Lotus Fairness Face Pack

Good morning friends. After a week's break I am here again in front of you. Last week I visited Kanyakumari. That is a place where three sides of land is surrounded by sea. So we can view sunrise and sunset on both side from the same place. In this way I think this is the only one sea side location in India. On the way back from Kanyakumari I saw ponds with lotus flowers. Then I remembered the Lotus Fairness Face Pack. So I collected few flowers from there. Lotus flowers and the whole part is so good to make a face pack that will increase the over all beauty of face. Before I used this pack, but the only problem is availability of lotus flowers.

Lotus Fairness face Pack
We can utilize the whole parts of the flower. Pluck out the petals and clean the whole thing very well. Cut into small pieces. Put it in a mixer/grinder and add a little milk and make a paste. Then put the paste in a bowl and add two teaspoon of almond oil. This is the lotus fairness face pack.

How to apply and when?
I recommend it to apply in the morning time on a week end. Because morning time our face skin will be in good condition to receive any rejuvenating treatment. Other time also is fine. Wash your face with normal water. Apply the lotus fairness face pack evenly all over the face. Keep it for 10-15 min. Then wash it off with cold water. Avoid sun exposure on this day.

You can see the result in the very first application of lotus fairness face pack. Do it weekly for three months and get the full result.