect.


Boil half cup full cream milk and allow it to cool down. This can be used for cleansing the full body. Take a body bath. Then dip cotton in the milk and cleanse the body skin including face and neck. Do round movements with the dipped cotton using your fingers. This will clean the dirt on the surface of the skin.


Here we need one fourth cup of sugar. Grind it to make powder. This can be used as a scrub. To get a smooth feeling add a little milk to the sugar powder to make it wet. Then using your fingers gently do rubbing the sugar all over the body. Avoid eye area or do it very carefully. The sugar makes the skin shinning and glowing. The creamy milk keep the skin from drying. So it can be used for dry skin types. Then clean the body surface using wet cotton.

For smoothing the surface skin you can use any cold cream. Here we can go for natural product. I am suggesting papaya because it has got a natural bleaching effect also. But take care to get RIPE papaya. Remove the skin and make pulp out of it. For extreme oily skins, add 3 drops of lemon juice. Apply the papaya pulp on the body and do round massage. Avoid eye area. Make sure you don't have any allergy to papaya. Sensitive skin type may develop some burning sensation to the skin. After finishing this process, rinse the body with lightly cold water or normal water.

Those with extreme dry skin, finally use some cold cream or thin oil on the body to avoid dry skin. You can do this body beautifying treatment once or twice in a month.

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