Conditioning Hair Pack

Conditioning Hair Pack
Natural hair conditionerImage by o5com via Flickr

There are lot of homemade hair packs to nourish hair. But getting a natural conditioner is a lucky thing. Avocado fruit is a natural hair conditioner. It is also best for your skin to make it smooth. Here I am suggesting a perfect mix to make a conditioning hair pack. This will be suitable for all types of hair. It won't make hair dry for those who have dry hair, yes surely it will remove the dryness. For oily skin it won't make hair more oily. This will give a conditioned effect or normal look to your beautiful hair.

How to prepare the conditioning hair pack

Get one or two ripe avocado. Remove the skin and mash it well. Add half cup of coconut milk and mix well. Conditioning hair pack is ready.

Applying the conditioning hair pack

Apply coconut oil or any oil of your choice lightly all over the hair. Then apply the conditioning hair pack on your hair using your fingers. Spread the pack along the hair by taking part by part. If you want, comb the hair with wide tooth comb. Make sure that the pack is applied all over the hair. Then cover the head with a head cap. Wait for 10-15 min. Then Rinse the hair in normal water or take a full bath.

If you have scalp itching or small out breaks on the scalp, then do not apply oil first. Apply coconut milk all over the scalp and rub the scalp gently. Then apply avocado pulp.

Repeat the application of conditioning hair pack once in a week. This will give a natural smoothness to your hair and it becomes shiny.