Body Bath for Skin Care

Bath for skin care

Bath is an effective beauty therapy for the proper maintenance of skin. If you are using soap, do not take very hot water. It will damage oil glands. Fresh lukewarm water is best for taking bath.

In case of any skin disease use a medicated, disinfectant soap. Ordinary soaps are not disinfectant. In summer take bath twice a day, to wash off sweat and grease. Use of soap should be discontinued in case of dry skin, in winters and in advanced age. Bath can be taken in running water, standing water in tubs, under shower or with steam.

Sandalwood paste keeps the body mildly fragrant and refreshed throughout the day. For this take sandalwood powder, mix rose water and make a paste and apply in thick coat. Leave it for 15 min let it dry then take bath.

To lighten a dark complexion a simple home remedy is this; take oat flour tied in a kerchief or napkin dip it in unboiled (raw) milk and rub on the body twice a week. Slowly skin acquires a lighter tint. For unwanted hair scrub with gram flour.

Steam bath
Steam bath is effective for reducing fat but has no practical utility as it does not clean the skin. Very hot steam may leave an adverse effect on the heart. Blood vessels expand permanently due to steam and sweat glands become overactive.

Sun bath
Rays of the sun are a rich source of vitamin D which strengthens the body with calcium and phosphorus. But if there is hot climate long exposure to these rays is harmful. Face and head should be covered while other parts of the body could be exposed. Too much exposure can activate the brain adversely. It can cause wrinkles and falling of hair. it is advisable to drink one liter water with a lemon or two squeezed in it.