Dandruff-Coconut Milk Solution

Dandruff Remedy/Dandruff Cure- Homemade

If you have dandruff with itchy scalp, coconut milk is a fine remedy for it. The reasons for getting dandruff may vary. Sometimes dandruff is caused by simply the dry scalp. In the initial stage just do a hot oil massage. Dandruff will vanish. But if you just avoid it like that after few weeks it may get infected with bacteria or fungus. This is now the real dandruff problem. Sometimes the dry scalp may lead to itching. When we scratch the problem become worse.

Coconut Milk for Dandruff Remedy
Get a fresh coconut and grate it. Then using a mixer/grinder take the milk of it. Add one or two spoons juice of fresh lemon. Apply this on scalp using finger tips without washing head. Give a light rubbing on the scalp. Apply well and massage the scalp for 10-20 min. Then take a bath as usual. Really coconut milk and lemon works well with dandruff problem.

If you have dry hair, by using this it may feel more dry. No problem just be like that for three days minimum. Still continue use this for few days. At first you will get relief from itching on the scalp. After applying coconut milk, rinsing out the flakes and residue is very important. Do not use any shampoo at this time. The coconut milk may give some oil to hair, but it won't be sticky. Sometimes you may not like the smell. Whatever is the condition, certainly this will give relief from dandruff.