Tomato hair pack for itchy scalp

Grape tomatoes.Image via Wikipedia
When the climate shifts from extreme hot to rainy, then our body conditions may get confused and shows some symptoms of it. On body we may feel itching and some boils shows up. On scalp hot boils comes up. Scalp becomes itchy and we tends to scratch on it which causes injury to the scalp. This is only seasonal and may vanish by the cool down of climate. But it is necessary to avoid itching and further damage of scalp. Here I suggest a natural remedy for this.


Tomato hair pack for itchy scalp
Take two or three ripe tomatoes or as per the quantity of hair. Make a thick pulp of tomato and add 5 tsp. lemon juice. Mix well.

How to apply tomato hair pack for itchy scalp

Apply your favorite oil for hair on the scalp lightly. Then apply the tomato pack on the scalp with your fingers rubbing lightly. Do not scratch with the nails. Thoroughly apply the hair pack all over the scalp. Now allow it to stay for around 25-30 min. If you want you can put a hair cap. Then rinse the hair well with light warm water. Then rinse with normal water. Wipe hair with a dry towel. Then give a light massage with fingers moving round and round.

If you have severe scalp itching then repeat this daily for three days. Or do it once in a week. Definitely it will help the scalp from itching. Application of this tomato hair pack gives oil free hair  with natural sheen.